Watch: Brent Spiner Reduced To Playing Spock At Birthday Party in ‘Fresh Hell’

After a break Brent Spiner’s comedy webseries Fresh Hell is back and the new episodes takes Brent to a new low – forced to perform at a kid’s Star Trek birthday party – as Spock. Watch it below.


Fresh Hell is back

Brent returns to professional acting, but not how he’d imagined.

If you missed it, you can catch up the rest on the FreshHellSeries page on YouTube.

And don’t forget to read with Brent about "Fresh Hell" and more (Part 1 and Part 2).

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I’d do her.

Great episode!


That was hilarious.


Best one yet. It’s weird, but my best laugh was not the material — it was seeing the little girl at the party with the half-black half-white face like Loki.

Each one is even better than the last. Great web series!

It’s amazing how much Brent Spiner as Spock looks like that German guy who thinks he looks like Mr. Spock.

The accent of the “English” director was insultingly bad.

8, pretty sure that was intentional after all, Brent’s “AGENT” is talking out of his ass most of the time. Chances is our the English theatre producer is not reallly an English theatre producer. Its pretty obvious that he is just making it up as he goes along, trying to convince Brent to suck it up and work the birthday party.

chances are the english theatre producer is not really an English theatre producer
Edit would be nice.

Man he’s good!
I got shivers in the Shakespeare scene!!

@11 (in my best spockian tone)…….perhaps you should consider a heater?

very nice

Doctor Spock… hahahaha. Brent can now write a book, “I Am Not Spock, Either, Unless There’s a Fifty In It.”
He mispronounced his “Rigellian” as “Ri-gaylian”. Hahah.
Hey, 8/9/10. A true English director would recognize those lines from “Henry V”. Good job by Brent, sounded like he was channeling Patrick Stewart!

I loved the episode ‘Levar’ but this is pretty good! Love to see them make him do other star trek roles EXCEPT Data at parties, that would be funny. oh and bring that ‘bald headed gas bag’ on too, LOL

As a non-TNG fan I have to say I found the ‘reduced to playing Spock at party’ a bit insulting. It still seems like a step up from being reduced to playing Data on TNG. :-P

“It’s got a king in it.” Funny.

Nice. Kudos Brent and company.

Smarmy agent while patronizing Brent : “How do you not know your own genre?”

And who is the “Indian Billionaire” In the next ep?

thats prob one of my fav episodes so far

#5 – It is like Bele. Lokai was black on the left side, Bele was white on the left side like the little girl.

Funny. Reminds me of Bobby in Taxi (the sitcom) doing a scene from “Who’s Life is it Anyway?” at a producer’s house when she was having an Easter party for the kids.

Did not know that batleth’s were used in Henry V. :-)

Great episode

He was totally doing Branagh!

That was actually good. Count me Impressed. I didn’t like S2E2, so I kinda lost interest. But now I really want more, so I’m gonna go watch. Fun.

Wow! So good to see Brent Spiner wearing the “Star Trek XI” Starfleet Science Uniform, dressing up as Commander Spock.

I had a tear in me eye.

I love these; they remind me of vintage Woody Allen (back when he was still funny; circa 1976).

Too funny…. ;-D

Very nice! I think the Spock-Grafnalf scene went on a bit long, but never mind… Grafnalf had a nice figure! :)