New ‘Star Trek’ Console Game Teaser Trailer & Concept Art

In 2013 Trek will return to the world of console gaming with the new "Star Trek" co-op game for XBox 360 and Playstation 3. And today Paramount and Namco/Bandai have released a new teaser trailer and some concept art. Check it out below.


New Teaser for Star Trek co-op console game – not another run and gun Trek

Here is the latest tease for the exciting game coming next year.

The new Star Trek co-op game is set between the 2009 Star Trek movie and the 2013 sequel. The XBox 360 and Playstation 3 co-op game allows you to play as Kirk or Spock and you can play along with a friend (in person or over the network). It will be released in early 2013 by Namco/Bandai.

And for those who are concerned about this being another Star Trek game that is all about shooting, it isn’t according to Sheldon Carter from Digital Extemes (the game’s developer), who tells IGN:

"The question that comes up a lot," Carter told IGN, "is, ‘What’s exploration like in Star Trek? What does it mean to seek out new alien worlds and technologies, and to relate to them in a way that’s not just cover shooting? That’s something that’s been on our minds right from the beginning," Carter said. "This is not just a game where you’re going to run and gun and kill everyone."

The game won a number of accolades at E3, and impressed (see TrekMovie first impressions).  More details on the game, including the game’s villain (not the same villain as the Star Trek sequel) will be announced at the E3 gaming show this June.

Paramount also provided IGN with some concept art for the game

And if you haven’t seen it, here is the first intro trailer released for E3 last summer.


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Very cool.

I hope it’s great. Been waiting a long time for a STAR TREK game to recommend to everyone. Last one for me was STAR TREK VOYAGER: ELITE FORCE.

Mass Effect 4 is out this soon? ;)

Seriously, this is looking sexay!

Star Trek Armada…was like the best Trek game i’ve played…Elite was pretty good tho.

You know, I was watching Trek Nation earlier on today,, Rod Roddenberry’s film. There is lots of archive footage of Gene Roddenberry in which he talks of the human condition. I look at stuff like this and wonder – where is my Star Trek? The Star Trek that I started following nearly 40 years ago?

What did it all become about blowing crap up…and blowing crap up being the definiton of coolness?


@ #2: Definitely looks like Mass Effect. I’m not complaining either, unless they want to end the game with your choice of three different colored explosions.

@2 Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

That would be a great crossover.

Will this game have the voices of Pine, Quinto and Urban etc? That would just make it amazing!

“Coming early 2013”.

Not soon enough. And, I am not even a gamer.

But, when the game is available I’ll pay close attention to the comments(reviews) by people who do play. Some seemed to lament the disappointing quality of past games.

4. El Chup

Agreed. I wonder about that as well.

“not another run and gun Trek”

I see running. I see gunning.

What exactly is supposed to separate this game from all the other pew-pew shoot ’em ups out there? Jumping…?

Underwhelming! Mass Effect — been there, done that. I don’t see anything Trek-related in the trailer other than the Enterprise in the new trailer? And more skydiving by Kirk — come on?

@4 “You know, I was watching Trek Nation earlier on today,, Rod Roddenberry’s film. There is lots of archive footage of Gene Roddenberry in which he talks of the human condition. I look at stuff like this and wonder – where is my Star Trek? The Star Trek that I started following nearly 40 years ago?”

Yep! I predict that his game will be purchased by same Trek fans who will be buying the Dr. Who and the Superhero crossover Star Trek comics…that is the sort of audience this is aimed for.

@11 ” “not another run and gun Trek” I see running. I see gunning. What exactly is supposed to separate this game from all the other pew-pew shoot ‘em ups out there? Jumping…?”


True, it does look a bit like Mass Effect, which is really quite a positive. Often while playing those games I’ve thought how great it would be to see the Trek universe realised in that much detail and care, so I’m looking forward to this.

@4 and 12

I’m sorry but I dont think Gene was thinking about computer games and video games and even the old classic role playing board games when he talked about the human condition. To put that expectation on a game is just ridiculous. I can point to SOOOO much Star Trek media and and merchandise that had nothing to do with the human condition. I want that side of Trek in my television series and films but I dont expect it out of games and it doesnt mean I’m lowering the bar for the games. And it’s pretty laughable to say this is geared to the same audience who will buy the Dr Who/Trek books and the Legion/Trek books (which I and many other gamers had no interest in. The Star Trek Ongoing series is…well that’s another story…)

Literally the ONLY video game that actually made me care for the progression of the characters/story/etc has been the Mass Effect series (yes, even with the ending that was more than underwhelming). That game, so far, has done something that no other game in that medium has done and I’m not the only gamer who understands that. There’s NEVER been a Trek game that even seriously made me care about the characters and story eventhough I did have a lot of fun with a few of them.

Trek has time to grow and evolve in the gaming world and I hope this is the game that starts that, but really, lets take a step back before we shrug it off because of an excitingly fast paced teaser. I’ll start to form early oppinions once we get to E3 this summer. I hope I dont seem harsh but as a hardcore gamer I’ve hated the way Trek has taken a back seat in the gaming world for so many years, so I get a little passionate about it.

