New Behind Scenes Star Trek Sequel Pix Show Chris Pine In New Starfleet Uniform Variant

Following up on yesterday’s reported spy pictures from behind the scenes at a Star Trek sequel location, a new set of pictures featuring Chris Pine have emerged. These now appear to confirm that the pair are wearing a new Starfleet uniform variant. Check it out below, minor spoilers.


Captain Kirk struts behind the scenes

These pictures come from X17, same source as the Quinto pics reported yesterday and were apparently shot on the same day.

Pine’s Kirk can be seen wearing the same uniform as Quinto’s Spock so this appears to confirm that the black shirt and grey pants is a new uniform variant (or at least part of one) for the new movie. The shirt is the same one Pine’s Kirk wore for much of the 2009 Star Trek movie and is actually the shirt worn under the regular gold, blue and red tunics. Those standard uniforms will also be worn in the Star Trek sequel so this version with the grey slacks and without the tunic could just be a variant for certain situations.

Quinto wearing same outfit as Pine (reported yesterday)

UPDATE: As noted by commenters below, it is also possible that we could just be seeing Pine and Quinto wearing part of the grey outfit worn by instructors in the 2009 Star Trek film. That would mean that the actors were spotted just without their jackets on. This grey uniform was also worn by Pike when he visited Kirk at the Iowa bar, so could possibly be an outfit that officers wear when not on board ship.

Greenwood wearing grey uniform in 2009 “Star Trek”

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Uniform variant? This movie sucks. PERIOD.

I hope they stick with the traditional gold/blue/red shirts. Seeing the crew in all black/grey would make very un-Trek.

All that’s changed here is the trousers – the tops are functionally identical to the black undershirt that was supposed to be part of the duty uniform in the last Trek movie.

I really like these. They remind me of some of the variants of actual military dress.

Strange. I don’t like the look of the crease in the pants. Of course, the costumes always look better in the movie, so I’m not concerned about those.

I’m just that they will sport the classic look at least in some of the movie, as evident by the first set of spy pics with Spock and Uhura fighting Khan.


1. Ciaran

Seriously, wardrobe choices make the movie suck. PERIOD FULL STOP?


they could be props…maybe JJ will not let them out with the real movie uni’s


No Duncan, it’s a culmination of what I’ve learned so far about the movie and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Could the black shirt be an undershirt for part of a regular uniform? I’m not a fan of the subdued Starfleet insignia. I wish they made it gold so it would stand out. Reminds me of Kirk’s shirt before he ascended to captain in the 2009 movie.

I guessing that Kirk and Spock are wearing dress uniforms for the scene when they are dining with Khan on the Enterprise. :-)


You can stay home while the rest of us have a good time next May at the theatre.

Yes that black shirt is indeed the undershirt of the coloured department shirt. And yes, it’s the same type that Kirk wore through most of the first film.

Khan… yawn… really… was Garth of Izar unavailable???

Im mortified that there could be some change in TOS uniforms. lets hope this is just a red herring.


For a look that says “I’m in command”, choose Starfleet Slacks…

Starfleet Slacks, available at retailers Federationwide.

Was Garth of Izar not available for this movie?

While the thread in #12 has no real supporting proof, I think the signs all point to Khan which makes naming this one ST2 sort of an homage to the original. Anyone remember when the ARG kicked off? Trying to remember how much time there was between the ARG and launch of the movie.

I hope that is just a landing party uniform and not a new one from Tos or Trek 09. If so. VERY DISAPOINTED!!!!

I’m pleased about this – Wasn’t particularly taken by the costumes they put on display in the last film – they took the “trouble” to reinvent everything else but didn’t’ touch the uniforms for the most part – glad to see they got the pants right.

There’s no way they would get rid of TOS uniform. Why would they feature TOS uniform throughout the first movie, and put Kirk in his classic shirt at the end just to get rid of them in the second one? This uniform is probably for some specific event in the movie. Perhaps like an awards ceremony or something.

