QMx Announces Star Trek: TNG Badges + Anovos To Make TNG Uniform Replicas

The 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is bringing more interest and some cool new stuff. Two replica makers have announced new products you can wear. First up QMx is giving a sneak peek at TNG replica pins. And Anovos has announced they will be making TNG uniform replicas. More info below.


TNG Communicator badges from QMx

Today Quantum Mechanix announced they are making replica badges for Star Trek: The Next Generation. These will be the first TNG products from the replica maker, who have previously mostly focused on new movie era (including a popular line of ST2009 badge replicas). So far they have developed some prototypes and even released an image of two of their prototypes mixed in with an actual original hero prop from TNG (without revealing which is real and which is replica).

One of these is the hero prop – can you tell?

No word yet on when the badges will be available, but one assumes in time for the TNG 25th anniversary this fall.

 TNG Uniform Replicas from Anovos

And if you want to go all the way, Anovos announced they are developing a line of Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform replicas. They will be starting off with Two-piece Command Division (as worn by Picard and Riker) and Service Division uniforms (as worn by Data and Geordi) in their Premiere line (available for men and women).

Anovos doesn’t have any previews of the outfits, but they have released a video sneak peek showing off the rank pips.

TrekMovie will provide updates on these cool Star Trek: TNG products when they are available.


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Cool! First! I may get the com badge but I suspect the uniform will cost waaay too much.

The costumes listed at just under $1100!

Can’t see video here. Do they work as a communicator?

I’ll probably buy a couple of combadges, and maybe some pips, but those costumes are just too expensive for me to justify.

Andy Patterson,

The video only shows the magic of magnets in holding on the rank insignia — nothing on the comm badge.

That’s what I call Trek merchandise – not Enterprise-shaped pizza cutters.

$1095.95 for a TNG prop replica costume :(

you know, I really do love Next Generation, as well as the other Star Trek clothes they have… but groceries and rent is more important.

Top center is the original. That’s my guess, anyway. The other two have many similarities in how they’re painted so either QMX did one exact and one kind of close, or the top one is the real one and the others are the replicas.

8, agreed. The top one is a bit more misshapen, which is consistent with how real TV props usually look.

For folks trying to make screen accurate uniforms, those magnetic pips are a disappointment, since the originals were made using ear piercing studs, with the earring back molded into the back of the pip, and the posts soldered onto a backing. With the magnet, I would be constantly afraid of knocking one off.

With today’s technology you’d think they could built in at least a low power walkie-talkie function into these so that you could talk to a friend nearby who was wearing one? What is the point of having a non-working one unless you are really into costumes?

Roddenberry.com appears to have pin-on pips as well as various badges from all Treks they say are made from the original molds.

Anovos said on their Facebook that the original TNG uniforms cost Paramount $3,000 each. Which really explains why only the main actors got the 2-piece outfits and everybody in the background kept wearing the Season 1-2 jumpsuits.

I have had poor luck with Anovos’ “Premium line” TOS outfits; I won’t be spending twice as much for a Next Generation with them.

These are awesome, but the problem is (other than the price) is that you can only get them during a certain time. I would love to be able to save up for one, but there is no point in doing so since we’re given a time limit. I think they’d sell more if they kept them for sale!

Will someone please make a BLUETOOTH TNG com-badge that I can pair to my phone?

Thank you.

early 90’s spandex, That uniform has not aged well.

$ 1,100 ???

Are they nuts??

“Eleven Hundred?? I could almost make my own for that much!”

“Yeah, kid, but who’s gonna sew it, you?”

“You bet I could, I’m not such a bad tailor myself…!”


I shall defend TNG! The jumpsuits were spandex during the first 2 seasons (well, the jumpsuits were always spandex). Once they improved the unis to a two piece the spandex was gone.

The two piece TNG uniform is tied for first with the TOS era unis as best TV series Trek uni in the history of the earth. I shall not hear opinions to the contrary.

And $1100 is WAAAAAAY too much money. Even with all it’s flaws I’d rather pay $30 for a freakin’ Rubies deluxe uni.

Ridiculous pricing. No doubt, I could go to a good tailor with the plans and they would make any one of these for less than $500.

15. There’s a Wifi one for use in VOIP environments from Vocera.


looks cool

Looks like they’re using the later season version- with the smaller oval back. Actually, you could get a Rod.com kit of ALL the Berman-era badges, probably for less than ONE of these. (Wonder if they’ll run them in a light-weight metal…) Originals (lower right, IMO) were urethane. Krylon Bright Gold, Krylon Dull Aluminum, edged with Sharpie marker. Inset velcro on back.
I have a couple screen-used… But hats off to QMx!