Star Trek Sequel Wraps Production

Director JJ Abrams has wrapped production on his second Star Trek movie. Today marks the final day for principal photography for the Star Trek sequel, and it just happens to fall on the three-year anniversary of the release of Abrams first Star Trek film.


Star Trek sequel wraps

May 8, 2012 is the final day for production on JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel. TrekMovie had confirmed this info earlier, but this afternoon co-producer/writer Roberto Orci made it official commenting on the TrekMovie talkback…

And… That’s a wrap!

Filming was wrapped on location in Northern California. The sequel production started on January 12th, 2012 and the team were able to wrap it up (on schedule) in just under four months. For comparison, Abrams was able to shoot the sequel in two weeks less than his first Star Trek, however that film’s production spanned through the Christmas 2007 holidays so there was a break in the middle.

And Orci isn’t the only one marking the day. Earlier today Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Mr. Scott, seemed a bit wistful as he sent out the following tweet:

And this evening, Quinto (Mr. Spock) sent out this image tweet.

UPDATE: Later in the evening (presumably after he finished), Pegg sent out the following:

Now to post-production

Now begins over a year of post-production, which is an extra-long time even for a big summer movie. While JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film had almost fifteen months of post-production, that was due to Paramount changing the release date while the film was in production (from Christmas 2008 to May 8, 2009), giving them over four extra months. 

Its worth noting that many aspects of what are considered post-production have already been going on for this sequel. Some of the ILM effects work even began back in the fall of 2011 before production started (you don’t need any actors to do space shots). And editors Mary Joe Markey and Maryann Brandon have at work in the editing room since January. But there are still other aspects of post-production which are yet to start, such as Michael Giacchino recording the score. But they all have plenty of time to get the final product they want.

And to Promotion…Teaser? Comic Con?

Soon we will pass the one year left to go mark for the film so there is still a while to go to promote the film, but this summer could still see some promotional moments. Co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof has stated that the team hopes to show "something" at San Diego Comic Con in July. Also, some films have teaser trailers released in the previous summer so it would not be a surprise if we saw something for Star Trek this summer. The first teaser for the last Star Trek movie came out in January 2008 which was 11 months ahead of the release (it came out before the date was changed).

The (still untitled) Star Trek sequel (in 2D and 3D) warps into theaters on May 17th, 2013. So stay tuned to to keep up with all the latest on the Star Trek sequel for the next year.

NOTE: This article is spoiler free, so no spoilers in the comments section below.

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can’t wait for Trek 2013……….;-) :-)

How are there going to be spoilers if none of us really know WHAT the story is about, other than Mr. Orci?

Sounds to me like if they really wanted to, we could get a Christmas release here. Bummer the JJ neeeds such and unusually long amount of time. It aint like this is Avatar or Tranformers for Christ’s sake.

Yeah, I wouldn’t count on Comic Con for any trailers or announcements. In fact, the next three, four months will probably be relatively uneventful, with perhaps a couple bits of info released.

#3 some know more than others;)

It must take an extra long time to add all the lens flares.

If the sequel did come out during Chrismas, then I can definitely see Comic Con as the premiere for the first trailer. However, since J.J Abrams wants to keep the sequel a total secret for as long as possible, Comic Con is unlikely.

Plus I think he’s still mad about the leaks.



I’m actually surprised they have been able to keep so much under wraps.. Good job Guys!

Quick, let’s make a bunch of suggestions to Bob Orci about things they should change/include/avoid in an already completed movie.

Excitied!!! Will the cone of silence be lifted (Bob?)???

I have my fingers crossed that they do bring SOMETHING to Comic Con. Even if it’s not footage, just the cast or something.

AWESOME!!! What a more fitting day to wrap it up too! It’s been how many years today? Three right? I’m tellin’ ya,if they were to show a teaser trailer at ComCon,OMG!! I’d fall outa my chair with happiness!! :) Ah,but one can only hope!! :)

Now the wait begins. First for the trailers, then for the movie itself. Bet we see shot-by shots explanations of the trailer(s) here by this fall. :-)

They should have stuck with a December 2012 release date.

Now they can start writing the script for Star Trek 3 / #13 to hopefully be released in time for Paramount Pictures real 100th Anniversary of the Paramount name in 2014.

Excellent. Can’t wait to see it in IMAX when it comes out.

They have a year to come up with a name for the movie now…

That ghostbusters hand on the trek logo is running outta fingers!

looking forward to a trailer !

Bet theres a party at Orci’s place,, mmmm,,maybe hes at Hooters too!


It’s just….so…far……away. Guess I’ll just have to get my fix of Avengers (again), Spider-Man, and Batman.

What’s done is done. Hoping for the best.

What happened to no spoilers?

Exactly. Once these things are out, they can’t be contained. Alas, it’s just the way things work. It just means that, well “if you don’t like it, don’t read spoilers” isn’t really an option.

