Video of the Day: Star Trek: TNG Theme Played By 8 Floppy Drives

The video we have to share with you today is possibly the nerdiest thing you will see (and hear) this week. A guy in the Internet has created a small niche of making music using old computer floppy drives (ask your parents about them kids). One of his orchestrations is the theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Star Trek: TNG Theme by floppy drive

The following is by MrSolidSnake745 who took on the challenge to do the Star Trek: TNG theme on floppy drives. Enjoy…

MrSolidSnake745 has a number of other pieces of floppy drive music, including music from Star Wars, Doctor Who, Duke Nukem and more. Check it all out on his YouTube page.

Thanks to Gary for the tip.


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They’re flat.

This is what music would sound like in the Borg Collective.

Reminds me of what the Ramones would sound like playing it.

Floppy drives.

How quaint.

What’s a floppy drive? LOL.

I like how Tony phrases it: “in the Internet”. Heh. It’s like the guy is Tron on the Grid or something.

But, this inspired me to crank up my old Apple IIe. I bet it still works! Go Apple!

This is what you do with technology once it becomes obsolete…



Mom’s basement? Just kidding…

God bless you, Dr. Floppy Drive and Anthony. I feel so old. Oh, and thanks to the late Jerry Goldsmith for writing a glorious theme for Star Trek.

Technically, it’s the theme from TMP.

Just as technically, it’s the theme from TNG.

Technically it’s technical.

It’s official, We have too much time on our hands.

Can you imagine the destructive power this guy could unlesh IF he had used his abilities to evil purposes!

Thank G_d for Trek!

@12, 13

If it’s got Courage’s TOS intro before it, it’s the TNG theme. If it starts out just from the main body of the theme (Goldsmith’s intro notwithstanding), it’s the TMP theme.



@6 vzx- I think you meant Atari 800 with 48k. Man that floppy could sing.
Nice percussion accompaniment too, as its external modem was an early pulse dial model.

Why? Because he can. And it’s cool.

I actually found my Indiana Jones floppy disc game today it was under my sega megadrive 2, next to my atari lynx. And im not kidding.

Does anyone notice that the screen has a picture from the Star Trek Pinball game? Or was it just me?

I enjoyed that, though it took me awhile to view it on my 56k dial up modem.

Reminds me of ‘A final Unity’ and ‘Future’s Past”^^

Couldn’t help but smile. Cute little floppys…

WHOA! How’d he do that? That’s pretty boss! Can’t imagine how he programed them to make music. Wish I could do something like that but I’m not that innovative. Very original!. Unlike “Trekkie and I Know It”. That was a night–mare.

I change my mind. The Trek theme was awesome, but the Doctor Who theme is BOSS!!

That’s pretty cool.

Impressive! I wonder what make of floppy drives those are.

Wow thats actually pretty good considering its the noise the floppies make when being inserted hahahahaha

Is it done loading yet?