Watch: Sizzle Reel For Kurtzman’s ‘People Like Us’ – Starring Chris Pine

Star Trek co-writer/producer Alex Kurtzman’s directorial debut People Like Us hits theaters next month. Starring Elizabeth Banks and Star Trek’s Chris Pine, the family drama was co-written by Trek’s Bob Orci. A new "sizzle reel" has been released with scenes along with Kurtzman and Pine talking about the film. Watch it below.


VIDEO: Kurtzman and Pine Talk "People Like Us"

People Like Us arrives in theaters on June 29th. Keep track of the film at 

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….(waiting for the Keachick love letter to Pine)…

Looks like a great tear-jerker. I may actually go see this thing.

When do the Romulans show up?

It actually looks good. Olivia Wilde looks real good. I’ll be watching it for her. The drama will just be a bonus. I hope it has a happy ending.

Keachick - rose pinenut

MJ – How can I not say loving things about that very fine conifer. I mean – just look at him. What is not to love? Seriously gorgeous looking dude!

If only I knew whether he actually reads any of my comments about him. On the other hand… Do I really want to know, and more especially what he thinks? Just in case he may read anything – I do not mean to insult him or irritate him…I just hope that he does not think any less of me because I am forthright about who I am and how I feel (about a lot of things actually).

Oh holy crap…what to do?!

Have no fear, Keachick! Never give up that forthrightness. We love that about you. More people should be passionate about positives and open about feelings, rather than being negative all the time or making you guess what they’re thinking.

This movie looks good, different. Don’t know a thing about Alex’s RL connection, but I think many lives are stranger than fiction and a good film about extraordinary lives of ordinary people is a rare treat. Hopeful about this one–and Pine is so fun to watch (I don’t think he’s esp. hot; just think he’s very cool).

Dee - lvs moon' surface

Oh Sam/Pine is so GORGEOUS!!!…

……………Hey Mr. Bob Orci are you there?… What about the release date of “PLU” around the planet?… and the Moon, of course??… LOL

;-) :-)

Is this still a limited release? It has some names in it, go at least 1000 theatres (so I can see it)

Well…what exactly about the story is based on Alex’s life?

Keachick - rose pinenut

#9 We don’t know. Alex Kurtzman said that he experienced many of the emotions felt by the Sam Harper character played by Chris Pine. It would seem that whatever happened in Alex Kurtzman life/family had a profound effect on him and writing a screenplay based on those events might have been very cathartic for him. I suspect that a great many people may well relate to much of what is told in the movie. Chris Pine says he does, even though he never experienced the same events as his character, Sam, does.

Got to see one of these guys make something that isn’t just big robots and splosions…hope it does well.

Yes This one is a must see too. I don’t do tear jerkers. But this one I will make an exception if it is one. It looks and sounds like a good movie with something important to say.

Dee - lvs moon' surface

The events of the movie are a blend of experiances. Alex dd not meet hus half sister until he was 30. And my aunt and my wife both had members of their family who had secret lives with other familes. We combined those ideas for this movie.

Looks great, Bob!

Did Alex and Chris share the same pair of glasses for the interviews? ;-)

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