Video of the Day: Cats In Space

The most popular viral videos are either something geeky or something to do with cats, so this was inevitable. Today we present the Star Trek-inspired short film "Cats In Space." Watch it below.


Cats in Space

The folks at Dastoli Digital sent this video in to for us to share with our readers. They say that they were inspired to make this short film after watching every episode of the original Star Trek series. Enjoy.

And if you want the DVD special feature, here is The Making of Cats in Space.


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Well, with Abramsland on total lockdown, I suppose some video is better then nothing….

I really loved this! The FX work was really good.

I swear, being a star trek fan seems to be a downward spiral recently…

Are you sure this is from Dastoli Digital?

Based on Bob Orci’s’ retweets, I have a feeling we may actually be looking at pilfered footage from the new ST movie!

@4 WHAT THEY’RE REMAKING ….wait for it….Catspaw !?!

I hope they find a planet “where the vittles were vital, and the feasts fancy.”

James Cawley’s got competition now. The acting is absolutely natural.

The retro Trek closing credits are hilarious.

Redshirts. They should not have survived.

Hey. I have seen that Cat before. Isn’t that Spot!. You know. Data’s Cat.

Beware of Romulans bearing gifts: This one is to all the Super Puppers and Super Puppies that have stayed Loyal and True. Hello! I Love You! What Is Your Name? How You DO-ING?


Great example of a simple show much better than Enterprise! :-)

#9 Spot are an orange tabby, this aren’t Spot. (Remember, Spot oscillates between being a male and female cat… sort like how Data’s emotion chip oscillates in size.)
Well, now Phase II knows one way of doing M’Ress, hahaha. Maybe Titan and Atlas are her kissin’ cousins? Or K’zin K’zins, eh?

Cute! These videos were truly…….(DRUMROLL PLEASE)……..the cat’s meow!

I would have preferred subtitles. i don’t speak ‘cat’.

Wasn’t there a Disney movie (many years ago) called “The Cat From Outer Space”?

If I’ve seen it, I’ve probably just suppressed the memory of it….

I wont say what I really think.

@16 You pussy…………………

And remember, folks, to get your Vulcan spayed or neutered.

We’re cats in outer space….protecting the feline race….haha(with apologies to mel b….) owwww yahhhhh

The ending credits music is reminiscent of the animated series opening & closing theme. Kinda fitting for something cartoony.

As a guilty pleasure, I must admit this is fun. Thanks, Anthony & crew. Also, these 2 cats are really beautiful! In the making-of video they look so happy in their environment. Loving pet owners are great to see, especially with that Romney, dog-on-the-roof of his car story that keeps surfacing.

My 9-year-old son absolutely approves.

I like the cat eye Guardian of Forever in the credits! :-D

So can we greenlight this as a new series for TV?

Shortly after ST TMP came out, Disney made a film called “The Cat from Outer Space”. Seems we haven’t come that far after all.

T’Paw approves.

Why is the web so full of bloody cats.


Should be all Chihuahuas, with the Vulcan played by a cat.

The sequel should be cats vs. tribbles.

29. Cats are tribbles.

I love cat videos and star trek but honestly this is just dumb, even though they obviously put in a lot of work. The only clever bit was the closing credits. Otherwise it just seems solely like an attempt to create a video that would go viral without anything else behind it.

not impressed but to each there own

Awesome! Hopefully there is a claws in their contract to do another one.