Major Star Trek Sequel Spoilers

There have been a lot of rumors and spoilers floating around the web in the last few months, including some new ones today. So TrekMovie has checked with sources and can confirm some of these reports as well as adding some new info into the mix. See below for 3 spoilers about the Star Trek sequel but do not click below if you don’t want to spoil the fun (seriously don’t…just for Spoiler-fans). 


Star Trek Sequel SPOILERS

Before we start it is important to note that it is still the case that no plot or character information for the Star Trek sequel has been officially confirmed by Paramount or anyone associated with the movie. The following based on reports from other outlets and/or TrekMovie sources. As always, Paramount’s policy is to not comment on what they consider rumors.





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Spoiler 1: Leonard Nimoy returns as Spock Prime

The first spoiler was actually let out of the bag by the actor himself when talking to CNN last week (see video), and now AICN is reporting that Nimoy returning for the sequel. TrekMovie sources have confirmed that Nimoy indeed is back as Spock Prime and he has already completed his work for the film. Spock Prime was last seen at the end of the 2009 movie sending off the new crew of the USS Enterprise, leaving him to help the Vulcans who survived Nero’s destruction of their home planet.

This spoiler comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Nimoy himself had previously indicated that he was happy to let the new cast take the reigns of the franchise forward. But apparently JJ Abrams and crew were able to convince the actor and Star Trek legend to come out of retirement one last time to play Spock. On a historic note, this would be Nimoy’s eighth  appearance in a Star Trek feature film, which will be a record (he and Shatner are now tied with seven movies each).

Leonard Nimoy in the 2009 "Star Trek" – returns for the sequel

UPDATE: Nimoy tweets about talking to JJ

Leonard doesn’t even seem to be trying to keep this one a secret. Here is a tweet he sent out this morning:






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Spoiler 2: Cumberbatch is playing Khan

TrekMovie was first in reporting that Benedict Cumberbatch had joined the Star Trek sequel cast, to play a villain (originally a role offered to Benecio del Toro). A few outlets have also reported (including today’s AICN) that this villain was Trek’s most famous bad guy – the exiled Eugenics War leader Khan Noonien Singh (originally played by Ricardo Montalban). TrekMovie has also confirmed this with a number of sources so we no longer consider it to be a rumor. Khan is back in 2013, however sources indicate that the film is not a rehash of "Space Seed," the original Star Trek episode where Kirk and crew first encounter the genetic superman from the past.

While big news, this is actually not a huge surprise. Trek’s new filmmakers have often cited the Christopher Nolan’s Batman series as their model, with the second film The Dark Knight successfully brining back the Joker and Khan is the closest to Trek gets to Batman’s Joker. And again the team kind of already let the cat out of the bag on this one when they recorded the DVD commentary back in 2009 and said they had considered a post-credits sceene showing the Botany Bay, Khan’s sleeper ship. Then of course there is Abrams widely reported casting process which began with Benecio del Toro and went through a number other prominent Latino (like Montalban) actors before he ended up picking Cumberbatch, after what has been said to be a very powerful audition.

Spy photo of Zachary Quinto as Spock fighting Cumberbatch’s villain – now known to be playing Khan





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Spoiler 3: Klingons featured in Star Trek sequel

This third spoiler is not something from the new AICN report, but multiple TrekMovie sources have confirmed that the Klingons will be featured in the Star Trek sequel. Of course Klingons were were originally going to be part of the 2009 movie as well – in a subplot where they had captured Nero and his crew after the destruction of the USS Kelvin, however those scenes were cut from the final release (but did appear on the DVD/Blu-ray). TrekMovie sources indicate that this time the Klingons are not a sub-plot that could be easily cut out of the film, so we will finally see the JJ-verse version of Klingons on the big screen.

This spoiler seems to be a no brainer. The Klingons are likely Star Trek’s best known adversary aliens, and they appeared in most of the movies featuring the original cast. The intent was to put them in the last one and fans have been asking for Klingons to make the cut for the sequel.  

Klingons in deleted scene from the 2009 "Star Trek" movie – but they should make the final cut of the 2013 sequel

Sequel production enters final stretch

TrekMovie has also confirmed that the Star Trek sequel has wrapped up shooting on stages and on location in southern califormia. The film remains on schedule with a couple more weeks of shooting on  on location in northern California. 

That’s it for now, stay tuned to TrekMovie for all your Star Trek sequel news.


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Here we go fellow trekkies!!

Darn, i am excited!!!

Khan? Seriously?!


