Box Art and Disc Details For Star Trek: TNG Season 1 Blu-ray

This afternoon CBS provided TrekMovie with the scoop on their upcoming season one release of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray, due July 24th. See below for the official box art, and full disc by disc details on what you can expect for this major release. 


Box art and details on Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the series, TNG is getting a brand new look in HD. The set also features brand new special features, interviews, archival footage and a gag reel. The new material also features Star Trek experts Mike and Denise Okuda, consultants throughout this ongoing project, who offer special insights into the countless man-hours dedicated to the upgrade of The Next Generation.

Box Art:

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Set Details

The STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE FIRST SEASON Blu-ray set will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround, French Mono, Japanese Mono and German Mono (with the exception of “Encounter at Farpoint” which is in German Stereo). The discs also include English SDH, French, German, Castilian, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. The Blu-ray is not rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada.

The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:
• Encounter at Farpoint
• The Naked Now
• Code of Honor

Special Features
• Episodic Promos
• Energized! Taking The Next Generation to the Next Level (HD)
• Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives: The Launch
o Introduction to the Series (1987)
o Promo #1
o Promo #2
o Promo #3
o Season One Promo

Disc Two:
• The Last Outpost
• Where No One Has Gone Before
• Lonely Among Us
• Justice
• The Battle

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Three:
• Hide and Q
• Haven
• The Big Goodbye
• Datalore
• Angel One

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Four:
• 11001001
• Too Short a Season
• When the Bough Breaks
• Home Soil
• Coming of Age

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Five:
• Heart of Glory
• The Arsenal of Freedom
• Symbiosis
• Skin of Evil
• We’ll Always Have Paris

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Six:
• Conspiracy
• The Neutral Zone

Special Features
• Episodic Promos
• Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD)
o Part 1: Inception
o Part 2: Launch
o Part 3: The Continuing Mission
• Gag Reel
• Archival Mission Logs
o The Beginning
o Selected Crew Analysis
o The Making of a Legend
o Memorable Missions

And if you missed the earlier report, check out a clip from the remastered season one episode “Where No One Has Gone Before” at EW.




Stay tuned to for more news and previews for this hugely exciting project.

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I’m quite excited by this after seeing the sampler!

$39.95 is my max price point. If they go the $60 on up route, they can forget my purchase.

How many millions of dollars is CBS going to charge for the Bluray sets?

Man; I know we all remember giving the show a season to find its legs, but there were some stinkers in S1. Mostly stinkers.

No Brazilian Portuguese? That is sad news for Brazilian fans… It seems Paramount will save on authoring by making one single version of the discs for all major markets (as they did with the sampler). If that’s really so, we won’t see this in Brazil anytime soon. Sad.

Season 1 was mostly forgetable. The good eps thogh in season 1 were. Encounter at Far Point, Skin of Evil,The Neutrial Zone and Conspiricy. Thye rest. Well. You know.

Drool, Drool, Drool….

Can’t wait, I loved the sample they put out.. so awesome looking!

@Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire: Skin of Evil and Conspiracy: really??? Those were two of the worst episodes, imo! :|

No commentaries? What happened Anthony?

Wow, after all these years of bootlegged copies of copies of copies of VHS tapes of the Season One TNG bloopers, I’m glad they finally put together a proper gag reel.

@2 – That’s my price point as well (meaning MSRP can be more than $40, I just don’t want to pay more than $40 on Amazon or whereever I can get it the cheapest). I certainly hope they don’t price these the same as they did TOS on Blu-ray!

Finally the gag reels have been given an official release, I never understood why Rick Berman didn’t want the public to see them. I hope we get to see bloopers for the other seasons too.

#6 You left out “The Battle” with the first appearance of the Constellation-class, and of the U.S.S. Stargazer, Picard’s first command.

But still NO Star Trek TMP DE on Blu-Ray, I know its CBS NOT Paramount but it just doesn’t make sense!!!!!!


They’d have to pay to redo the VFX yet again, so that one is probably a little ways off.

Episode Promos!!! YES!!!

I was really disappointed when these weren’t on the DVDs back in the day so I’m glad they’ll be here.


Nice to see DVD special features being transferred, for those us upgrading. Hope they catch as many easter eggs and little pieces of business on those sets, for completion’s sake.

