Cool Trek Stuff: New ‘Shuttle Crew Service’ Recruitment Poster

In March we reported on the launch of ByeByeRobot, a new fine art Star trek licensee, which is giving MondoPrints competition in the cool Trek poster and art world. The company has announced a new fun poster promoting "Shuttle Service" on planet Cestus III. Check it out below.


Cool Stuff: Cestus II Shuttle Service Poster

Bye Bye Robot has added a new poster (available now) featuring the iconic shuttlecraft and planet Cestus III from the original Star Trek series. Called “Enterprise Shuttle Service” and created by famed illustrator Steve Thomas, the new poster is styled similarly to the pre-war WPA posters of the 1930s. The poster features an illustrated planetscape from the TOS episode "Arena" along with the USS Enterprise shuttle Galileo with a call for cadets to join the Starfleet’s "Shuttle Crew Service."

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Steve Thomas,” says Charity Wood, Co-Founder of Bye Bye Robot. “His work has been established with other Sci-Fi franchises and we believe that Steve brings a wonderful and unique style to the STAR TREK™ universe.”

The officially licensed poster is available for purchase today from for $25 plus shipping. The new poster will also be available at this month’s Houston based Comicpalooza convention and Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek™ Convention Las Vegas in August. Bye Bye Robot also has a set of shuttle stickers available for just $5.00


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I think it’s time to make some space on my walls for a new entry. Move over, Star Wars posters!

I’d love to have that on my wall! Very cool!

The poster is beautiful. TOS “Arena” was a great episode. Good action. Thought provoking. Everything I want in great Star Trek.

Holy crap in a hat! That is beyond cool! I’m so getting that!

Really, it makes me want to join Starfleet even more! I love how it’s the Galileo and not some other shuttlecraft.



The Vasquez rocks depicted in this poster were used for the scenes taking place on the asteroid where the Metrons transported Kirk and the Gorn Captain. Cestus III was a different place altogether.


Personally, it looks kinda boring.

Yes, yes this actually IS kinda funny

Cestus III would make an excellent name for a rock band.
Or a disease.

Anyway, nice looking poster!

@7: Woe to the nitpickers, but dangit, you’re right, good Sir!

THANK YOU. Good stuff, reasonably priced.

7 – It’s the package tour. Asteroid, planet, bingo, all-you-can-eat blooworm buffet.

Poster’s not bad but I like the stickers most.


You must be great fun at parties.


If you can put Vasquez Rocks on Vulcan, you might as well put them on Cestus III as well.


If you want to get technical, the Vasquez Rocks are not on Cestus III or the asteroid. They’re right here on Earth. :-P

Hmm…wonder who wrote that episode?

@#7: and yet Sisko mentioned Kirk fighting the Gorn on Cestus III in DS9’s ‘Trials & Tribble-ations’ so either YOU failed or Starfleet Historians in-universe really need to get their A-Game on LOL

@#19 yes. there was a skirmish on Cestus III between Starfleet and the Gorn (and a chase in space) before the Metrons took both Captains away to the titular “Arena” to fight.

Have any of you even watched Star Trek ?!?!?!?!?

The Enterprise shuttle Galileo 7 being used for recruitment to Cestus III makes no sense since Enterprise was not involved in that process. Starship shuttles would not be a cost effective method to transport massive amounts of people and equipment to planet surfaces. There were large cargo transporters though on constitution class vessels and presumably ships that could land on planets.

I have the “boldly go” series. I put it up in my bathroom.

Despite all that’s wrong with the canon in the poster (Why would Starfleet provide tourist shuttle flights on Cestus III at the exact timeframe the Gorn had accused the Federation of invading and then destroyed the human colony?), it’s pretty freaking cool. Gotta love the TOS shuttle.

This is excellent work!!! Glad to see people are treating the star trek license with care and good ideas!!!!

Those stickers should be available as refrigerator magnets too.

Great poster. I love seeing Star Trek used in other ways. Canon shmanon, more please.

Need it……has anyone seen anything trek related in those stickers (decals) that go inyour car windows (ya know mom dad kid cat..the ones that tell predators exactly who is in your household)….even some of those oval destination ones would be cool….dv,mn,cIII,caIII.K7. Be a cool shout out to fellow fans and a wtf ? Moment for the casual passerby.

Wow, tough crowd, canon-wise. I want this poster.

#20, 21

You two should get married and have adorable nit-picking children together.

You sounds kind of Comic Book Guy from “The Simpsons”.

“Worst. Poster. EVER.”

That’s a great poster….bitchers be damned!

Shutttle stickers are small die-cut vinyl. Translate: can these be put on a car window w/o them washing away easily?

Suppot tourism? That explains why TNG’s Enterprise looks like a cruise liner…

too cool to pass up — just bought mine!

This poster is COOL!!

For the canon nit-pickers (and I am one) you have to look at the lines:

Explore New Worlds
Seek out New Life
Support Tourism Within the Federation

as bullet points – i.e. certain jobs you can do with a shuttlecraft.

The scene depicted could be interpreted as picking up survivors on Cestus III. Give the artist some license here. It’s a cool poster.

“Cestus III’s been destroyed!”

Nice poster

But again, the way to make something “fine art” is to tone down the quality.

Great art, love the poster, but wrong generation UFP logo.

39. Yeah, they used this one in Enterprise, unfortunately, and thus on Star Trek 09. I wasn’t thrilled when they used it in Trek VI either.

I guess one could rationalize and say, “sure they brought back the ‘old’ one for the Federation’s anniversary sometime before Trek VI and were still using it in the 24th century.” Meh

I like the TMP/II/III/IV version. I wished they’d used it in Trek 09.

It would have been nice if the artist would have used the TOS UFP banner, instead of the stupid UN-inspired UFP logo from the movies. I’m sure that would be easy to correct if I bought the thing, though…