PrometheusWatch: New Featurette w/ Ridley and Lindelof + New Commercial + R Rating + more

TrekMovie’s most anticipated movie of the summer is just four weeks away now. This week PrometheusWatch has a new featurette where director Ridley Scott and writer Damon Lindelof (also of the Star Trek sequel) talk about the origins of the film. Watch that below plus the latest TV commercial. We also have news on the US and UK ratings for the film and the new EW Prometheus cover. 


Featurette on origins of Prometheus

Here is the new featurette with director Ridley Scott along with Damon Lindelof and actress Noomi Rapace talking about Prometheus.

Prometheus gets R rating (and 15 in UK)

As we noted in the last PromethusWatch, Fox had committed to leaving Ridley Scott’s cut as is, even if the film got an R rating. And that is exactly what happened, with the studio now confirming the film will be rated R. Lindelof tweeted a comment about the rating, saying:

And for you Brits, the film has received a 15 certificate in the UK.

New commercial

Here is the latest TV commercial..

EW goes inside Prometheus

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly (on sale tomorrow) features a cover story on the film.

You can see more exclusive pics at

Prometheus lands in the US on June 8.


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June 8 can’t come fast enough.

R-rated, Good. An Alien-movie as it should be :)

Looks good. Can’t wait to see it.

dont forget the 1st Star Trek movie was originally going to be abit Prometheus-esque

Well, according to that EW cover, we now all “love the Hulk.”

And that other space-thing looks cool as well.

the MPAA states its rated R for “sci-fi violence including intense images, and brief language.” – no nudity (Patrick stewart will be upset :), sexual stuff, or strong language is mentioned so the violence/intense images must be pretty horrrific to warrant an R :)

the BBFC has it down as 15 for ‘strong violence, gore, threat and horror’

so long as it makes loads of $ there will hopefully be more big budget adult stuff to come (e.g. the similaly themed At The Mountains of Madness – even though GDT thinks Prometheus spells the end of MOM it could help it get greenlit again if a big hit):

Khan is in this flick

Is it to much to ask that the people “Photoshopping” the magazines make sure the people on the covers look human! Everyone on this cover looks just like there costumes “plastic”! There is probability enough make-up on the actors to cover there flaws as it is. Grrrr….

This is all a big re-hash of “Paradise Syndrome” and especially TNG’s “The Chase,” where Picard follows clues to the planet of the first humanoid bi-peds, or “The Preservers.”

Gotcha, Lindelof!

to give an idea of the horror/threat/intensity etc…R rated usually means 15 or 18 in the UK (with PG13 usually equivalent to 12)

out of the R rated adult SF films, the following stuff was rated 18:
the 4 Alien films, Predator 1&2, The Terminator, Total Recall, RoboCop1&2, Mad Max 1&2, The Thing(1982),Event Horizon etc

and the following were rated 15:
Blade Runner, T2, The Matrix, Predators, Starship Troopers, Alien (2003 Directors Cut), AvP:Requiem, Dark City, Sunshine, Pandorum, The Thing (2011)

so Prometheus should be pretty scary! good that they made it R, not PG13:)

AJ, #9-
I’m betting you’re wrong about that. Dead wrong.

11: crazdaystrom

If I add “plus they have monsters,” am I getting warmer? TNG at least had the synthetic life-form covered.

Sir Ridley gets my cash next month for sure, but I’m sure it’s crossed some people’s minds. The Preservers idea was always one I wish they’d explored more thoroughly in Trek.

And this is Star Trek news…why? Is this a Star Trek site or a general Sci Fi site, I’m confused?

Man I miss the old days, when there was actual Star Trek news to report on actual Star Trek web sites.

13. Lindelof is a Trek writer…u figure this out from here

R rating!?! Boobies?

12 AJ-
“If I add “plus they have monsters,” am I getting warmer? ”

I just think ‘rehash’ will be FAR from an apt description.

“Sir Ridley gets my cash next month for sure”

As well, my friend, as well! Very high hopes for Prometheus. It will be the second movie in two months that I will have seen at 12:00 am so as to see it absolutely ASAP. (ouch! Talk about an unwieldy sentence! Happy Hour!) The other being The Avengers. And I’ve only done that once before, with Avatar. I’m psyched!

Jason #13

I dont think you have been around here very long…In the “old days” that you are referring to we would get (and enjoy) weekly updates about Battlestar Galactica. I for one want more Prometheus stories espically ones that have pix of Charlize Theron in skin tight spacesuits.

Besides, it’s Anthony’s site if he chooses to post stories about knitting it’s his right to do so. Maybe you should head over to those “actual Star Trek web sites”

After that I would suggest getting a life ; )

If it’s even half as good as the trailers I’ve watched online, this is one movie I’m looking forward to seeing.

I can’t wait to see Prometheus, not only it is one of the few space based movies out there now, but the fact that Sir Ridley Scott is the director is more than enough for me to go and see it.

What a summer for movies!!

EW is right. The Hulk was the breakout star of the Avengers. Smashing!


An R-rated science fiction movie. Personally? I’m glad.
Haven’t seen one of those in a LONG while. Getting a bit tired of overly sanitized PG-13 stuff. Believe me, if the movie’s good? The audience will come no matter what it’s rating. I remember when “The Exorcist” opened back in winter of 1973; it was a VERY much R-rated movie, yet with lines around the back of the theater…..

Ditto for Scott’s own ALIEN in 1979.
Good for Sir Ridley. Not all movies have to be made for 13 yr old boys (contrary to most marketing surveys). I say don’t trim a gory, nasty second of it….


Finally, a hard sf movie for adults wit and R-rating. Can’t wait!!!

“Prometheus” looks like a return to true, hard-edged, thought-provoking and emotional sci-fi that has become so rare in recent years.

I’m actually more interested in Prometheus than Trek 2. Best Trek I enjoyed lately was the fan film Aurora… In 4 weeks we’ll see if it’s worth the anticipation.

I want to be so interested in this movie, but I’m afraid that all these long awaited movies end up being a huge disappointment: Joh Carter, Cowboys and Aliens, and hopefully not MIB III !!!!
As for the R rating….more “F” words and as 15 put it so delicately, “boobies”…who cares?….We have become so immune to that stuff anyway………I am looking forward to this though….hoping!

@26 Don’t hold your breathe on MIB III. In fact, all those movies you listed were pretty much guaranteed flops before they were released. You could almost taste how bad they were going to be by their trailers alone. In the case of Prometheus, I have high hopes and am as anxious as everybody else to see it. Seems awesome, but I’ve been wrong before…so very wrong.

*breath*. That was bugging me. Sorry for the extra post.

1:24 … *gulp*

As a fan of the original ALIEN, i seriously doubt Prometheus will reach the same heights. The trailers are intriguing. If the story is what i suspect it to be, it doesnt sound to me as original..I ll definently watch, just for old times sake.

Really looking forward to this one. (Full disclosure – I thought JOHN CARTER was awesome, and I can’t wait for the fully equipped Blu-Ray.) In fact, I have a theory about PROMETHEUS … I predict that whatever they find turns them into the first Aliens in a hybridizing gene-altering type of thing. I could be way wrong about that, but I can’t wait to see if I’m right. And if I am … you read it here first!

Also a good reminder that the two Oscar nominations Jerry Goldsmith had in 1979 were for ALIEN and for TMP.

“I thought JOHN CARTER was awesome, ”

Me too. It was fun as heck. I wish I’d seen it in 2d, though, I’m assuming it wasn’t so muddy…