PrometheusWatch: New Viral Video Promotes David The Robot + Russian Trailer Reveals More Footage

Without a Star Trek movie, TrekMovie has adopted Prometheus as our most anticipated film for the summer. Written by Trek sequel co-writer Damon Lindelof, the film looks to be a cool addition to the Alien universe. And today they released another cool viral video for the film showing off a Weyland robot. Plus there is a new Russian trailer that reveals more cool visuals (and dialog if you speak Russian). Check it out below. 


Say happy birthday to David

Here is the latest viral video for Prometheus featuring Michael Fassbender as "David," the new robot from Weyland Industries.

Like the previously released TED talk from the future, this video is not actually from the film, but was produced just for the promotion of the film. By the way, you can visit, a pretty cool viral site where you can learn more about "project Prometheus" with links to cool stuff like this image of the ship from the film. 

And one other cool new thing from Prometheus is this trailer in Russian which is still pretty cool and shows some new stuff.

Prometheus lands in the US on June 8.


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AJ, please translate. IF you AJ can’t, maybe we could get that sexy Russian spy , Anna Chapman, back to translate for us.

David has a plan.

So just because Lindelof co-wrote it, is the reason why trekmovie has adopted it as their most aniticpated movie of the summer, since JJ Trek is a no show? yeah thats a good reason to be excited about it . Cowboys and aliens is still to fresh in my mind to be excited about a script co-written by Lidelof.

Now having said that I am looking forward to seeing it only cause, Its Ridley Scotts return to the Alien Universe, has nothing to do with Lidelof and his jj trek connections

I’m not good with words but this trailer moved me. I’ll be thinking about it for some time. It made me feel joy and terror at once. Strange sensation. Nostalgic. Hopeful…yet ill at ease. David sounds a bit like HAL.

Here is the translation of the trailer. It’s word for word, and it’s pretty accurate. Don’t see any big reveals, though.



A king rules. And then, he dies.

It is unavoidable.

(Ship lands)

“Prometheus has landed!”


“These ancient civilizations are separated from one another by centuries. However, in each we have encountered the identical pictogram.”

(Outside/In caves)

“You’re smiling…”

“I have the impression they want us to find them…”

“So, we’re here because of this map…What did you find in the cave?”

“It’s not a map…it’s an invitation!”

“From who?”

(Standing in front of hieroglyphics)

“I really hope you understand what’s written here…”

(Crewwoman with flashlight)

“Prometheus, do you see this?”


(Guy in plaid shirt)

“This sensor is detecting some kind of life form…”

“What do you mean by ‘life form?’ ”

“Look up!..They seem to be changing…”


“What does it look like?”

(Gooey life forms)

“They’re moving! These things are moving!”

(Computer holo-image of ship)

“What is that?”

“It’s a ship!”

“They’re leaving!”

“Where are they going?”

“To Earth”

“How could we have made such a terrible mistake?”


“Take us home!”

“If we don’t stop them, there’ll be no home to return to!”

(Doors open)

“Why are the doors open!?”

(Visual montage)

“Jump! Come on! Jump!”

(More visual montage)


“Big things always start out small.”


“You mean he’s your brother-brother?”


Text: Blah, Blah in English

I don’t see anything new in that trailer. Looks exactly like the one I saw at Lockout.

Will say this, however. I’d be surprised if there are any surprises left in the movie after that trailer. The whole story is right there.

Is Ridley Scott okaying these trailers? The man is losing his marbles if he did. TMI.

June 1 is just around the corner, so I doubt that we’re going to see any more snippets. I hope not, anyway. I think enough has been released already.


I’ll bet that it’s the studio that makes those decisions. It’s their money that is spent on the movie, and I have to think that the studio wants to have as much say when it comes to the trailers as the director has.

It’s important to realize that the “Alien” franchise was never officially shown in Russia, so the trailer may need to have been tweaked somewhat to generate interest.

Here in the West, most ‘Alien’ enthusiasts are salivating for it, but Russians may need a bit more of a push out the door. The trailer mentions Sir Ridley, who did well in Russia with Gladiator, and even Robin Hood, but it does not say ‘From the Director of “Alien.” ‘

Weyland? He looks like he was made by Apple.

Either way, looks like a good movie. I’ll be watching it.

I don’t know about Ridley Scott, but I did read that Andrew Stanton was directly involved with the trailers for “John Carter.” At least someone at Disney was blaming him for them, anyway.

He would make a great R Daniel.

#12 – I thought the exact same thing! :)

Really wish someone would do “Caves of Steel”. (Properly… Not doing an I, Robot to it)

i’m sure this will be much better than whatever slop jj abrams can masquerade as star trek.

I have VERY high hopes for this movie because it’s a RIDLEY SCOTT science fiction film. Fingers crossed.

Looks cool. But if this is years and years before Alien then why does he look slicker, and even more advanced, than Ash from the Nostromo?

I too am enthusiastic about this movie because of Ridley Scott’s involvement. I’m even more excited about his planned sequel to Blade Runner. Please, Sir Ridley, don’t screw them up!

I kinda agree with dmduncan. that trailer seems to give a lot of the story away, and when I first viewed it thought that it also tracked close with that supposed leaked script (which has since been denied by Lindelof).

Doesnt matter to me though, I still will plant my butt in the theater to watch this movie. Its Riddley Scott doing Sci-fi again!!

3 top movies for me to watch this year

1. Prometheus (easily #1)
2. The Hobbit
3. The Amazing SpiderMan

I’m as excited for this movie as I am for the new ST (maybe even a smidgen more so for this one, in fact). The idea of Ridley Scott’s first return to sci fi since “ALIEN” and “Blade Runner” (two revolutionary movies) is like going to a classical concert where Wolfgang A. Mozart himself is conducting!
Can’t wait…. ;-D

Apple ???