Just me, but I’d rather see this thing in the spring – I don’t miss the days of waiting outside in the cold on opening night to get tickets for the latest Trek (I’m extremely old).

11. Lol. You clearly come here often.

May 17th…hey, my anniversary. Guess I’ll be missing opening weekend, unless Lisa is working.

only a year and a week to go!

Given what Mr. Lindelof said, wouldn’t it be a letdown if what was shown at the Comic-Con was simply a slide that said, “Something”?

boborci, we call you great one! Please grace us with your presence!

What would you guys like in a score????


Great news, can’t wait to see the movie.
Maybe we will see the trailer at Comic Con this year.

Well, now comes the waiting game (as we’ve done for the last couple years). With the cast that they have (all excellent, IMO) and despite my initial misgivings about a Khan story, I still look very much forward to this one.

And I still think Cumberbatch’s Khan could work if his current appearance is a surgical/genetically altered disguise of some sort. Remember, he fled aboard the SS Botany Bay a wanted war criminal. I’d think if he were revived to people sympathetic to his cause (the Peter Weller villain, perhaps?) he’d want to shake any potential recognition by changing his look ASAP (and one can only guess how good plastic surgery would be in the 23rd century). You could even do it as a casual, throwaway line or two of dialogue rather than a belabored exposition.

At any rate, looking forward to seeing it.
Crossing (or splaying) my fingers for 2013~! ;-)

@30: Krzysztof Penderecki-esque

And I’m going to Comic Con, but if the trailer (or any material of the new ST) is showing in the infamous Hall H? I doubt I’ll get to see it. I’m too old to wait in line overnight to see a trailer …. ;-D

Hey Anthony. I think it is time for the countdown clock to get started.

Here is what we know. Nimoy is somehow in the new movie. Khan will be there as well. Klingon’s will be in the movie. I almost bet that Romulan’s will make a splash. Here’s to Trek making a big time Avenger’s SPLASH.

Avengers just topped 700 million, had a 4 movie prequel build up, and a year long PR campaign. We need to keep the expectations real here, folks. Trek does not have that kind of reach, and if it is indeed a reimaging of TWOK, simply hitting 2009’s box office numbers might be a bit of a stretch….

Good luck herding the cats, Anthony:)

YES!! YES!! YES!! Daniel Bryan YES!!

33 and 37 I am guessing that since Anothny said in the article and in the comments section not to write about the spoilers, that you dont believe those rumors that you mentioned to infact be spoilers and in that case not even true :>) lol sorry couldnt resist.

$700 million? Well, it looks like “The Avengers” will become the highest grossing superhero movie ever. Will it break “Avatar”s record? Probably not. Eventually the summer competition will bite into “Avengers” pie.

I only hope Warner Bros. gets their act together and makes a “Justice League” movie. Although DC characters (apart from Batman, who has succeeded Superman as the flagship character) aren’t nearly as popular as Marvel’s.

I just want Trek back on TV were it belongs. % years between movies is not enough. God I miss the 90′.

The “Star Trek” sequel comes out next May. But so does “Iron Man 3”, “Fast And Furious 6”, and the next “Pirates Of The Carribean”.

So the sequel won’t have nearly as big of a pie to eat up, and the number of Trek fans dwarfs in comparison to superhero fans.

So right off the bat, there is no way that the sequel will come close to “The Avengers” numbers. It’ll be lucky to reach half that.

According to Box Office, Star Trek (2009) earned $257,730,019 in its US run from May 7, 2009 to October 1, 2009.

That is in no way close to Avengers, but for a Star Trek movie, it was the highest-grossing Trek movie ever.

So Trek 2 is wrapped and Iron Man 3 hasn’t started shooting yet, but comes out 2 weeks earlier. Hollywood makes no sense to me!

If Trek 2012 is BETTER than Trek 2009, $350M US plus $150M International is what it should make.

That’s a really big if, and I suspect that if the foreign box office isn’t close to the domestic box office, they may just pull the plug on a third movie.

I wish if they somehow manage to reduce the amount of time that post-production take, so we won’t have to wait years for a movie to come out.

I want to hear the wrap speech! Hope they put that on the special features of this Trek movie. Yeah, Yeah, I know I’m putting the wagon before the horse (whatever that means).

I just want to say to JJ, Alex, Bob and all the actors and EVERYONE ELSE that I’m really excited and can’t wait to see what you guys have for us. I will be at the theater opening night (or day if I call off…seriously debating). I read this and gave you guys an enthusiastic round of applause (my family already knows my idiosyncracies so no worries).

Whatever it is you did I’m immensely proud of it and you guys for doing a Trek movie and happy that you stuck to it. I will be even more proud when I go see it. Thanks again!

Only a year to edit it!

Wow, this month we celebrate three years of lame lens flares comments.