Chris Pine: Star Trek Sequel Is ‘Relentless’

Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine isn’t talking spoilers, but he is ready reveal that the next Trek is just as action packed as the 2009 film. See below for Chris’ latest thoughts on the movie he is currently shooting.


Pine: Star Trek Sequel Is Relentless

Speaking to Access Hollywood at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas earlier this week, Star Trek’s Chris Pine effused about the soon-to-wrap sequel shoot, saying:

“Of course I’m gonna tell you I think it’s gonna be better,” he laughed. “You pick up the characters from where they left off, and the development of the characters — I think — is just as exciting as the first one. And it’s relentless,” he added. “I think that’s the best adjective I can use.”

“We’re almost done,” he told Access. “It’s wrapping up very soon. It’s just as action-packed as the first one.”

Chris Pine at CinemaCon 2012

Pine also talked about the animated film Rise of the Guardians, coming this fall. Pine voices Jack Frost, saying
“It’s a great project,” he said. “I’m really happy to be a part of it… Alec Baldwin plays a crazy Russian Santa; Hugh Jackman is kind of the Australian acerbic bunny… It’s a good story about childhood and it’s a good story about belief and imagination … and what it means to believe.” Here is a trailer

Chris said the team is actually close to wrapping up the second installment in the sci-fi reboot.


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What a great place in life he is in, who wouldn’t love to be in his shoes playing such an iconic character. Granted, I’m a first-generation TOS guy, but I can’t help but be somewhat envious. He’ll do great in the sequel.

“He’ll do great in the sequel.”

I’m confident he will, as well.

I hope his acting is better this time.

I love Shat. But, I want Kirk young, kickin’ Klingon keester, and chasin’ green slave girl tail.
Chris is doing great work for the fans.

notice in this and other pics that Pines frontal quiff/swish is the wrong way – like Kirks in those rare shots in TOS that were inversed.

i guess Alternate Kirk likes to comb his hair the other way

The Rise of the Guardians movie looks cute

Great – the Budweiser plant again. Seems that’s one area they didn’t listen to the fans!

Not exactly a spoiler interview, but still wishing Chris Pine all the best. I thought he was excellent as a young Kirk.

As for the Budweiser-engine room? I’m over it. I didn’t like it; but so what? Every entertainment I see makes occasional choices I like and don’t like; it’s the nature of art (even pop art). Maybe they can add more CGI set extensions to it to make it look less like a made-in-the-20th century brewery this time. If not, so what?

Anthony, why is the lede paragraph copied from the Cumby article?

And, yeah, Budgineering again is a huge letdown.

The Last Vulcan

No reason except a mistake clearly

Well. At least Scotty won’t have nothing to drink. Lol.

I WANT to see a trailer with Jack Frost…. HELLOOO DreamWorks!!!!

Captain Fine is lovely relentless…..and WOW… I’m waiting for KIRK!!!

;-) :-)


I agree, Chris is fantastic as Kirk. He seems like a down to earth guy that has a humble view of himself. Good. Can’t wait to see him kick butt.

I wish they would put something out…i don’t want to ruin the surprise, but c’mon!

Oh lord, now we are going to have to listen to more Keachick love letters to Pine. :-)

#13, Yep, I agree. Kirk was an amazing Kirk, Pine’s character is still as flirty as he’ll ever be, but then he’s still a good guy. They picked the perfect person!
Go Chris Pine! Can’t wait for his upcoming movie People Like Us!

#8 Amen.

character development? the first movie had none. i expect even less in this. abrams can’t produce 5 minutes of film without skipping to the action.

Budgineering, again, eh? Nice importance JJ and crew took on fan comments about that. Sigh.

I guess I was hoping too much that there might be some “tweaks” to the Enterprise, but sounds like that was just a fleeting home from the alternate dimension.

I”l bet the Mirror Universe Alternate Reality Enterprise doesn’t look like Budgineering . It’d be the instant Agony Booth for whomever designed it]

I’m fine with the Budgineering if they toss a few more bucks it’s way for this flick for CGI setting fixes and just try to make it less like a Brewery

I had seen on another thread Bob Orci commenting a few days back, but it looks like he’s gone again. I planned to thank you for appearing to be taking good care of “my (Pine) captain”…. I do hope the story is kind to my captain fine Pine.

#15 -Yes, it is hard for me not to go into drool, meltdown mode when I see all the lovely photos of Chris Pine (lots more found on the Chris Pine Network) Such a honey…I don’t know how anyone could look more gorgeous. Well, they can’t. That’s just the way it is…:)

It does seem that Chris is satisfied with the work that Orci/Kurtzman/Abrams have had him do playing “my captain”, even though there seemed to be a lot for him and others to do. I should think so and I hope it’s all good. Lots of action of all kinds for this actor and character – nothing less will do.

12 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days to go…

Perhaps I missed it, but I could not see the sprite, Jack Frost (Chris Pine’s character).

3. Greenberg – April 28, 2012

“I hope his acting is better this time.”

Seriously? The role obviously called for him to be a younger, cockier Kirk, but I don’t know how Pine or anyone else could have improved upon his performance. Curious as to whom you think might have been a better casting choice.

I overlooked a lot of inconsistencies and had to make a number of leaps-of-logic to like this film, and like it very much I did. The think I liked least, however, was the brewery bowels of the ship. I wouldn’t mind if they had pipes and valves and barrels so much if it didn’t look like a brewery, but it does, quite obviously, and I am taken out of the film by its presence. I thought it was laughable and lazy to place a couple of computer station props in front of these giant barrels and expect us not to notice.

It would be no different than having them drive off in a Camaro after beaming down to a planet. The anachronism is jarring. So I’m disappointed to hear this. I was hoping for less laziness.

Still, I will endure this and will do my best to enjoy the film. I won’t let it ruin the experience, just as I don’t let flaw in my friends ruin our friendship.

Where is our countdown clock and our online, on-set interview?

Another 7 day old story. Maybe you should let someone else run your site!

Better late than…not acknowledged.

Thanks for keeping the site at least limping along, AP. Surely there will be some exciting times ahead, for all.

This clearly indicates that Khan is the bad guy!


26. Steve D

You’re barking up the wrong tree, homeboy. This article was written by staff, not Anthony P.

that pale brit is not khan, who was latino and buff. just a lame rip off.

The only people that seem to have an issue with the engineering sets in the 2009 movie are a small minority of hard core Trekkies. I consider myself a Trekkie, but certainly not one of the close minded, hard core types that think Star Trek has to be exactly one kind of way. I had no problem with engineering at all when I saw the movie. I also didn’t hear one person make mention of the engineering sets – good or bad – in any discussion of the movie. It wasn’t until I came to this site that I saw so much griping about something that worked really well.

Engineering looked more like a real engineering section of a huge ship than it has in any previous version of Star Trek. Why all the complaining? It’s so rediculous to spend so much time complaining about such a small part of a movie like that. But then again, these are hard core Trekkies I’m talking about, so of course they would.

There have been a lot of complaints and general controversy about the engineering section in Star Trek 09 on the IMDb Star Trek 2009 message board, since the movie was released almost three years ago.

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