Cumberbatch Wins Olivier Award + Frankenstein Coming To Theaters + To Appear At Sherlock Premiere Event In NYC

Star Trek’s new bad guy Benedict Cumberbatch picked up another prestigious acting award, with the Oliver for Best Acting for his work in the play Frankenstein, which will be showing in theaters in June. And starting next month Americans can see Cumberbatch in the second season of Sherlock and if you are in New York you can join Benedict for a screening and Q&A session on May 2nd. Details below. 


Cumberbatch wins Olivier Award For Frankenstein – Coming To Theater near you in June

On Sunday at an awards ceremony in London Benedict Cumberbatch and John Lee Miller shared the Best Actor award for their work in the play Frankenstein (the two traded off in the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and the monster). They beat out Jude Law, Douglas Hodge, David Haig and James Corden. Cumberbatch was not available to pick up the award as he is busy filming the Star Trek sequel in Los Angeles, so John Lee Miller accepted on his behalf. Here is a clip from the award ceremony.   

The National Theater Live is presenting a film version of Frankenstein at select theaters around the world in June, including the US. Tickets are limited and selling fast so book now at Here is the trailer…

Sherlock Season 2 premieres May 6th – Cumberbatch to appear at NY Event May 2nd

The second season Sherlock (starring Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes) makes its way to the USA, premiering on PBS on May 6th. Here is a set of clips from the show

Watch Sherlock Season 2: A Scene from Ep. 1 on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

And if you are in the New York area, you have a chance to see the episode early with special guest Benedict Cumberbatch who will be doing a Q&A along with show creator Steven Moffat. More info on getting into the event at the official Facebook Page.




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My favorite quote from that video: “I am not playing Khan in the next Star Trek film.”

oooooo, Cumberbatch won an award, this can only mean one thing…Khan!!

Congrats to Messrs Cumberbatch & Miller, an excellent achievement.

The NT Live production of Frankenstein allready showed in theatres, last spring, summer and fall. this is nothing new it comes and goes seasonaly as part of Screenvision/ and Cynadyne’s regular rotation.

Will Sherlock season 2 be available on Netflix streaming as well? Does anyone know? I’ve watched season 1 like 5 times now and I would love to see what happens next.

Oh, Azrael, you are going to love series 2…


I kid, I kid!

The PBS trailer for Sherlock is shockingly bad. They seem to think the show is a farce. It isnt. Its fantastic and essential viewing

We Brits like to moan and complain about the licence fee but imo Sherlock is money well spent :D

Glad our American friends are enjoying it too. Great interpretation and quality acting all round :D Shame you guy’s have to wait as long as you do for it though :( BBC Worldwide should get it to you earlier.

Sherlock is great! Never thought anything would come close to Jeremy Brett’s run.

9- funny, i watch it the same day it airs in the UK, and I live in NY…

A Brit friend told me the writing in Sherlock season 2 is crap. Everyone’s got an opinion but does anyone else agree with that assessment?

I”ve seen both seasons and they are both excellent. The last episode of season 2 is a shocker.

Scott, the last episode of Season 2 stretches all credibility to the breaking point.

I LOVE Cumberbatch as an actor, but that storyline seemed both implausible and unlikely.

Certainly does Harry. And we are all waiting to find out how Moffat and Gatiss are going to explain it all away…

I disagree. I found season 2 to be awesome especially when you discern whats really underneath it all. I certainly wouldn’t want to ruin anything

“I am not playing Khan in the next Star Trek film.” – Benedict Cumberbatch.

Well you can’t get a more definitive statement than that, from the person himself. (Of course, I fully expect some people here to virtually accuse the actor of telling little porkies, but that’s their problem, not his nor mine)

Congratulations to Benedict Cumberbatch and John Lee Miller for winning this award. I saw a small trailer of Frankenstein and it looked amazing – couldn’t even recognise him at first.

Great that the second series of Sherlock is now available for worldwide. Something to look forward to seeing on NZ TV in the next three or four months!

Edit: Meant to write “worldwide release”.


Where exactly does Cumberbatch say, “I am not playing Khan.”? He’s not in the first video because he wasn’t there to accept the award. The second video is just a promo for Frankenstein… and the third is just one for Sherlock season 2.

Star Trek and Sherlock, my two favorite shows on Earth!

This time in 2014, this next Trek movie will have been in and out of theatres already and we’ll still be here debating whether or not Cumberbatch is playing Khan (“Okay his name in the movie was Nick, but Nick ends in a “k” and has four letters and, well, Nick was eating a chicken curry in one scene and… well, A ha!”).

