Chris Pine To Produce and Star In Indie Comedy He Co-wrote w/ His Buddies

Chris Pine is about to follow his friend and Star Trek co-star Zachary Quinto into the indie movie producing business. Waterstone Entertainment has just announced a new comedy co-starring Pine called "Mantivities." Trek’s new Kirk also co-wrote and is co-producing. More details below.


Chris Pine set to produce and star in indie comedy he co-wrote

Chris Pine is working with fledgling production company Watersone to produce and star in Mantivities, a comedy he co-wrote with his friends Will Greenberg, Drew Howerton, Robert Baker, Ian Gotler and Tony Liebetrau. Like Pine, Howerton, Baker and Greenberg are actors new to writing (small world alert Howerton appeared as a steward in Star Trek: Enterprise) . Gotler and Liebetrau are partners in a DJ business based in Sliverlake, CA (where Pine lives). Michael Patrick Jann (whose resume includes directing 41 episodes of Reno 911!) is attached to helm the film.

According to Screendaily Mantivities is "about a group of men who try to instil responsibility in their pal, a former child star, by taking him on a day of activities"

Chris is quoted saying "I couldn’t be happier to begin the adventure of making Mantivities knowing how much fun we all had writing it. Somehow I get to laugh with my friends and call it work.”

Screendaily reports that Pine will be headed to the Cannes Film Festival in France (which starts tomorrow) to help sell the film to distribution partners.

Pine is also still attached to star in the next installment of the Jack Ryan series which has reportedly had script problems and in March switched directors from Jack Bender (who wanted to focus on his new Syfy series) to Thor’s Kenneth Branagh. The Ryan film was supposed to be Pine’s next project following the Star Trek sequel (which he has completed work on), but Variety’s latest update puts a start date in September.

Chris Pine at CinemaCon 2012 in April – now set to star in comedy he co-wrote

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Sounds like “Swingers: The Next Generation.”

I might want to check this out (because Swingers was SO money… ). ;-)

Great news… seems that in addition to presenting “Rise of the Guardians” this is the other reason for Chris to be in Cannes… He arrived today for the film festival…

Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin and Isla Fisher will be talking about “Rise of the Guardians” tomorrow morning in Cannes…

Whoa! I do think that Chris Pine has a gloriously wicked sense of humour at times, so this should be interesting. No doubt the film will *confirm* everything those so-called ex-Pine fans have been saying about him on JJ (read sarcasm)…What a bunch of ignorant, witless, nasty so-n-so’s. Dee – you know who I mean…:(

Of course, who knows if or when I’ll ever get to see it, given that there is no downunder release date yet for People Like Us, which is a Dreamworks production and not an Indie film…:(

Bob Orci -please?

Chris wearing the stubble again. No matter though – he is still so good looking…sigh.

Sounds cool. I’d check it out.


I’m sure stubble can come in handy when you are feeling itchy and need a scratch… :-)

Best to CP, I’m sure he’ll be a good producer. And for mantivity day I hope he doesn’t forget his murse with a pair of mandals for the beach.

#5. Keachick…

If you remember, we have seen many pictures of CP and his pals over the last year… including those pics of the trip to the mountains… then they were writing a script… I want to see the movie… definitely!

;-) :-)

I’ve always found him a bit strange looking & the sun-in colour hair doesn’t help things, but he’s a good actor.

#9 – Oh yeah – mountain men engaging in mantivities as only a bunch of guys left to themselves could… Question is – do we really want to know what these mantivities might be? I mean, we’ve already been informed of the power of man-style bourbon and beans. You mean, there is so much more?!

Then again, a well known captain once said, “Risk is our business”. Surely nothing to lose but much to gain?…;)

I hope he dosent end up driving around the country with his dog for work like shatner. Shatner is a brilliant role model for a commitment to a proffession. I admire William Shatners work ethic.

So people who’ve never written anything before get a movie made just like that? It’s not what you can do, it’s who you know…

#13 – There is always a first time for everything. If you note, the movie is being done by fledgling production company, Waterstone Entertainment. They also have to start somewhere – there has to be a first for them as well. I suspect the budget is on the small side. Anyway, I hope Chris is able to get the support from distributors at Cannes. It makes it more likely that I may eventually get to see the film.

So Chris is still living in Silverlake? I had thought he had shifted out of the small apartment in Silverlake into a house in another suburb, Larchmont, not far from Silverlake. Where does he actually live now?

#15. Keachick …

Chris said in that interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live that he bought a house… he definitely is not living in that apartment now…

………………………There are many pictures of CP on the web at the opening of Cannes Film Festival… if you remember, he told to Jimmy Kimmel that he was a taken man… well there are many pictures of him with Dominique around… gorgeous two on the red carpet at Cannes!….;-) :-)

…he’s just too hot! I’m sorry but I cant concentrate on the article.

Yes, I have just seen the pictures on Tumblr. Very nice. With those heels she is no doubt wearing, she looks almost taller than Chris…

I notice there is a tweet here about Chris Pine in Cannes and someone asking who the babe is. The “babe” is Dominique Piek who comes from Cape Town, South Africa. She works as a professional swimsuit/lingerie model. She works mostly in Europe, although she has done some work in New York. The first time we saw any pictures of her and Chris was in September last year, when Chris was visiting New York with his father. Chris and his father were present at a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show and it seems so was Dominique.

Dominique has been tweeting bits about her lovely man, her boyfriend but she never mentions him by name, but most Pine Nuts have been fairly certain that her “lovely man” is Chris Pine. Now these photos seem to confirm that.

#19. Keachick… the Pine Nuts and the crew know her…

Yep… the Captain Fine’s yeoman… lol… I think she was introduced to the crew, too … the video in the link below… she is leaving the hotel in Pleasanton with CP and Simon Pegg … I think they were going to the wrap party on May 8, 2012 … Dominique Piek is her name… with the high heels looks taller than CP… ;-) :-)

I’ve watched this video before but I only just realised that Chris went around to the other side of the car to open the door for the lady!

Chris has looked more relaxed and happy than ever. It is not hard to see why – what with having a nice girlfriend and working on great movies and playing cool iconic characters etc. All good!!!

Oh, and today is 17 May 2012 which means it is exactly 12 months away from release date of a certain very long awaited movie…just saying.

Now, I just need to know – when is People Like Us to come to our wee shores?…BOB ORCI?!

Who the Rura Penthe is Chris Pine?