@19 agreed. Ive been saying all along that if they wanted to use a charismatic character that hadnt gotten their due it shouldve been Garth. He couldve EASILY matched Khan for viciousness and the story of how a Fleet Captain lost it is one we hadnt seen. This Khan thing is just lazy and although I love Cumberbatch I dont buy him as Khan at all. Throw in some off the rack Dockers from Target and Budgineering again and this is a fail for me. I was at the premier for Trek 09. I wont be for this one.

OK. Does NO-ONE recognize this as the dress/instructor’s uniform that Pike and Spock wore in the first movie? They are just not wearing the jacket.

I should add that the costumes for 09 looked like Halloween costumes with that lame dye sub patterning and the IRON ON RANK BRAID and motorcycle pants with a black turtleneck with a silkscreened crest. The money must all go to CGI because it sure as hell didnt get spent on wardrobe or sets. “OOOh, all the superhero movies are adding clever little patterns to their spandex we should too.”. The uniforms looked cheap and now they are looking cheaper.

Yeah… talk about chicken little syndrome.

Suck or not. I’m going to see.

@24 Looks like they’re not using this guy to his full potential:

Looks to me like they’re wearing something akin to Pike’s uniform at the end of the last film…thus pulling in a little TMP.

*nods* Looking good. pretty much they got my $40 bucks already… :D

I swear to G-d, if they don’t get the Shat to do his “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN” primal scream, this movie will officially suck.

@boborci, you have been warned!


I actually hadn’t thought of that yet. Hearing Pine scream Khan could be pretty epic.

Nice to finally see a trek uniform that I wouldnt mind wearing in public….will never forget seeing a 350 lb. Guy wearing a tos gold uniform at the grocery store….made me cringe to be a fan…

Joel Godsmith passed away @ the age of 54 joel is the son of Jerry goldsmith he along with his dad wrote the music to star trek First contact Jerry worked on the music for star gate sg1 & star gate Atlantis& star trek:first contact

it dont say how he died ….

AICN says Cumberpatch is Khan – but I guessing the plot is Space Seed, not Wrath of Khan from the uniforms.

I don’t think I would want to add this “new” style to my collection…

#33 R.I.P., Joel Goldsmith.

@30 knowing JJ and his crowd I figure they’ll try to work a relatively similar moment into this film.. Seeing how Kirk is almost totally unfamiliar with Khan, unlike in STII, it may seem silly to see to see Chris Pine yell about a guy he barely knows.. All we can do is wait and see.

Could be the uni Pike had at the end of the 1st movie.

So they wear ST TMP unis for the 1st 15 minutes, then the red tunics for the rest of the movie, then they all have Next Gen suits in the next movie that will be in theaters in 2018!


I guess people just see things differently. I think this “uniform”, particularly the slacks, looks like leisure wear a corporate excucutive would wear and not a starfleet officer.

Guys, relax. It’s the black undershirt of the duty uniform with different pants. The black shirt is the same one from the previous film, with its small “watermark” type starfleet insignia. Think of it like underarmor.

In the TOS episode, Space Seed, (and shown in all other TOS episodes) the dress uniform worn there was the same colour as that worn by the crew member on normal duty. The grey pants are the only variant on anything we have seen so far…

My guess is they are wearing the black undershirts around to throw off leaks. Better to strut around in lightweight stuff we’ve already seen than leak full wardrobe and make all us nerds go ZOMG NEW UNIS!

It’s not a variant, it’s the academy/starfleet HQ grey uniform which Spock & Pike wore in St’09 with the jacket off.

C’mon guys, think before you post.

So much for the hoodies they were all wearing to hide their costumes, ay?

Not understanding how this categorizes as a new uniform?! This seems to be the SAME dress uniform worn in Star Trek 2009 if you take the Nehru jacket off. I don’t know about you but I frequently take my outer jacket off on a hot day if I don’t need to wear it…

No wonder Vulcans never speculate…
I’m thinkin no matter what we’re expecting it ain’t gonna be that.

Least put a stripe on the legs or something…


The picture leaks are out of context and people are complaining. Here’s an idea, how about we wait until an official trailer to decide.

Dress uniform, academy uniform, new work uniform, instructor uniform.

Khan, no Khan.

Just all up in the air for another twelve months.

@ 1 –

Amen brother.

Those are some really nice suit pants for exploring the galaxy in, don’t ya think?