CalgaryExpo Saturday: Photos From Star Trek: TNG Cast Reunion Event

The big event for Calgary Expo this weekend was the on stage reunion of the nine members of the crew of the USS Enterprise D. On Saturday night the TNG cast wowed the crowd of thousands. TrekMovie will have a full report from the event, but for now check out pictures and some video below.


TNG cast reunite at Calgary Expo

All nine members of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation appeared at a first of its kind cast reunion at the Calgary Expo on Saturday. The capacity crowd of the event held in a hockey arent went nuts as Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, and Patrick Stewart were each introduced.  

TrekMovie will have a full report, but until then, here are our pictures from the Saturday event.

The crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation hit the stage like rock stars at Calgary Expo

The whole gang at Calgary Expo

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Wil Wheaton at Calgary Expo

Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and LeVar Burton at Calgary Expo

Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn and Denise Crosby at Calgary Expo

Marina hugs Wil

John deLancie shows up with flowers

Patrick hugs deLancie

Patrick hands out flowers and kisses

Gates hands out her own kisses

Time to say goodbye

Here are quick videos deLancie showing up and of the end (courtesy of DJ Nelles on YouTube)

All photos by Alex Martinuik

Stay tuned for more TrekMovie coverage or Calgary Expo and the TNG reunion, including our coverage of Trek panels from Friday and Sunday.

Alex Martinuik (aka "The Star Trek Girl") can be found on Twitter at @thestartrekgirl. She also has a regular video blog on YouTube (Warp9Engage).

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Is there a reunion TV special planned?

And first. ;-)

Wish I was there!

There had better be a tv special

im tearing up :”(
JJ Abrams How could you deny the human species intelligent Star Trek TV series, is that art that I know and love dead, I think with Fringe you’ve proved that you can bring a credible sci-fi show to life. Do so with Star Trek I beg of you.

It was a great evening event. It was an amazing time, and a great way to remember and celebrate TNG. I’m still very proud to be a fan of TNG!

#5 wrote:
“JJ Abrams How could you deny the human species intelligent Star Trek TV series”

There’s no evidence that JJ Abrams is “denying” the world a TV series.

Alex, thank you for your terrific coverage! It’s the next best thing to being there!

#7…thank you

i LOVE these guys, all of them. Grew up on them, and I’m actually watching First Contact on bluray right now at…1:29AM but I’ll just be honest, I couldnt see them in anymore movies. I’m sure to some that makes no sense, since TOS cast was pretty aged during their last voyage on the big screen but I just…I dont know, looking at these shots and vids I just dont know if I would’ve really wanted to watch that unless they were used as older versions of themselves kind of like they were in Countdown (Ambassador Picard and General Worf, etc)

An amazing show. Brilliant cast, and crew. I do believe It would be be profitable, both monetarily, and intellectually, if it were to return to television. The next generation of fans should be given a history lesson in Star Trek. Continue with the USS Titan. A pilot that would conclude a successful ten year mission. A story that would conclude with Riker Commanding the next Enterprise. The F.

A one off TV special wouldn’t be satisfying enough. What we want is a three TV film trilogy.

Damn, these photos ruined my childhood memories ;) Ironically, Patrick Stewart (the oldest cast member to begin with) is the ONLY one who roughly still looks the same as in the series!

Oh, and the black framed glasses disease has struck here again… News flash, guys: if thousands and thousands of actors and other self-proclaimed “artists” are wearing it, it AIN’T cool anymore…

live long and prosper, TNG crew… You are THE best crew!

I know that’s a Calgary cap, but… um, which team is Denise Crosby playing for these days? Just asking.

Frakes has dropped a lot of weight…and Wheaton looks puffy (too much homemade brew he keeps tweeting about). I actually think these guys are aging better than the original crew.

alberta is beautiful country, much better than beige, dirt colored, avondale arizona.

i want outta here, please help!

mercy kill me.

avondale arizona sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for spamming i kinda lost interest in trek after the 3rd season of ds9, although i caught up with them later on from renting the episodes at 99 cent video which was at 91st ave camelback phoenix az.

it has been closed now for 3 years.

I dearly love the TOS crew, but lets face it the TNG guys are pure magic together.

Weaton does kinda look like the love child of Frakes and Grover Cleveland. Darn these temporal causality loops!

After seeing those pics, I wonder if Frakes has stopped referring to Stewart as “Old Baldy”. Looks like he’s on his way to being Old Baldy himself.

Hey, us baldys have to stick together! :-)

These guys are the best. I love it when they pop up in other places, like when Marina Sirtis appeared out of nowhere on the (pretty bad) show Make It Or Break It. Or Gates McFadden in Muppets Take Manhattan–it’s quite special.

McFadden and Sirtis… still hot. Yup, I would.

I cannot wait to see how the TNG reunion will be at the Aug Vegas con. So far there is no Sir Patrick or Wil Wheaton listed as attending but it is still early.

Lucky enough to be there!

When DeLancie’s voice rang out with his flower delivery for “John Luck Picerd” the place went insane…. what an awesome awesome moment.

Had tears in my eyes watching them all together on stage.

One thing off my bucket list…

@28 I envy you for being able to see that. It brought a tear to my eye seeing the pictures and video. Great memories!

It really makes me quite unaccountably happy that they’re all still friends.