Watch: Surprise Star Trek Guest Star Appears On Fringe

Last night was Fox aired the first part of the two-part finale for the fourth season of of their sci-fi show Fringe. The show included a number of guest stars, including a surprise appearance by a Star Trek veteran. We wont say who on the front page to avoid spoilers, but you can watch a clip of this Trek star below.


Leonard Nimoy Returns To Fringe

Once again Leonard Nimoy has come out of acting retirement, this time to return to the character of William Bell on Fringe, a show created by Star Trek team of Bob Orci, Alex Kurtzman and JJ Abrams. Nimoy had a couple of scenes in the episode, watch one of them here.

While Nimoy’s appearance was a surprise, there was a hint he may be returning a couple of weeks ago in the episode "Letters in Transit," which jumped forward to the year 2036 and it showed Bell in suspended animation, encased in “Amber 31422,” although this “appearance” was likely done with CGI.

William Bell encased in amber in a future timeline of "Fringe"

Last night’s episode "Brave New World (Part 1)" is just half of the two-part season four finale, and it appears likely that Nimoy will be back next week for part 2.

By the way Fringe fans, the show has recently been renewed for one more final season with 13 episodes. 

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darn i missed this episode.

Great show. I’m still hoping to a return to the original timeline, as I miss Walter Prime, but regardless, the writing of Fringe remains, by and large, superior to 99% of the dribble out there. Here’s to another season!

If Nimoy will go all the way to Vancouver British Columbia to appear on Fringe…

Sheesh, the encasement in amber deal might barely improve parts of DNA strands (i.e. like in Jurassic Park), but there is no way amber could preserve a human body by any stretch of the imagination.

This validates my decision to stop watching Fringe halfway through season 2.

Amber is just what they call it. Its not really amber. It’s an advanced substance that starts as a gas and hardens into a solid, mineral-like substance similar in characteristic, color, hardness and translucency to naturally occurring amber (from the fringe wiki).

Lets face it, Leonard Nimoy will never retire.


You’re watching a sci-fi show called Fringe, in which hypothetical “fringe” science beyond anything we’re aware exists today is real and generally central to each episode, and you’re questioning whether the artificial amber they use could really preserve humans? I can only assume you meant this in jest or require some LSD and classical music as Walter might suggest.

As long as something interests him and people want to watch him, why should he?
Retirement can become boring, trust me. At the very least keep the mind busy. Even better to keep the body busy as well.

Ah, OK, thanks Anthony and Draderman for the explanation.

@8. Well, LSD and classical music might really, really improve my weekend!

It was a great surprise to see Mr. Nimoy last night, I hope he will appear in more episodes in season 5

Leonard Nimoy is the Brett Farve of acting

I don’t know if it was intentional on the part of Fringe writers but the episode title, “Brave New World” was also the title of a TV movie in 1998 that Leonard Nimoy was playing a role in. The movie was based on the famous Aldous Huxley book.

Luckily I happened to be looking away from the screen when the “Special Guest Appearance by Leonard Nimoy” credit came up at the beginning of the episode, so this was a really pleasant surprise. Even so I really wish shows would start crediting guest stars at the end of episodes. When I watched Lost it got to the point where I would actually have to hold my hand over the bottom of the screen while the credits were showing just to keep from seeing spoilers.

John Noble who plays Walter Bishop is a one man acting class. He’s just great. He played Denethor in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. If you’re an aspiring actor, I recommend that you watch John Noble.

Seriously, where is his Emmy nom?

Also, that was Noble’s real life daughter as the new (and far too young) head of the mental institution. Gave another meaning to his “You’re much prettier than your predecessor” line.


I know what you mean, I felt the same way while watching Lost & other shows.
JMS, the creator of Babylon 5, was complaining about that in one of his usenet posts. It is almost impossible to keep a special guest appearance from the opening credits, therefore, go all the element of surprise, such as when a major guest character reappear.

Surely they could work something out to show the guest credits at the end. I remember older shows used to do it. But nowadays I guess they always have to squeeze the end credits down tiny to fit in more commercials.

Deep Space Nine didn’t reveal the participation of Salome Jens until thevend of one episode, because that woud have spoiled that one character was really the female Changeling.

I think Buffy The Vampire Slayer did that at least once, too.

When me and my friend watched the episode, we both were thinking “Leonard isn’t REALLY gonna appear is he?” then a few minutes later, there he was, and we both fistbumped at his appearance.

Leonard Nimoy’s announced retirement has been a complete failure judging by his appearances in “Fringe” and (hopefully) the next “Star Trek” movie.

The world is a better place for this failure.

Screw retirement. Thank god someone is commuting this guys talent to film for us to enjoy for generations.

Wasn’t the boy Nimoy in a movie called “Brave New World” with the Da from “The OC”?

I wait until the series are on DVD before I watch them, so I’m really out of the loop. I’ve seen seasons 1-3 and find the show mostly entertaining. Anna Torv is so adorable it’s hard not to watch. She reminds me of a cuter Cate Blanchett, and Cate is really cute. But I also like her character and the way she plays her.