You have to question the true motives of someone who says a game should not have action in it.

Release this NOW! 2013 is too far away.

AWWW… Why am I drooling and melting?… KIRK!!!… ;-) :-)

@15. Interesting post. OK, I kind of get where you are coming from!

#4 – I completely agree. This is NOT Star Trek and I don’t give a flying f#$% HOW you want to argue that it’s not a sad, moronic, greed-fest cash-in. *sigh*

There’s been comparisons to Mass Effect for this game. Mass Effect is almost all combat but it also consists of dialogue and player’s choices. Star Trek is different becuase unlike Mass Effect, the galaxy is not at war. Well, the Star Trek universe is not at all out war.

Perhaps the best game to capture Star Trek was Judgment Rites. It was an adventure RPG game. Looking at the platform for this game, Playstation 3 and XBOX one wonders who is the audience for the game. On the other hand, Rockstar put out L.A. Noire, a mystery game with action elements for those platforms.

My hope is that the game is a mix of action and exploration. It would be cool to talk to aliens. Wander around on a planet and look around. Take the Enterprise around the galaxy and see “what’s out there.” Of course, it’s also fun to blow things up. :-)

Yeah, I agree that a Trek video game needs action. I just don’t want to play a Trek game that plays like “Halo” only with Kirk instead of Master Chief. Rockstar Games should have made a Trek game. They know how to make sandbox games where there is lots of shooting and action, yet good characters, various activities, and the ability to explore an environment. Those are ingredients that have made “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto” such classics.

As for this game, it looks good. But I have to wonder though if it might end up getting cancelled just before release. Or delayed ad nauseum. Bandai/Namco isn’t the biggest publisher out there, and they seem to have put a lot of money into this project, but I don’t know if there are enough Trekkie gamers to support it. Not sure if this is going to appeal to mainstream gamers, as they already have plenty of other options. So basically, this game’s fate is going to rest on the shoulders of a small group of Trek gamers and fans.


Right on about Judgment Rites. It had action, mystery and puzzle-solving. Excellent game.

No PC version? lame….

I just hope it doesn’t suck. If I hear that it is anything less than super-awesome then I will not buy it.

Is that what I think it is? Is that the freaking matter/anti-matter reaction chamber of the warp freaking core!???! SO AMAZING. The supreme court has redeemed themselves from the Budgineering fiasco of 2009!

I love concept art! More, more I say!

Pic #2 looks like fun times with rotating artificial gravity. I approve :)

wow awesome

This doesn’t look very inspired or impressive… it looks kind of generic to me. Still I’ll be willing to give it a try.

Can anyone say ‘Secret of Vulcan Fury’ Anytime a game keeps getting pushed back is a bad thing!

@4, 9 and 19 –

Fully agree. I think the ads fr the first JJ Trek film pushed home and admired that this is “not your father’s Trek.” All of this, the 2009 film, the sequel coming next year, the video game, the comic books and whatever else isn’t “Star Trek,” it’s some kind of watered down version. It doesn’t care about “the human condition” or exploring that. It’s more interested in in dumbing things down so that folks who never really got the original franchise will want to watch.

The thing I think really gets me is how many of the people behind the scene of the original franchise, like Mr. Nimoy, seem completely ok with this. Makes you wonder if they are just cashing in a check? I know I’ve lost a lot of respect for various people over this change.

Despite all of this, i realize it will be an impossible feat to bring back the real thing. Too many non-fans love this grange using the “Star Trek” name and Paramount, who is the true evil in all of this, is making way too much money off of it to want it to end. Man, do I miss Rick Berman…


Yet here you are.


@30. Cry me a fracking river, would you dude?

“I always heard there were three kinds of suns in Kansas, sunshine, sunflowers, and sons-of-bitches.”

— The Outlaw Josey Wales

30-32 etc. I think it’s worth discussing here without slamming folks who didn’t like Trek 2009. Personally, I think it was about the human condition — the importance of relationships, self-destruction, coping with loss, having something to prove, finding purpose — and granted, it didn’t dwell on any of those things but it had heart (if not always clear in the writing, then definitely there in the performances),

@23 if you look at the end of the video, you’ll see PC DVD below the title, right in the middle.

Just like every other pop culture property these days — it’s been stripped of it’s uniqueness and reduced to a simple brand — to be absorbed, bought, and easily digested by the masses. Slap “Star Trek” on anything… or “Dark Shadows” or whatever else… doesn’t matter what the source material was – if it’s slick enough and looks like everything else, people will buy it.

Star Trek was once about ideas. Now it’s about skydiving and ‘splosions

@33 Come on Jack, I quoted Josey Wales…don’t I get some extra credit for that? :-)

@35. Good post, Jason…..whoops, I mean Tarkov2000. ??? LOL

35 – Tell me about it.
I watched the trailers for DS and my jaw dropped. It’s stupifyingly dumb. Oh, and disco happened in 1972. It’s right there in the trailer.
As for Trek, it used to be about ideas and characters. Thank God it’s now about ACTION. Mindless, pointless, endless, f-ing action.

