Intrada Re-Issues Expanded Star Trek V Score

In 2010 La-La Land released a 2 CD expanded version of Jerry Goldsmith’s score for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier which includes 45 minutes of previously unreleased material. Unfortunately for some, the limited release sold out pretty quickly. Now Intrada is re-issuing the set. More details below.


press release

Intrada re-issuing Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Score

By popular demand, Intrada has re-issued the expanded edition of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, featuring Jerry Goldsmith’s colorful and exciting score. As a follow on to his masterpiece score to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, this score takes off where his first score left off. While The Motion Picture allowed Goldsmith to establish themes that would become rooted in the Star Trek franchise, that film required a score of atmosphere and awe — focusing on the mystery, grandeur, and beauty of space. For Star Trek V, high-adventure was the order of the day, requiring a colorful, exciting, action-packed score.

In 2010 La-La Land Records released a long-awaited 2CD expanded edition of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Their 5,000-copy limited edition sold out in months. While other expanded Star Trek albums were not limited and remain in print, this rapid sellout created a hole in the catalog, so Intrada has decided to put it back in print. The CD program is identical to the already perfect presentation created by La-La Land Records, although packaging has been updated to fit in with the design of the Star Trek II, III, IV and VI packages.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) was the penultimate film to star the original cast of Star Trek. After Leonard Nimoy (Spock) directed the third and fourth entries in the series, Paramount Pictures awarded Star Trek V to William Shatner (Kirk), whose story input resulted in an action-adventure exploring religious fanaticism, the human yearning for God, and the familial nature of Kirk, Spock and McCoy (DeForest Kelley)¬with touches of humor inspired by the commercial success of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).


Retail Price: $24.99

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Crap movie.

Always loved Goldsmith’s work in general. Glad to see every opportunity it has to reach the public.

A great soundtrack diminished by the movie for which it was composed. In my opinion, of course. For me, certainly the worst of all the Trek films. But I’m glad for the soundtrack to receive more attention.

While disappointing Special Effects diminished Bill Shatner’s directorial debut, Goldsmith’s soaring score and the performance of Lawrence Luckinbil as Sybok give this film some memorable moments.

Any chance they’ll take my lousy €? You know, while there still there as a currency and we have to start bartering with tea bags for basic supplies?

Lousy ST movie, but a great Goldsmith soundtrack. One of his most inventive of the franchise, IMO. Glad I bought it two years ago. I’ve enjoyed it more than the DVD of the movie itself….

Sorry about your Euros :-(

The best part of the movie was the music.

Nothing about this movie is any good. The soundtrack wasnt even that great which is a shame be Mr Goldsmith is without a doubt my favourite Trek composer

I’m glad this is being re-released. Missed out the first time, and its likley to be mid to late summer before I can afford it. :(

I actually loved STAR TREK V. Its me second favorite ST movie.

The soundtrack is infinitely better than the film.

I like Goldsmith’s score for Star Trek V as well if not better than STTMP. A brilliant piece of work that deserves every fan’s accolades.

Nice. There was no way I’d spend $70+ on it which is the going price these days.

Trek 5 is the movie that Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelly had great reservations about. When they isisted that their characters would never do the things that Shatner wanted them to do, it should have been straight back to the drawing board for another concept entirely.
Instead they reworked the script and watered everything down yet still stranded Kirk 1- on – 1 with the God/Devil entity. I had half- heartedly defended the movie in the past, but I have come to the conclusion that even if the money had been there to present a proper ending, the movie itself was a concept that should have never made it to screen in any form approaching what Shatner wanted.

Since I bought the original it has gotten an insane amount of play here. I love the movie dearly (sort of like a daffy aunt who has her heart in the right place even if she forgets her car keys on occasion), and I love the score equally.

The Scene of McCoy and his father.
The Poster
The Music

were the only good elements of this horrible film.

9 its funny how so many people like you hate this movie, yet this is the movie that is the closest to the original series in terms of the interaction amongst all the characters.

We have to remember William Shatner did approach Paramount to do a “Director’s Edition” with better effects but they wouldn’t let him.

So why did they let Robert Wise do it with TMP?

I attended a preview of this movie a month before it’s general UK release in London. The Odeon is a 2000 seater and at the end of the film there was a standing ovation…everyone loved it.
Yet within a month everyone hated it and still do? Talk about jumping on the bandwagon, yes it’s flawed but it’s a darn site better a Trek movie that Undiscovered Country, and I agree with 17, it’s the closest film in feel to the original series.
As for the soundtrack: supurb!

Being one of the three people in the world who loved Star Trek: V, I totally need this.

The worst TOS movie still beats Nemesis.
I just wish, wish, wish .. WISH that someone would wise up to the idea of selling me the unreleased TOS scores.

Star Trek V did have a great score. I remember many critics at the time noted the score and Luckinbill’s portrayal of Sybok were the movie’s 2 saving graces.

