Viral Music Video Proudly Declares ‘We’re Trekkies And We Know It’

Today we share a new music video going viral called "Trekkies and We Know It," a parody of the LMFAO song "Sexy and I Know It." It’s pretty cool, so check it out below   


We’re Trekkies and we know it

The song "Trekkies and We Know It" by Scrimshank Records is a parody of the LMFAO song "Sexy and I know It."

via MSN (h/t Amish Electrician)

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That was painful.

I’ve always preferred Trekkie to “Trekker.” The latter just sounds lame.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

OMG!. I would rather spend time in the Agony Booth then watch this again!!!!!

37 seconds in. It’s going to take six months of therapy before I can be around sharp objects again…..

I could only manage watching until the halfway point, then I had to stop.

Too hard on the ears. Not music, just a bunch of bad voices and synthesized beats.

Ah well.

This video should have come with the disclaimer:


Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire

Given a choice of watching this one time or spending 24 hour’s in the Agony Booth.
I choose the Agony Both.


Yeah, this doesn’t propagate any outdated stereotypes or anything…

Yikes!!! Beam me up, Dad

Jeez guys, this is a pretty good PARODY of Sexy and I know it. Considering you’ve got to work within the confines of that track (I wouldn’t call it a song) It’s pretty well done, but then they didn’t exactly have something good to work from anyway.

Epic Fail.

Coming from LMFAO’s target audience, I absolutely get a kick out of this.

Oh my.

That just set the 23rd century back by… erm… centuries.

Ummm, all I can say is WOW, this is WEIRD!

That was so viral, I think I need to check in with my GP.

They should be careful with that song, after all it got a 6 year old charged with sexual harassment.

@7. Move over, I think I’ll join you…..

It’s basically like any other parody video – one viewing is plenty.

I am praying that inertial dampners would give out and I’d be a splash on the rear wall.


@10 Could he beam me up too, putting me in a pattern buffer loop until this video ceases to exist?


These guys are definately not weird al, leave the song parodies to the people who are actually good at it.

Heh. Nifty. But that one background shot makes me miss Star Trek: the Experience.

lol that was actually funny.. Yall need to relax and have a sence of humor…

I had a similar idea using Star Trek Online… even for the “Tribble tribble tribble yeah” All well

Well, I thought it was funny. To each his own.



I love it. Almost up there with ‘Star Trekkin’.

I don’t know. For me the quality of the tribble acting just fell a bit short. I realize tribbles don’t have a lot of rhythm, but they probably had about 1,000,000 applicants to choose from in the casting process. You’d think at least a few of the little guys could have gotten the head bop down.

“Star Trekkin'” was much, much better. Just sayin’.

made it to a minute.
Sorry I wasted that much of my life I will never get back.

“Boldly going forward cause we can’t find reverse!”

lol! They had me @ Tribble, tribble, tribble, tribble yea

Almost as funny as the Nine Inch Nails one. You know that one. ;p

that is freaking aweful


KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!
KHAAAAAAAN! – Just beam me up Scotty!

I did find it funny though.

Nice, very funny.

So, who wants to watch Star Trek Girl again?

Hey the probably did this with zero budget.
Looks like they had a blast.

Now its gonna be in my head all day

@31 Tholian. agree- the Tribbles phoned it it.

I mean- they get the greatest chorus:

“Tribble Tribble Trible Tribble, yeah.”

So I was forced to go see the Original, Featuring on Aging Ron Jeremy bouncing around in Speedo.

It’s getting crowded here in the Agony Booth.

I didn’t like the original song, but this is kind of funny: it’s supposed to make (laugh so smile already. Wait until they parody Mac Davis’ old country song ‘Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Humble’…(when you’re Trekker in every way — to paraphrase the lyrics.) Or maybe, “I’m Proud To Be A Trekker From I- O -W- A’ as a tribute to Ki-irr-irrrk!
Relax, laugh, and then post your own video that’s better.

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