Anyone care to tell me what about the human condition was said in episodes like “The Trouble with Tribbles” or “The Doomsday Machine”? How about “Yesterday’s Enterprise”?

Sure big ideas are part of what made Trek great, but not every highly regarded episode needed some sort of serious philosophical message to be considered great Trek. Plus, having something to say about the human condition didn’t prevent Generations, Insurrection, and Nemesis from being downright awful films, and it didn’t stop Voyager or Enterprise from being the worst and most boring Trek TV shows to date.

Once DS9 went off the air, Star Trek as a whole stopped being enjoyable for a good 10 years. I’m personally glad another team stepped up to the plate to reinvigorate the franchise and I’m definitely looking forward to this game and the film sequel.

Half expected the Normandy to be on the receiving end of Kirk’s leap. :P

I hope this game pulls not just from shooters, but from adventure type games, puzzles, and tasks that reflect Star Trek’s core values – of course everyone has to realize that Star trek doent typically translate into video games very well. Elite Force was probably the best of all

Can’t wait! It’a about time, and I hope this leads for future games in the series. And thanks to Bob Orci for consulting on this!

I also applaud the makers of this game for being direct in their appreciation for Trek as not just running and gunning.

I’m not sure how many of the posters above are real gamers or just posting here for the lack of something better to do, but the fact that a modern action title would even consider the Trek ethos is fantastic.

Trek games have notoriously done badly in crossing over to general audiences, because they didn’t combine the Trek ‘explore strange new worlds’ philosophy with a modern gaming dynamic.

If you want ‘diplomatic’ chess Trek, play some of the boring, clunky badly designed Trek games of the last 20 years.

I hope this one gets the balance right, like the classic Interplay games of the 80’s and early 90’s with some action, and a great mystery to solve and great visuals and action to ENTERTAIN GAMERS.

I hope this one is THE one (That puts Trek up where it should be in the gaming world) Can’t wait to play it!

Wow. That game looks low budget (like STO was).

I would not mind a Mass Effect style Star Trek action RPG. The meat of Mass Effect’s gameplay was essentially talking to people, choosing what to say and developing relationships (platonic and otherwise) with your crew members. Basically, character development, which is what Star Trek does (or should do) when there’s not a Crisis Of The Week.

@4. El Chup

I believe D.C. Fontana said somewhere that if Trek had the budget for it, Roddenberry would have had more action and space battles in the series. Trek’s talkiness is a byproduct of not having enough money to really do anything else most of the time, even during TNG’s days.

Really, one shouldn’t take Star Trek so seriously.

20. Basement Blogger

“There’s been comparisons to Mass Effect for this game. Mass Effect is almost all combat but it also consists of dialogue and player’s choices. Star Trek is different becuase unlike Mass Effect, the galaxy is not at war. Well, the Star Trek universe is not at all out war.”

What? Half of Mass Effect’s gameplay is your player character walking around and talking to people. Making moral choices. Developing relationships (platonic and otherwise) with your crew members. Occasionally engaging in diplomacy. Also, Mass Effect’s universe wasn’t actively engaged in war until the final game in the current trilogy. They’ve *talked* about past wars and things have happened off screen, but until the third game released this year, they never actually depicted a war on screen.

Mass Effect is basically a game version of Star Trek, but with more consistency in its depiction of Space Magic and Fake Science. Well, until the ending of the third game.

30. Jason

“Man, do I miss Rick Berman…”

What, you miss the man who presided over the humiliating collapse of the Star Trek franchise?

At all you crybabies whining about how much you miss the old Trek: Get over it and move on!

I like this new version of Trek and I’m glad its something we can bring in everyone else to see. The change was long overdue.

Change is good!

Yeah, they said “Star Trek Online” wasn’t going to be “all about shooting” either…but it was basically all about shooting. :(

This game looks AMAZINGLY familiar to me. Some people here have already seen what I mean, so I’ll just say it anyway. Can anyone say mass Effect Trek-style? Cuz that’s exactly what this looks like. At least this game wont give us a choice of three different color explosions with basically the same damn effect that makes every choice you ever made in the first two ME games *GASP* mean absolutely nothing. Oh well, enough ranting about ME. As for this game, looks good so far. I also love the fact that they fixed budgineering. I LOATHED the 2009 engineering set. Lets just hope the engineering we see in the game is the same as in the movie, or we’ll all be pissed again. Then again, I think they get the point that not one person like the engineering set they used for Trek 2009, so they’d be pretty stupid to use it again, LOL!

WOW, I’m not a gamer but this is one I can’t miss.

Mass Effect draw inspiration from Star Trek!

Star Trek is the daddy of all modern sci-fi! If they want to make a game like this, let them! Its in the FPS genre where shooting bad guys is the main selling point!

Yes the game looks very nice. However, did anyone else happen to notice that the entire trailer is….running and shooting. Just sayin.