1) A little dissappointed they’ve gone for Khan and not an original villan, but still excited to see how Cumberbach is going to re-interpret the character.

2) Great to see Leonard Nimoy back, clearly he’s going to be a wise old master as is were to guide the new crew, but.

3) Klingons back is always great … are they going to be in league with Khan ??

4) When do we get the first teaser.

are his pecs big enough for Khan?

Holy crapalapadingdong. Considering we knew basically nothing yesterday, these are some pretty big knowledge bombs!

I’d have much preferred if Khan was left alone and they decided to cover new ground.

Oh boy… going to be a lot of fans upset over this one! I wonder what Bob was thinking reading all the negative comments about it being a dumb idea if Kahn was in the movie….

holy sh***.


Must say I’m disappointed. I still think (hope…pray) it will be a good movie, but for me this is disappointing news.


One crestfallen crazydaystrom

p.s. – MJ was so right!

If it’s true and that’s who Cumberbatch is playing, I’d love to see how they get around the whole “Khan is supposed to be a Sikh” thing in the JJ-verse.

I wonder if the Klingons find Khan and the Botany Bay first revive him and his crew. They convience Khan and his crew to help the wage war against the Federation?


OOOOOOHHHHHH………This is so good!

Now. let’s see here, who was right about Khan?

Yours truly, Red Dead Ryan
Basement Blogger

There could be others that I forgot. But it is a small, exclusive club!

Now onto the folks who got it wrong:

Captain Neill
The Last Vulcan
Sebastien S.

And especially, last but not least, Keachick!

I wonder what she has to say? How’s the crow going to taste now?




Also, I wonder if these leaves any room for Brent Spiner as an aging Arik Soong ?

This is the last time I’ll post this image (promise), but this report is really just begging for it..:

Can I get my props? I called it months ago. I knew it was Khan.

12.: Red Dead Ryan: put VZX on the “right list”

Klingon finding Khan first would be similar to them finding Nero first in the deleted scenes…

Big news here!!

I hope that maybe Khan being woken up has eather something to do with the Vulcans or the Klingons, The Cool News out of this is that Spock Prime is back!

I’m very disappointed in the writers. Instead of using their imaginations they just reuse an old villain. Shows that, at the end of the day, they’re doing this just for the money and don’t seem to care much what us Trekkies think. First brewery engineering, now this. I guess it’s cool that Nimoy’s coming back, but part of me thinks it’ll lesson the impact of his role in 09. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Disappointing, though.

Sorry, this one is bigger… (starting to act and sound like a troll, but I assure you I’m not….)

This film is going to be epic!

I’ve been right about a few things.

Such as Khan, summer 2013 release, post-production 3-D conversion.

Of course, I didn’t expect Leonard Nimoy back, but I suspect, neither did the writers and Nimoy himself until the last second!

But, all in all, a pretty good day! Vindication and victory! At last!

Whew! I was worried I had ruined something for myself when I clicked the article, but this all sounds like info that might be expected to be considered common knowledge by the time the movie is a few weeks from release.

[I wonder what the Klingons will look like…]

Major, major let down. Doubt I will continue keeping up with production news. Might wait and see it on DVD. Seriously disappointed if all this is true.

19: I’m disappointed as well, but I will still have an open mind. If it looks cool, I’ll see it. If not, I won’t. I won’t watch it just cuz it’s Star Trek.

OK, now that the Khan topic is settled, how about the title? Can we get confirmation on that?

I feel like there are probably just as many people excited about the return of Khan as there are people disappointed in it. The complainers will always post with greater frequency.

JJ must be blowing a gasket today. Oh well, it’s hard to keep things secret in this day of the interwebs.

VXZ, you’re part of the championship club! Congratulations! We’ve earned it!

There are others I am sure, who deserve the props, just as there are others who got it all wrong, but unfortunately, I kind of forgot most of the names in the jubilation of it all!

Khan, Klingons, whatever. Just make it GOOD. It’s not a lack of imagination if they come at this from a totally different angle. I trust that they’ll do something unique w/ the character (and if anyone can pull this off, Benedict Cumberbatch is the guy!!!) and I’ll only be disappointed if it is warmed up space seed leftovers. Looking forward to a new take on Khan!!!!

@24 VZX Title suggestion: Star Trek: The Rehash

(sings to the tune of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”)

“Khan you feel the love tonight?…..It is where we are!”


Sorry about the typo!

Perhaps Spock Prime suggests the crew be on the look out for Kahn, in the hopes of capturing him before the Genesis project could get hijacked.