Walter is a great, sympathetic and funny. Peter is also a great character, and I like the way Joshua Jackson plays him. I’m not sure I like the writing they do for him sometimes. Anyway, it’s not perfect. I never much cared for X Files, but I find this show similar in a superior way. I wish Nimoy had been in it more. He never has done enough acting for me.

Only 13 more episodes-darn doesnt even give em enuf time to close all the storylines—i want fringe to go on 4ever…..its the best show on tv…great writing n acting….sigh sniff pout

This was a spectacular episode! So many twists and surprises! And next week looks to be just as awesome! Fringe is far above and more intelligent than any other show on tv! Love me some Fringe!

@ 17

Seriously, you have to an Emmy Nomination to be a great actor? Seriously? Awards shows get it wrong at times. The Academy got it wrong by awarding Best Picture to “Around the World in Eighty Days.” (1956)

How about the fact that John Noble acts not with his voice but with his face. The fact that I can read his emotions without him uttering a word. That skill is exactly like Dame Judi Dench. Maybe you missed him in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It’s on DVD.

He is freaking boring with that retirement stuff.

I should be so “retired” in my career as he is in his retirement.

I dont think I have seen anyone act with their face better than Patrick Stewart does. He can really show emotion with the most subtle look… For example Generations when he learns of the fire that killed his Nephew and when he talks to Troi about it. Also Nemesis when Shinzon increases the lighting and he sees his face for the first time.

Nimoy’s retirement reminds me of Scotty and Kirk in “Generations.”;
“(Leonard), is there something wrong with your chair?”

I say more power to him. He’s already ‘retired’ more times than Cher…. ;-D

I’m not a “Fringe” fan (looks like “X-FIles version 2.0”), but I’ll always love his Spock and many of his other roles over the years. Recently rewatched him in the 1978 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” He was quite spooky in that….

I was a little concerned about Fringe’s apparent similarity to The X-Files when it first started, but Fringe is not “X-Files version 2” any more than The X-Files was Kolchak: The Night Stalker version 2…

@33: I’m tempted to watch Body Snatchers, now–have never done so.

I watched the black and white, mid-sixties, “Deathwatch,” with Nimoy –Interesting. If you take the time, you’ll see an entirely different side of his acting abilities and style. It was…fascinating (though I watched it in parts, on Youtube, and the first part wasn’t the best part). The film was also interesting to watch b/c it reminded me of standards and styles for films of that time.

I love to see Sir Patrick Stewart on FRINGE, wouldn’t that be a hoot! :D

Frankly, I do not see why anyone should be surprised by Nimoy’s appearances in the series Fringe. He plays one of the main characters, William Bell, so it’s really not that surprising that he should turn up on various episodes.

Clearly, Leonard Nimoy is only semi-retired, only doing what interests him, piques his curiosity, while leaving the rest that may be offered to him. I get the impression that a good many healthy actors from his generation behave the same way, except they are not “shouting it from the rooftops” that this time the retirement is “for real”. Another actor is Robert Pine, Chris Pine’s father, but you don’t hear him announcing his retirement for the umpteenth time (at least, not as far as I know).

I think it’s the best SCIENCE FICTION show on tv (I’m a HUGE Breaking Bad fan), and I agree, “Only 13 more episodes – darn”, though I wouldn’t want it to go on forever (all good things…you know). But yeah, GREAT writing and acting. I second your sigh sniff pout.

I love Fringe and I must admit that i jumped out of my chair and clapped and whooped when Nimoy was revealed in that episode. I’m 55 and, yes, i am a geek. I am glad he has decided to take an additional curtain call or two. Mr.Nimoy, the applause is still ongoing …. Time to come out for a few more scenes!

37. I watch Fringe. Seen ’em all. It was totally surprising, which was kinda the point.

I did not pay attention to the opening credits, so Nimoy’s live appearance was a total – and very satisfying – surprise! Really looking forward to seeing where this storyline will go… and hoping that Astrid is not going to be dead on Friday. :( Somehow this *has* to tie in with the future storyline which will apparently have an impact on the show next season.

Nimoy has been retired for a long time. Retirement means working only when you feel like it.

I never get tired of shots of Nimoy stepping out a shadow. Somehow it’s awesome every time.

Well, now I guess we know why Nimoy and Abrams were talking. He never actually said it was about Star Trek….

38 crazydaystrom..yup i hear ya….and agree..i feel real good bout our trek movies since the same people behind fringe also are in charge of our favorite franchise…

#2- They have already established that this is as close to the original Fringe timeline as we will get; I am wondering if ‘Letters…’ episode 4-19 is the template for the final 13 and if so, is Nimoy going to remain involved since he supposedly does something dreadful to Olivia that they will want to try to undo……

BTW, Nimoy will be involved in the finale since he appeared in the preview for the finale at the back end of the episode…

You know, my own little private dream is that Bad Robot *do* make a new Trek TV series and that they get Noble to play the new universe’s Dr. Phillip Boyce, CMO of whatever starship they decide to set it on…

Awesome..I have an excuse to watch Fringe again…really can’t get into this show………
Who said SHAT is everywhere….Mr. Nimoy rules!!!
Though I just watched Fanboys and SHAT is awesome as usual!
33 – 35…I think it’s X-Files meets Lost meets …..