Alice Eve Watched All Of Star Trek TOS To Prepare For Sequel Role + Explains How Abrams Keeps Cast Mum

Star Trek’s latest starlet Alice Eve is not going to reveal any spoilers for the upcoming sequel, and in a new interview she explains how director JJ Abrams is able to keep the cast mum. But the actress did reveal how she prepared for her role in the upcoming film.


Alice Eve: Abrams ‘generous’ filmmaker + prepped for role by watching all TOS

Speaking to Access Hollywood at the press junket for her upcoming film The Raven, actress Alice Eve explained how Star Trek sequel director JJ Abrams prevents leaks is by creating a sense of loyalty among his cast:

"J.J., I guess, really wins your trust… and you don’t want to do anything that would like, rock his ship," she said. "He runs a real gentleman’s set and we’re like his amazing army and he’s the kind general," she added of their "Star Trek" captain behind the scenes. "He’s like a very efficient, generous filmmaker. It’s been an amazing experience working with him. It’s really special, actually."

Eve also revealed she has reviewed the entire original Star Trek series to prep for her role in the sequel:

"I’ve watched all of them. My grandfather used to watch the original series in the ’60s every Saturday at 5 o’clock, so it was nice for me because it was the only TV show he watched," she said. "Now, I’ve watched them all and there are some scenes with [William] Shatner that break my heart… It’s so sweet."

Alice Eve at "Raven" press junket – April 12

While we will have to wait until the summer of 2013 to see Eve in Star Trek, she will be seen in two big films this year. She has a leading role opposite John Cusack in The Raven (opening April 27), and she appears as the younger version of Emma Thompson in the time-travel focused Men in Black III (opening May 25th).

Alice Eve and John Cusack in "The Raven" – opening April 27


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