#1 and #17.

Just where did you hear that quote?

This is what I can’t stand…..people like you accusing those of us who have predicted Khan for the sequel of just making up evidence, while you guys are the ones who are pulling quotes out of thin air and trying to pass it off as “proof”.

I love Sherlock. I loved the way how you can actually get more in the mind of Holmes than you could in previous versions. You see the process of his thinking and just HOW QUICK his mind works. It’s incredible.

I’m hoping it’s not Khan — I think I say that so often on here because I was insanely hoping Bob Orci would put the brakes on a Khan plot (or else make it super awesome and nothing like the previous, still awesome but done already, Khan plots) in the middle of filming. Okay, not really. But at this point, what difference does it make? Either it will or won’t be.

I know, I know — feel free to state your preferences, but unless there’s a Guess-Right sweepstakes, well, at this point we’re all just repeating ourselves, which is fine (I say this as someone who repeats myself constantly).

I think that’s why I post hear generally, though — to make my argument for what I’ve liked and haven’t about Trek in crazy hopes that it might make a difference. Really, it’s only a movie. And, all our opinions are valid, even when we get certain facts not quite right. There’s something about Trek that I think has a lot to do with our visions of the future — maybe there’s a slightly irrational hope that if Trek does it right, maybe we (humanity) will too…

That and I really like ships.

In a universe, somewhere, Cumberbatch is playing Khan. It just might not be this one.

12. No, it’s sheer brilliance. Its brilliance must have caused your friend’s brain to drop out their ear, because it’s brilliant. Did I mention it’s brilliant? Even the preposterous ending.

Just brilliant.

I thought S2E01 is the best writing among the 6 episodes and possibly one of the best for this year ; S2E02: this episode does drag a bit, but considering the canon story is not much better either, I think Mark Gatiss actually did a good job, it should be the director and the editor to be responsible for the pacing; as for S2E03, it’s a good drama/ thriller, but completely OOC in terms of characterization of Holmes and Moriarty; it almost makes the show become a kids’ show IMO. It’s a good piece of drama and emotionally gripping at the first viewing, but afterwards when I thought of it, it’s just not Sherlock Holmes. It’s one thing to want to develop the friendship between Holmes and Watson, but it should not come at the expense of characterization of Holmes and Moriarty; I agree with #14, it’s too far-fetched. I’d rank the scripts: EP1>EP2>EP3. Performance-wise, excellent on all accounts, especially Cumberbatch and Scott in S2E3, and actually Cumberbatch and Lara Pulver (Irene Adler) are mesmerizing in S2E01.

By the way, I guess the filming schedule of ST is pretty tight, Cumberbatch can only do Sherlock promos on Sunday, which means no interference to ST filming, and May 2nd is only four days prior to Sherlock S2 premiere in the US.

Oops, just found out that May 2nd is Wednesday, then please ignore the second para in my previous post.

Yeah, where is the Cumberbatch quote about Khan? I can’t find it…


The last episode is based on an original Sherlock Holmes book which has an implausible ending. I’m saying any more.


Dandru was just being a taint again, and Keachick was so eager to believe it she didn’t bother to look.

Cannot wait for the next three new BBC Sherlock episodes. Sadly, we poor folks here in the States aren’t getting them until next month…. :-(

Oh, and I love that they worked in the deerstalker cap…. cute! ;-)

PS. I’m enjoying Sherlock. I finally watched all of The Fades — man, it’s a good show. Basically, all I watch is a bunch of BBC stuff, a couple of shows on HBO and old sitcoms like Mary Tyler Moore. Oh, and always Fringe and sometimes Supernatural. Zero from the three main networks.

Wonder what the BBC would do with Star Trek, were it affordable…

Anybody seen the TN production of “Frankenstein”? As an old-school monster fan (and a big Cumberbatch fan, as well – he was fantastic in TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY, if you haven’t seen it yet), I’d LOVE to see it!

It’s available for download for purchase, but the site for it doesn’t include the actual download link – I wonder if it’s only for electronic purchase in the UK, like certain audiobooks and BBC Radio productions? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!


To all those people who chide me for believing that poster #1 was actually quoting what he/she had actually heard – sometimes I am not able to see some videos (for various reasons – like not having enough bandwidth available to me at a particular time) and so I do rely a little on what the author of an thread posted here or on the truthfulness of posters commenting here.

Clearly, poster #1 decided to play *silly buggers* and in doing so, mislead a person such as myself. And, oh I don’t know what a “taint” is but I doubt it is at all complimentary.