Cumberbatch: I Acted Pants Off For Star Trek Audition + Takes Star Trek Quiz [VIDEO]

Season 2 of Star Trek sequel actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock hits PBS this weekend and the actor is out promoting the show. While talking to VH1, Cumberbatch talked more about his now famous iPhone audition for director JJ Abrams. The actor also took a Star Trek quiz on MTV. Watch video of that, plus his entire Sherlock Q&A event held in New York last night. [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Cumberbatch takes Star Trek Quiz

MTV gave Benedict a Star Trek quiz, where he appears to know nothing about Star Trek at all, or perhaps he is just acting!


Cumberbatch ‘acted pants off’ for Star Trek audition

Benedict Cumberbatch is out promoting Season 2 of Sherlock which hits PBS this weekend. Appearing on VH1 he talked about his Star Trek audition, watch it below. Host Carrie Keagan also talks to Benedict about his avid fans, including the "Cumberbitches."


Finally, last night in New York Cumberbatch appeared at a Q&A for Sherlock where he was greeted like a rock star with screaming adoring fans.

Thanks to Romangirl88 and Welsh Siren.


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I like how the interviewer threw out the ‘KHANNNNN.’ He seemed quick to deny such an accusation.


Good to have these videos up, since I *ashamedly* haven’t watched him in Sherlock Holmes (or anything else with Benedict Cumberbatch in it.) Can’t wait to see his role in Star Trek!

Legend of Link

Da Cucumberbatch! He’s da man. He’s da Kahn.


I AM _ _ _ _ LOCKED


That settles it, I HAVE to go watch Sherlock now.


Oh that Cumby….what a clever guy.


@ 4 – Ditto! I AM _ _ _ _ LOCKED!
I love Cumberbatch. I can’t wait to see him in ST. But Khan?! Really?! He should be playing a much better villain. Still it’s Cumberbatch, he’s great in anything.


What is that lady screaming at Cumberbatch?


Sorry…Why is she screaming? She’s right next to him…



I had such wonderful high hopes for this film. And then they went and decided to convert it into 3D (when JJ said that he wouldn’t go down the 3D route) and they went ahead and made Khan the big bad. I mean, I LOVE Cumberbatch a lot, but Khan? Oh, Benedict. Some critics will not be kind. Jesus, I’d rather see him go up against Matt Smith’s Doctor as the Master (which is a dumb idea IMO) than see him as Khan.

At least when Steven Moffat lies to me on Doctor Who, he means well.


I think I am getting reeled in. Between this, and the NPR Fresh Air interview with Steven Moffat, I may have to investigate this Sherlock guy…

I am still a bit miffed that he beat up poor Spock, though…

Chain of Command

@ Anthony (The head cheese of Trekmovie)

You should do an opinion piece on here for the fans.

Just ask the question: “What is it about Ricardo Montalban’s performance that made Khan so legendary?”

I would love to see the answers from fans.

Khan was, without a doubt, the most fully dimensional villain in all of Trek. In fact, It was his performance (Montalban’s) that got me into Star Trek in the first place.

Star Trek II seems to be the finest example of what Star Trek can be and I think a lot of that is because of Montalban’s performance.

Let’s talk about the “legend” a little. He deserves it! :-)


“Nanu Nanu”?!? What a hoot!


I think there’s a good chance that his audition went so well because he was asked to play someone from the Star Trek Canon. That and he’s a genius actor who’s going to make a great Khan. Imagine him and Leonard Nimoy in the same room… :)

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Oh Cumber…bb… the Villain!!!… ;-) :-)

Red Dead Ryan





Sherlock is excellent. Can’t wait for Sunday! Interviewer was something else:[

He most certainly knows the answers to some of those questions. He may have chosen not to steep himself in canon, but spending time on the set and in the States–even auditioning for the role–he’d have to know more about Trek than he let’s on. What an actor!


Uggh. I can’t believe I missed the first episode of season 2!!!! Didn’t even know it was on PBS…I don’t even watch PBS but it just became one of my fave stations now, but I will need to see that ep. before watching the rest (like the lady said there’s a terrible cliffhanger at the end of season 1…just terrible!).