Perhaps Genesis is to be used to terraform a planet for the Vulcan survivors.

The Klingons wanted Genesis before, makes sense they would want it again.

Extremely disappointed with spoiler #2. I had such high hopes that this team would come up with an original story. It’s now going to be a disappointing rehash story. No matter how good the movie may be shot and written – it will only be seen as a rehash now. I don’t have to see it (but I will see it because I am a Trek fan) to know that it won’t even be in my top 5 Trek movies. Sorry Bob Orci & Trek team… I am disappointed that you could not come up with an original story.


Hey, don’t forget your friend Vultan! I was wrong too!

RDR: Thanks, man. While I do not share your enthusiasm over being right, I am glad it is settled. I kinda got tired of debating the Khan topic on here. It is Khan. I don’t like it, but there it is.

BUT: I am excited over the Klingons. I just hope the JJ Klingons are different from the KISS band-like versions from TNG and more like the mustache-twirling versions from TOS.


Khan you dig it?

While Khan is kind Disappointing, having Spock Prime and Klingon’s make’s it cooler and I want to know is Richard Daystrom in this next Flim ?

Khan. Whatever. I have no idea how many villains there are. There tend to be three when TPTB reallu blow things up. So, I’m still hoping for a chick who’ll scr@w Kirk in more ways than fun.

Let’s face it, the Klingons were DEFINATELY going to be in this film. There was NO question about it. Burger King ads for the 1st movie even had Klingons in it… If the movies are spaced apart so far HEY, you need to pull in the good baddies.

Regarding Khan, I don’t feel bad about the spoiler — I KNOW after the 1st showing it would be broadcast in bold face type across the world “KHAAAAANNNNNNNNNN” so without digging a hole to live in until my movie seat is available, Idon’t think I could have avoided it.

I think the obvious things in my head would be:
Peter Weller IS a Klingon Captain
and therefore Klingons HAVE the forehead ridges.

Vultan, no problem!

Oh, yeah, I forgot about Montreal_Paul as well. He was wrong too.

So anyway, let’s see, we got:

Khan: check
Klingons: check
Leonard Nimoy: check

Okay, so it’s “Star Trek’s Greatest Hits: Volume 3” (Nemesis and Trek ’09 being the first two volumes).

Sad… but can’t say I’m really all that surprised.

I voted 10 (Great) … whatever it’s I’m curious to see the version of JJAbrams to Khan and Klingons … although we have seen how will look like Khan/Cumberbatch …

……………All right then… these spoilers did not kill me… I can’t wait to see Star Trek 2 …. or whatever…

………………………..Where’s boborci???…. Hellooo Mr. Orci… are you there?…

;-) :-)

This makes me sad. I put up with the last one botching the timeline, hoping it was just a stunt to get attention, but this is going to far. I guess they are calling it Star Trek 2 as well. I guess nothing is sacred anymore. Maybe Spock can die at the end again too. That’ll be original!

Wow, where is that rolleyes icon I dropped somewhere. The internet makes disfunctional people, happy in ways Al Gore could never have dreamed of.

Khan!? Seriously? I feel like Bob Orci and JJ Abrams have shit all over me…

Thanks a lot.

What Dweebs they are going with Khan! This really really sux! I don’t care what SPIN they put on it. I can’t believe they are rehashing in the second movie already. I guess if its a hit we will have Khan in ST 3 as well. I’m feeling a skip this! They knew they would get extra press if they went for the Media trendy Khan. The real fans don’t want Khan the Media did! Thats all they ever asked about Khan Khan Khan!

Where are all the baboons swearing up and down how dumb we were for saying it would be Khan??

Dopes LOL

I have to say none of these Spoilers makes the film a bust, I am going to be seeing it on Opening Night no matter who the Villain is and you know most of you will :)

I want to see JJ take on all this stuff so we can nitpick it after it comes out but don’t judge the film almost a Year before you see it!

The Abrams-verse!
Old action figures, new sandbox.

All the naysayers need to chill…SERIOUSLY. JJ, Bob, the writers and crew did a phenomenal job on the last film. KHAN was/is the villain of all villains. If the above is true, get behind it if you are serious Star Trek fans. It will be good, I am sure. This will not be a reboot of Space Seed, but rather a well-written, action-packed film with a superb cast and the best director and crew. CAN’T WAIT to see it. The folks complaining on this site were not complaining when the original series crew was brought back for the last film, so please don’t complain now.