Photos: Benedict Cumberbatch Shows Off New Star Trek Body

In January before he started shooting for the Star Trek sequel, actor Benedict Cumberbatch said he was "working out non-stop" to prepare for the film. Apparently all that hard work paid off, which can be seen in some new photos of the actor. Check out the newly buff BC below. 


Photo: Cumberbuff

If you were concerned that Benedict Cumberbatch may not have the physique required to play a Star Trek villain, the UK’s Sun has some new pictures that might settle your mind. The photos show Benedict taking some time out at the beach in Los Angeles and reveal the results of his ‘non-stop’ workout routine to prepare for the film.

Benedict Cumberbatch hits the beach after wrapping up filming on the Star Trek sequel

Visit the Sun for more photos.

NOTE: This article is spoiler-free – so comments should be spoiler free (speculation is OK).

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That tan surely says Sikh Indian to me :)

Ricardo Montalban’s memory has nothing to worry about.

I’d tap. Just sayin’

I’m sure he’ll be a great villain… whoever he is playing.

# 1.

That’s a tan?
Sorry, but that fair skin just screams “Englishman abroad” IMO…. ;-D

He doesn’t seem to have that “real Corinthian leather” chest of Montalban’s Khan (LOL).

It would be pretty cool if they explored Fleet Captain Garth’s character before his accident. Now that would be a entertaining story to tell.

His bangs remind me of Frank Miller’s over exaggerated spit curl on Superman in Dark Knight Returns. Not quite that buff, though. ;)

I’ll be in my bunk…

Hes a sexie guy for a 35 year Brit….

That’s not tan- lol. That’s about as tan as I get too. I have English and Irish in me blood! :D

@ 9


Tanning is not good for you.

…like a screen door in a hurricane.

Tonight on TMZ. BC burned to a crisp after 10 minutes on the beach…

Nicholas Meyer on the DVD commentary to Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan talks about how Trekkers thought that Ricardo Montalban had a prosthetic chest. If those Trekkers had seen Space Seed, they wouldn’t have doubted Montalban’s physique.

In Space Seed, Montalban is cut. I suggest Rebecca (@ 9) check TOS episode out. Not only could Montalban act but he had a sculpted body. Totally believed he had the strength of five men.

The Devil Wears Armani

He is buff. For an Englishman.

Dee - lvs moon' surface

WOW… the charming villain looks GREAT… definitely… ;-) :-)


Don’t you worry, I’ve seen Space Seed, but… mmm. Cumberbatch.

I don’t think he is playing “KHAN”, I think he is going to play “Gary Mitchell” the man with the glowing laser eyes. “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. If I am wrong, I guess I will have to eat a bowlful of Cheese Puffs.

Let Them Eat Plomeek Soup

No one will ever live up to Montalban’s legendary man-breasts.

Just sayin’…

However, he’s got great legs.

Just sayin’ again…

Lets see, what actor played a tall, pasty white character in TOS….Ted Cassidy…..

What’s up with the topsy turvy crows?:]

@17 Yup.

Kahn “ahem” Sherlock really got buffed up! I cannot wait for next year! The Star Trek Sequel AND a third season of Sherlock!

@ 18
James M- The recent Trek comics already dealt with Gary Mitchell under the approval of the Trek scriptwriters. Very doubtful Mr. Cumberbatch is playing that role.

@21 He’s such a goofy geek. He was wearing that same suit in a travel article he wrote a few years ago (amazingly good writer, btw) about a trip to Greece. Limited wardrobe or (obviously) doesn’t spend much time at the beach.

inb4 keachick wets herself…


More complex than Brown…much superior.

I wouldn’t say that he is “buff” … very fit for sure. But not buff.

i agree. he’s in ‘shape’, but absolutely no ricardo montalbon.

What I care about most that he is a talented actor as it is clear from Sherlock !

@10 BB – Your right! I don’t think I could get brown if I wanted to haha (and I don’t really)

For the women here, I really like having women other than myself here, but I have got to ask- I, so far, don’t see what the deal is with BC and him being “hot.” Because to me he’s not. HA!! That rhymed!!! Not trying to be mean either…just curious.

I will have to watch some “Sherlock” and see if I see what you girls do. :-)

I’m half-British and that’s about as tan as I get, too.