18. Its not on till Sunday so youve not missed it.

kevin keene

you would think with how much Orci lurks here that all have read the comments (i use “here” loosely to represent the entire website) and ARE NOT doing a story with Khan.

just my $0.02


Sherlock is pretty good…Martin Freeman’s, Watson, is very good…between filming TREK and The Hobbit, it’s a wonder they had any time to film Sherlock… These 2 actors will definately break out nect year!

Still say he’s a little pasty white Brit to play KHAN!!!


He’s a great actor–look how he kept a straight face in that Trek quiz interview!

Great as Sherlock. Have the DVR set for Sunday’s season 2 premiere.

Steve UK

You Americans are in for a treat with Sherlock series 2, can’t believe you’ve been kept waiting so long for it!

Ep 3… it’s incredible.

He’s a great match for the Star Trek franchise… whoever he might or might not be playing.

I can’t say I’m convinced by all the Khan hoopla. I’m still holding out that’ll be not entirely accurate.


BC was lying his ass off in that MTV interview. Everyone is trying to get a ‘Khan’ reference out of him, but to no avail.

Just like Nimoy’s response to the news surrounding his comments in CNN. He could have tweeted: “No. I am not in it.” He didn’t, because under JJ’s confidentiality clause, that would ALSO constitute a spoiler.


You heard it here first! Nudity in Star Trek!.

See how easy it is to jump to conclusions….


Oh YAAY!!! I didn’t miss it!


that VH1 lady is the lamest, most annoying television person I’ve seen all week for sure.


And his connection with UFO is? Anyone?


2. 5. 11. 18.
First episode of second series is this Sunday on PBS, then the others the next two Sundays. First three episodes (the first series) are all on Netflix. Go watch them!! Seriously, even aside from Cumberbatch (who definitely contributes) they are brilliant. IMO, some of the best TV ever.

That VH1 lady was a totally lame interviewer.

Thanks to Anthony for posting so many clips! His charm will win over at least a few of the skeptics. (Not about the white thing, of course, but otherwise…)

I believe his mother was one of the purple haired woman on the moon base.


I hate these videos that give the blackscreen with “SORRY, THIS VIDEO ISN’T AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA”. Very irritating.

Thank goodness youtube doesn’t engage in such xenophobic behaviour:


23. Steve UK – May 4, 2012

You Americans are in for a treat with Sherlock series 2, can’t believe you’ve been kept waiting so long for it!

Ep 3… it’s incredible.




I’ll be in line to see Star Trek: Voldemort (the movie that shall not be named) on Opening Day. But this guy just isn’t Khan to me.

Sebastian S.

Can’t wait for Sunday night (the US premiere of Sherlock series 2). It’s also the night of a new “Mad Men” episode, and my wife and I are going to see “The Avengers” that morning with friends. I’ve also pre-bought my dvds of new Sherlock as well (to be delivered on the street date, May 22).

It’s quite possible my head might explode from the excitement… ;-D


@30: Thanks, will definitely check it out!

@16: So is that the Khan-Joker remix or what? ;)


26. Phil – May 4, 2012

You heard it here first! Nudity in Star Trek!.

See how easy it is to jump to conclusions….

I don’t know. I’ll hold out for more conclusive evidence from Mr. Cumberpants.

La Reyne d'Epee

29. Benedict’s mum is actress Wanda Ventham. Now you can see where he gets the almond eyes from…

Rocket Scientist

38. Colonel Virginia Lake? Really? That’s so cool!


Hey an actor who knows as much abt ST as the director ;)


Acted his pants off for the role? Ha! I didn’t think that sort thing still went on! :-)

Chain of Command

His name has way too many syllables. LOL


Ri, car, do, Mon, tal, Ban.
Be, ne, dict, Cumb, er, batch.


Wow, I have way too much time on my hands today!




@43. I thihk he knows that, Einstein.

FYI — the original Khan was not real either — he was played by an actor named Ricardo Montalban.

Khan was not a “real person.” Get it?

Keachick - rose pinenut

I have just managed to watch all but one of the videos here. I would not call myself a Cumberbitch – Shadow is my bitch (as in female canine), but Benedict Cumberbatch comes off as being an intelligent and very pleasant person. However, apart from the Star Trek quiz, I did not hear any mention of the audition for Star Trek. I suspect that was on the second video which is still trying to load almost an hour later.

I am happy to say that the second series of Sherlock starts screening here in NZ next Friday, 18 May, on TV One, 8.30pm. Guess where I’ll be!