17. LOL, I loved the way the dude said that.

Mind you. I think I’m confusing DS9 which had easter eggs. I’m thinking more of those extra extra features that ended up on Best Buy discs, then compiled together as another disc on that green complete TNG 20.

17. Yeah. I really loved those too. Used to watch them in little tiny video pop-ups at I think they were also on a CD-ROM version of the Encylopedia.

Sorry. 20 was @ 18.

Yep I too fondly remember those episode promos from my childhood of TNG watching. Glad to see them in the set.

I’m interested to see how the crazy gore from Consipracy holds up.

@12 – I’ve seen rough versions of the gag reel for Season 1 at Conventions and it’s not that great – although there’s a bit I quite enjoy…Brent Spiner looking at the NCC-1701-D plaque on the bridge and saying (in his best Jimmy Stewart impression) “Well look…they built this thing in Bedford Falls!”

So are they doing any in episode features like on the TOS discs???

And still no Enterprise on Blu Ray…

I cant wait for this. Already have mine preordered.

Features sound great.

After the Sampler I ccant wait to see this. Next Gen never looked so good

23 – It’s the Stargazer plaque from The Battle ;)

24 – From the list of features, 99% certain there will be no PiP commentary. That was sort of a fad when the HD DVD and Blu-ray platforms were new, it didn’t really catch on with consumers.

YOU KNOW THE FULL RETAIL PRICE POINT WILL BE $100-120.00 a season! PASS! My dvd season sets will do just fine!


That’s kind of strange though, PiP commentaries are optional with the press of a button. I really liked them, and the text commentaries too.

#31 — Depending on how your Blu-ray player is setup you may not get any audio fom the PiP window. The player has to be set to decode all audio internally, if a person uses the player default of bitstreaming, you lose the secondary audio. So it has fallen into disuse since it has mostly just confused consumers and requires extra setup.

Textual and static image commentaries are of course super easy to do, so I agree with ya there I’m a little bit surprised that there isn’t some sort of nice LCARS interface that can be popped-up with informtion.

Is it just me, or does William Riker look a bit Vulcan in that Blu-ray cover art?

TrekCore via The HD Room has a bunch of new S1 pictures up:

it’s all on Netflix for free

very, very cool if they are including the “next time on star trek” weekly promos.

excellent package.


I have a PS3 so PiP works fine for me. And lots of movies still come with PiP, so I don’t know if your arguement really holds up.

How much will the set cost?

#37 — And very few end users actually use the PiP features.
Also newer PS3’s can bitstream HD audio (1st gen couldn’t and so by default PiP works), so the issue still exist for pretty much any and all players out there now.

You’ll notice most Paramount home video titles do not have PiP features. Universal and some Fox titles are the only home video publishers that use PiP regularly.

So I’m not surprised PiP was skipped for the TNG release given that it’s published by Paramount Home Video.


Warner Bros. still does PiP.

Yes and WB, I forgot them.

I can’t find the stats now, but surveys found that most consumers aren’t using the advanced features on the discs…

Anyway I’m not surprised that they skipped the PiP feature. Though I know some of us would like the feature (myself included), I’m not suprised that they didn’t do it this time around.

It’s disappointing that they’re not offering any “Starfleet Access” episodes, like they had on the TOS Blu-Ray sets.

Can’t wait. So much clearer than the DVDs. I’ll happily upgrade.

@17: Oh man, I loved those promos when I was a kid!

@22: Probably not very well — the blue screened muppet popping out of the guy’s chest doesn’t look all that great in SD, let alone bluray.
Unless they redid it with CGI so it can terrify me all over again as a (semi) grownup…

I’ve enjoyed the sampler so I will be getting this. My young brother never liked Star Trek but i got him hooked through the TNG DVDs. So he will be excited to watch these on his big screen tv after I have had a chance to view them of course :P

Still not buying a Blu Ray player or a PS3. Just sayin’.

@46: Still not buying one of those new fangeld horseless carriages… just sayin’.

46. Then what is the purpose of your post? Text pollution!?

I’m very excited for this, but since I know it’ll probably be at least $130…I dunno…

#49 TOS was around $65/season when those blu-rays came out. These might be a little more, but I doubt much more than that.