New Behind Scenes Star Trek Sequel Pix Show Chris Pine In New Starfleet Uniform Variant

Following up on yesterday’s reported spy pictures from behind the scenes at a Star Trek sequel location, a new set of pictures featuring Chris Pine have emerged. These now appear to confirm that the pair are wearing a new Starfleet uniform variant. Check it out below, minor spoilers.


Captain Kirk struts behind the scenes

These pictures come from X17, same source as the Quinto pics reported yesterday and were apparently shot on the same day.

Pine’s Kirk can be seen wearing the same uniform as Quinto’s Spock so this appears to confirm that the black shirt and grey pants is a new uniform variant (or at least part of one) for the new movie. The shirt is the same one Pine’s Kirk wore for much of the 2009 Star Trek movie and is actually the shirt worn under the regular gold, blue and red tunics. Those standard uniforms will also be worn in the Star Trek sequel so this version with the grey slacks and without the tunic could just be a variant for certain situations.

Quinto wearing same outfit as Pine (reported yesterday)

UPDATE: As noted by commenters below, it is also possible that we could just be seeing Pine and Quinto wearing part of the grey outfit worn by instructors in the 2009 Star Trek film. That would mean that the actors were spotted just without their jackets on. This grey uniform was also worn by Pike when he visited Kirk at the Iowa bar, so could possibly be an outfit that officers wear when not on board ship.

Greenwood wearing grey uniform in 2009 “Star Trek”

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