More Star Trek Sequel Set Shots Emerge

And once again there are some spy shots from the Star Trek sequel set floating around the Interwebs. This time no actors were spotted, but the set dressing for the location is interesting. Check them out below, with spoilers.


Star Trek visits red plants planet

More photos have emerged from the Star Trek sequel shooting in the Los Angeles area. This time there are no actors that can be seen, but you can see that they have created some kind of alien locale with red plants. The report from On Location Vacations notes that these shots are related to previously reported scene with Spock hovering over a volcano. More shots also appear at Entertainmentwise

Location shooting the Star Trek sequel

Location shooting the Star Trek sequel

Location shooting the Star Trek sequel

OLV also reports that the production may be shooting in San Francisco in early May, with those being the final shots for principal photography. 


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Reeeed Plants. First? They look deadly


I told you all it was Khan! See!

Expendable leaves. Red plants gonna die!

What do red leaves have to do with Khan?

It’d better not be Khan – do something original and NEW for Gawd’s sakes!

P.S. yeah… why do red leaves = Khan?!! Haha!

The movie has red plants in it?

Movie officially spoiled.

They are reimagined versions of the pod plants from This Side of Paradise and Alice Eve is playing Leila Kalomi. (Somebody had to say it.)

Ms. Eve can be Leila just as long as those spores have her looking in another direction and staying far, far away from Spock, who will be with his true love – Uhura. ;-)

That’s where red matter comes from? XD

It’s the Mound Creatures of the planet Tarp, and they are being attacked by their mortal enemy the Panaflex Boom Mantis.

Wow, they seem to aim for a TOS-ish flair here!

wow.. plants. Exciting! LOL

That looks like the Man Trap planet.

Looks like it might be under water or something,looks exciting! :)

Vulcan Cannibas! Break out the munchies!

Where’s Harry when you need him? :)

Red Bamboo… So, I guess the park rangers didn’t stop em from spray painting, like they did during the filming of “Shore Leave.”



@ 12…Alf made me spit milk on my keyboard!

18. Bamboo? Really? Try again. Banboo leaves are long and pointy. Whatever it’s supposed to be, it definitely tells us this ain’t Earth, folks.

Absolutely not bamboo. They look like aspen trees with red leaves. Looks like they’re sitting on wooden platforms, so no doubt artificial.

16 …not because of the blue screen, right? XD

This is where the dye for the red shirts comes from.

Not sure how red plants means Khan. Then again, for the true believers blue plants would mean Khan, too. Or any plants for that matter.

On the other hand, there has been a bit of commentary of late on how important foreign box office is now-a-days for a film to be considered successful. Considering that Trek is weak overseas (so is sci-fi in general), that by itself should put to rest any rumors that this movie is a remake of any of the previous Trek movies. What would make more sense with all the secrecy is that there is a unannounced cast member on board with a high enough profile globally that they don’t want it known that he/she is connected to the project just yet. Just my opinion here….

I think I see Shatner hiding in there.

It’s the Kelvans! Red plants were in “By Any Other Name” (the one where the the Kelvan leader crushes the cube/person in his hand).

Ok… so it’s Fall somewhere in the galaxy. LOL

For those of you commenting on my ” see,it’s Khan” post here, IT WAS A JOKE, people. LOL

Even more funny than my post though is the guy here who said the leaves were Vulcan cannibus. LOL

No MJ…it totally is Khan.

As funny as that was, it’s Khan.

Those plants look awfully plain. I bet they’ll be enhanced with CG, and they’re mostly monochrome to make it easier to scan them in.

Anybody notice that those don’t look like Jungle plants? This indicates to me that the crew will visit at least 2 planets besides Earth. Just a thought.

Oh, and MJ, I got it. lol

The red weed. Star Trek meets The War of the Worlds…

No actors were spotted…

…aside from those, slap bang in the middle of the red forest, playing Vulcans in yellow hoods.

Trekweb has these photos 7 days ago

Wow now THATs what I call a Scoop!

Hmmmm. Those plants remind me of the noisemakers that young Spock stilled when he touched them. He showed them to Boyce in The Cage.

When will there be an official trailor??

Super-Bowl Sunday.

You show us plants sprayed red, Trekweb.

Meanwhile, other sites have pap pics of Kirk and Spock in tight-fitting trousers.

I am disappoint, Trekweb.


Er, it’s late…Trekmovie. *whoops*

Its the same location as the fight scene with Spock, Uhura and Cumberbatch. Just after Cumberbatch jumps from the hover train, on the planet that’s been affected by the Red Matter blight.

With filming close to ending I would guess there will be a teaser trailer soon, possibly attached to The Avengers, but I am most definitely guessing and have no idea at all really.

I cannot bear to look at these photos. They’ve given the entire plot away!

I can see from my lounge windows a large tree with red coloured leaves looking just like the larger version of these shrubs in the photos. I don’t know what the tree is called. It is autumn (fall) here… Interesting to say the least.

It’s Quadrotridicale for the tribbles to munch on!