Well, maybe it is, apple in the future ????

I mean, maybe will apple become weyland in the future :-)

Andrew Stanton was involved in the trailers, I think he said so.
They were behind on the film, and the only footage ready was the ones in the trailer.

But the big mistake lay with Disney basically screwing up—or abadoning, depending on who you take to–the film.

They couldn’t get Andrew Stanton to play ball (ie: stay on schedule, having footage ready on time, give advice to him, insist his ‘inner circle’ have live-action film experience wich they didn’t, stop hiring his friends from Pixar, etc).

So they basically walked away from ‘John Carter’, and let him take the blame for it.

The film wasn’t that bad (I give it a 7 out of 10). Even as it was, ‘Carter’ could have done better at the box office if Disney had decided to stay with it and not throw their toys out of the basket.

Granted, Stanton is also to blame for being an egotists and refusing to listen. However, Disney should not have walked away.

Just my two cents.

@ 5

Thanks AJ.

That was soooo funny! ” He’s brother-brother?” Cant stop laughing!

If you think that David the Robot is far off, guess again. Check out the video from DARPA of the Defense Department’s robot that walks up stairs.

David is scary!…. ;-) :-)


I know this is waaayyy off-topic, but did anyone else think that the boxy vehicle that exited Prometheus looked a lot like an updated SHADO mobile from the old Gerry Anderson series, “UFO”?



You are somewhat close.


I would agree with what you posted. I liked John Carter. It was fun movie for me and my kids to watch. Was it a transcendent experience like Star Wars was when I was a kid? No. But still it wasn’t the crapfest that people were making it out to be based on some uninspiring trailers. I thought it was a superior film to “Hunger Games” (Oh no! I will have to hide from all the 14 year old girls in the world). John Carter should have been the film raking in the Spring BO.

Good morning…David…

@8: Yeah but this is Ridley Scott, not some recent film school graduate. And that would be easier to believe if JJ Abrams was not himself so successful at keeping the details of his own movies so vague.

Watch the original Alien trailer. NOthing. You get nothing. An abstract. Egg cracks and light comes out. In space, no one can hear you scream.

And from that to this — giving everything away for free in the trailer.

Dear Bob Orci -Please get word to JJ that Trek could use a viral video very much reminiscent of Halo’s Birth of a Spartan vid. It would totally match up to the ‘enlist in Starfleet’ theme and boost attention on the film before starting the press tour WITHOUT giving away clips or whatnot. Just a thought…

24. That’s kind of awesome/terrifying


Jack, that’s why I posted it. Put a gun on one of the arms, and give it a voice with a muscle bound Austrian accent. Yikes. Life is imitating art. My hope is for a Star Trek type robot like Data, one who wants to live with us. Or maybe, Issac Asimov was correct. Maybe we need to program rules into our robots.

When is this movie coming out? I want to see it now, LOL!


In what way does he look slicker or more advanced? Ash passed as 100% human until he freaked out. If anything, I’d say David seems more artificial, which would make sense if he’s an earlier generation android.

Yeah, that Russian trailer has no new footage. It’s simply the American trailer dubbed in Russian. There is a UK trailer that has different footage and focuses more on the origins of the mission, that can be viewed here:


Thanks Sean. That trailer does have different footage. And by the way, I can kind of see how the 3D is going to look. Some of the virtual displays almost pop out in 2D. The exciting thing is that Ridley Scott shot the movie in 3D. Two great 3D films came out over the last year. Wim Wender’s dance documentary Pina and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Now we’ll see how Scott will use 3D. Looking forward to the movie.

That David android is almost as fake looking as Joe Biden.

Is David the “real” final Cylon? Is LV 426 the false Earth from season 4 that was irradiated? Is David Ellen and Saul Tigh’s illegitimate love child?

Questions questions…

The UK trailer seems much more revealing than the Russian/US one, but then again, they all start to melt into one after a while.

36. Just what I was going to say but you got there first.

This could be the hit of the year. I certainly hope it is.

@16 “Looks cool. But if this is years and years before Alien then why does he look slicker, and even more advanced, than Ash from the Nostromo?”

because this film is being made 30 years later.


I’m just saying….it’s been a while since I’ve seen Alien (it was the very first R rated movie I saw as a kid) but I seem to remember them saying the ‘space jockey” had been there for centuries. Ash didn’t seem much more developed to me as a factory model if it was supposed to be centuries.

@44 Yeah, that’s a good one. I guess that’s what happened to those Star Wars prequels.

#29–John Carter was most definitely a fun movie and visually pleasing. It is interesting to note that Burroughs wrote the original story 100 years ago.Even though the movie drew in elements beyond the first story (“A Princess of Mars”) you see where many of the modern films drew their inspiration–which might have also hurt it in that it seemed like a copy-cat (thus not reaching the Star Wars experience) when it really was the “first” of the many sci-fi oriented adventures we know and love.

For me, it was the joy of seeing a hint of those Frazetta SFBC covers of the John Carter series coming to fruition in a worthy screen version (unlike the video version of “A Princess of Mars”!). :-)

The “Weyland Industries” viral website has been completely revamped:

There’s some interesting stuff on the homepage, but if you hover the mouse over the blue box on the top-left of the screen (where the Weyland logo is), a large drop-down box is displayed with further links to all kinds of goodies.

This is a really good article from a couple of weeks ago discussing the main themes of “Prometheus”, including quotes from Damon Lindelof:

You can also check out a shorter version of that article, with just the main quotes from Lindelof, Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender, and members of the production team:

This article contains the main extracts from an exclusive interview with Ridley Scott on his own, where he gives some more details on the philosophical themes of the movie:

It’s quite a short article, but Ridley makes a number of intriguing comments.