Me, I don’t hate anything Star Trek. However, IMHO, this was undeniably the weakest of the Star Trek films. Had they let Shatner improve the special effects, that may have helped a little. It wouldn’t have changed the story, but at least it would have brought the production value up to the usual Star Trek standards. Whatever you may think of the stories of the other 10 movies, they all did have superior special effects. Star Trek V was the only black eye in that regard.

I still don’t understand the hate on Nemesis. To each their own, I suppose, but I just didn’t think it was that bad. The best, certainly not, but I’d still take Nemesis over a lot of movies out there today.

Although I missed the La La Land release, I got a copy of it. It was cool.

Very tempted to get this release to add to my colection of II, III, IV and First Contact.

18: Maybe because Robert Wise was a great and highly respected director :-)

18–Besides, most people do hold TMP in higher esteem them Star Trek V.

One of the few reasons I liked ST:V was for the great line: “What does God need with a starship?”

The score was indeed a great one.

@ #1
Good Movie
Crap Comment

Adam, there’s an old saying ‘You can’t polish a turd.’ Paramount didn’t want to throw good money after bad.

Romulus, I also loved the Bob Peak poster. And I’m glad this is being rereleased. Has anyone seen the crazy prices now being asked on ebay for the limited edition CD?

I hope Row Row Row your boat is on this soundtrack! – uggh, just awful.

#21 “I just wish, wish, wish .. WISH that someone would wise up to the idea of selling me the unreleased TOS scores”

Ditto that. As I’ve mentioned before, most are available via GNP Crescendo and Varese Sarabande releases, but the whole series could use a clean-up/re-recording, esp “The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Beats Nemesis, hands down. Bottom line is, V is entertaining- and that’s what it’s all about.
Oh, and Goldsmith is always superb. Period.

Stop being critical of this movie! I am a huge fan of Star Trek all of my life, Ive seen this movie numerous times there are many things I take away with me and stay with me are the actors performances, the dialog, the scenes and most wonderfully the score. So many great people are gone now.

Anyone actually listen to this release? Is it severly compressed like a lot of todays remastered CDs? Or did they leave dynamics as they originally were? It was recorded in digital as I think all Star Trek soundtracks were, but I hate it when the compress the heck out of music today just to make it sound louder.

Sorry, but “The Final Frontier” sucks. Just like “Insurrection”. Yeah, FF had some great character moments between Kirk, Spock and McCoy, and the scene where McCoy euthanizes his father was heartwrenching, I’ll agree.

But the rest of the movie was just silly and dumb. A three-breasted cat-lady? Sybok was lame. The visual effects were cheaply done and bad. The awful scenes of Scotty and Uhura flirting. Flourescent light tubes. Uhura’s moon dance. The god-head. Klaa and Vixis were a couple of the lamest Klingons ever. Shatner sitting on a toilet.

Some of you calling this movie “good” or “great” are in denial. There is a reason why Paramount won’t be doing a director’s cut of this movie. Maybe the writer’s strike played a role, but still, somebody should have reigned Shatner in. He knew how to play Kirk to a tee up until “The Voyage Home”, but now his ego took over.


TMP is a far better movie.

The FF soundtrack is great, despite the movie. Its worth getting.

Best star trek score. Especially the “not alone” and “the mind meld” are trek’s most emotional tracks..

Star Trek V just needs reworking by William Shatner!! Let the man finish the film as he intended it — CGI rock men and all!!!
Get rid of those Bran Ferren special DEFECTS and I think all you will live the film!!! THAT will make all difference in the world!!! Replace all those special DEfects with state if the art CGI and let the Shat give the film a REAL ending before the man dies!!!

Let the man pass in PEACE with his film finished as he envisioned it!!! Let the man go to the REAL final frontier without having the burden of an unfinished film with awful “effects” on his heart and mind!!!

Paramount, for the love of all that is holy — LET THE SHAT FINISH STV AS HE ENVISIONED IT!!!!

OK. With that off my chest, I LOVED this score!!! It IS the best thing about this film in the rough cut form it’s in now!!

I have this expanded score already and recommend it to any Trek fan…but it’s a must-have for a Goldsmith fan like me.

That three breasted cat lady was COOL!!! After I was this, I wanted a blue uni-horse too!!! Yes, I really did!!! I just HAD to have one of those marshmellon dispensers too!!! And I got one!! Kraft was giving them away with proof of purchase coupons off bags of their marshmellons!!!

I wanted to sit down with a three breasted pussycat lady and eat marshmellons!!! Yeah!!! I said it!! :-)

I wonder if those things on her chest were marshmellons? HA!!!

Excellent soundtrack. Decent, very Season 3 TOS-like movie and that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.

I remember being disappointed by the score… I knew the main theme started out for TMP and was co-opted for TNG, but by 1989 I wondered why they were using it. Now I see it as a general Trek theme.

That said, I’m still not completely sold by this score. Smaller orchestra makes it sound cheaper than TMP… and what’s with the 3-3-1-5 motif (for those of you who know your scale)? This same motif comes back in the later TNG movies, too, if I’m not mistaken (correct me if I’m wrong).