It would appear the English are the only people that casual racism can be targetted at judging by some of these comments! He’s handsome ‘for an Englishman’. He’s buff ‘for an Englishman’. He doesn’t have skin cancer inducing sun-burn ‘for an Englishman’

I prefer to listen to the people behind the film who are clearly thrilled to have this ‘highly talented Englishman’ adding some credibility to their little space movie. :-p

@31 Well, if you’re really curious, I’ll fangirl for a moment here (or fanwoman as I’m 43 and have never fangirled before in my life). Everyone else, tune out. : ) You really can’t see it from photographs, it’s more an onscreen charisma that then makes you see it in photographs. You should watch Sherlock as it’s truly a brilliant show even aside from him. Anyway, reasons IMO: he’s an astoundingly talented actor, especially obvious if you compare him in vastly different roles or in interviews; extraordinarily (for an actor–with apologies to stupid actors) intelligent, and in interviews so rational and thoughtful and sweet (ignore the purposeful playing dumb in that MTV interview); such a work ethic, so down to earth in terms of how he sees fame, etc. And, okay, beautiful eyes and a sweet goofy smile, but those would be meaningless without the intelligence and talent. So, yeah, if you’re befuddled by it (many are, I know!), do watch the show and maybe find an interview on youtube. If you don’t agree I think you might at least see it. I’ve tried to explain but it’s kind of an indefinable appeal that some people just have and some don’t. Okay, gushy rant over. As you were.

That’s what a pack-a-day of Benson & Hedges does for the body and soul.

Those are pretty great shorts.

31. He’s strangely attractive on Sherlock.

James. That’s okay, I think he might be Captain Garth. If not, I’ll eat a bowl of Doritos.

(…maybe Mr Weller is Garth???? If that turns out to be wrong, I’ll eat three large bags of fries.)

what tan, he’s pink & pasty as

Maybe buff is not the right word but I do recall that in Sherlock he is quite slight, and I can tell from the photos that he has gained significant muscle mass – definitely bulkier by comparison.

#33 — I don’t think they are mean-spirited comments. The stereotypes are mostly amusing and the humor derives from the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch tends to fit the stereotypes.

Does anyone else find his facial features are reminiscent of Copernicus? I never thought of him as attractive, but I do find his features striking.

Are there any pics showing him nude!? :)

CumberKhan’s physique still has some way to go before it matches the Montalban-ish actor I think really would be the best choice to play the genetically-engineered superhuman North Indian Sikh: The Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan (who also happens to be Punjabi, like most real-life Sikhs also are):

That’s a photo just for the ladies here. The rest of us guys will get the sudden urge to do some sit-ups.

Okay, I just did 10,000 sit-ups. In the last two minutes. I feel so much better now ;)

Hey, why no usage of the moniker, “Cumby”? Is it officially outre now to use it? Did I miss another interoffice memo reversing the previous policy?


He looks wonderful. He’s a lovely treat for thinking women out there. I hope we get to see a lot of him shirtless. Yo guys have lots to enjoy so let women like me have a few treats too

I agree that there are some ghastly people on here being negative. Are you all American. ?

Considering Benedict has had hardly any time to prepare for this role he looks amazing so suck it up

@41: He’s still Cumby to me.

He looks very tanned in this recent interview with PBS

Again…a very pasty..yet talented KHANNNNNN!….certainly doesn’t possess the Montalban chest!…or his rich Corinthian leather skin….
but he is a very interesting actor…If you caught Hounds of Baskerville this weekend on Sherlock, you would have seen that….He’s arrogant, funny, childlike, smart, neurotic, smooth, sarcastic, the perfect bad guy for TREK! ….still think ..Gary Mitchell???

Why the hell do people want him to be a replica of an old B movie actor . Lets be honest Ricardo was not a good actor. Cumberbatch is a world class actor. You are extremely lucky to get him.

He’s in pretty good shape but he’ll still need Montalbon’s prosthetic foam rubber chest. ;)

@ 31. Charla – May 14, 2012
@ 34. Jenna – May 14, 2012

For the women here, I, so far, don’t see what the deal is with BC and him being “hot.”
I agree with you, Charla, and also with Jenna. I think women often find men appealing based less on physic than on qualities such as intelligence, humor, personality. It also helps if he plays guitar, doesn’t it? (Don’t know if Cumby does.) It’s sweet that Cumby fans love him for his dorkiness, as well–coupled with the strength of his personality/talent, it works for him.

@33. Buzz Cagney – May 14, 2012

“It would appear the English are the only people that casual racism can be targetted at judging by some of these comments!”

Americans love to make fun of themselves and any group which hasn’t been broadly discriminated against and is a main component of our melting pot culture is often, openly, fair game–with no malice, generally, intended. I can appreciate your irritation with it, but if you’ve spent any time among white Americans (probably the majority on this board–and many with Brit. heritage), then you know we’re forever humored by our ‘fish belly white’ winter legs, white as paper faces, and a widely accepted belief that we, as a people, are not the world’s most rhythmic dancers

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