Regarding the movie:

Has anyone tried to do an “extended version” of TUC, with flashbacks to TFF? I don’t know it would be a good thing, but I’m curious. I’m thinking 20-30 minutes of flashbacks at most. Just a thought… please don’t go bonkers in your reactions.

My favorite Star Trek movie :-) Really. Pure fun. And, of course, great score.

#39 That motif you mention is the one thing (other than the smaller orchestra you mentioned) that I didn’t like about the STV score…

Now, where’s my marshmellons? :-)


Why on earth would they do flashbacks to this? None of what happens in TFF ties into TUC in any way. What would be the point?

I know im in the minority but i love Star Trek 5. I know its got poor special effects and there are other problems but i think the story is classic Trek.

Trek for me was never about the effects anyway and i think Trek 5 has some of the best character moments of any ST movie. The music is wonderful too.

i was surprised they did a re hash of the original first movie score but throughout the movie its beautiful.

One of my favourite Star Trek movies.

ST V also has my favorite Kirk moment of all the films.

When he tells McCoy, “Damn it, Bones, you’re a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain!”

Very, very insightful comment on human nature. Which is what the best Trek is. Not explosions in space.

To those who compare this to Nemesis, I must respectfully disagree. TFF gets worse with each viewing for me. It hurts to watch this film, even with its very good soundtrack. The acting, writing, directing, and SPFX are just terrible. It amazes me that they were allowed to go forward with TUC, one of my favorites of TOS films. NEM was bad, too, mind you, but it had more redeeming moments than TFF did. The writing and directing in NEM were awful for the most part as the characters seemed unfamiliar in farr too many scenes. And, it was so far from the goodness of FC that fans stayed away in droves causing this to be perhaps the very last time we’ll see TNG’s characters together on any screen (except perhaps for on Family Guy) and that’s unforgivable. But for every bad scene with awkward writing and failed attempts at humor, there were scenes (some deleted) that were spot on such as the cut ones with Beverly, the revenge of Troi by use of her empathic abilities, Riker & Picard’s goodbye scene, the dogfight in 3D between the E-E and the Scimitar, and most of all Data’s life-ending self sacrifice – the most human choice he’s ever made. Those make the movie more than bearable but it’s still disappointing. Whenever TFF is on while I’m flipping channels, I’ll stop on it with the thought, “Maybe it’s not as bad as I remember.” Then I realize it’s worse and I end up cleaning up my own vomit for the next twenty minutes. Ugh.

“44. Gene L. Coon was a U. S. Marine. Stand at ease. – May 15, 2012

ST V also has my favorite Kirk moment of all the films.

When he tells McCoy, “Damn it, Bones, you’re a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain!”

Very, very insightful comment on human nature. Which is what the best Trek is. Not explosions in space.”

You have picked out Shatner’s best dialog. But, he acted it so poorly that the great message loses its power and drama. He races through this line like he’s in a who-can-talk-the-fastest contest. Uh oh. RRALFFFFF! Someone pass me a mop and a bucket, please!


He does race through it, but he can’t win. If he had chewed on it, he would be “Shatner the Ham”.

Some wonderful moments in Star Trek V.

19# London Odeon: Was that when they showed the 5 movies in a row. I was there, someone got on the stage at the end shouting don’t let Star Trek end…

32. Adam C – Telling us to stop being critical of this film is like us telling you to stop defending it. I expressed my opinion very respectfully, and maybe some here have not. I’m not trolling, but I think it is a bad film.

I didn’t care for the slim, trim athletic stuntman doing the rock climbing for a very differently shaped Kirk in the closeups. Shatner was very obviously not in the kind of shape it takes to climb such a rock, and a different kind of scene should have been used to show us that Kirk still has daring and machismo. Doing something unbelievable just takes me out of the movie.

The “friendship” scenes felt forced to me. Surely there was a better way to show camaraderie than singing Row Row Row Your Boat around a campfire.

There were, to me, many scenes which I felt were embarrassing for the actors and their characters. I felt embarrassed myself for them, and I had never felt that way in any of the previous films. I can’t make myself unembarrassed, sorry. So I have to tell it like it is.

It’s fine if you like this movie, many people did. I won’t attack you for personal taste, and would hope you wouldn’t take my criticism of the film as an attack upon you.

I just happen to be in the school of those who don’t think this movie can be saved by throwing some more money at it and letting Shatner “finish” it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Trek, but I’m still critical of it when I think it could have been done better.

“30. George Zip – May 15, 2012
#21 “I just wish, wish, wish .. WISH that someone would wise up to the idea of selling me the unreleased TOS scores”

Ditto that. As I’ve mentioned before, most are available via GNP Crescendo and Varese Sarabande releases, but the whole series could use a clean-up/re-recording, esp “The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before”.”

I emailed GNP about that very subject ( Cage/ Where No Man remaster/ expansion ) when they released the expanded “First Contact” score, and so far, no response.

@33: The audio levels seem a bit louder than the original CD, but not too much.