Watch: Trek Music Video Parody of ‘Single Ladies’ + Final Weekend Of ‘Star Trek Live’ In St. Louis

Today’s video to share comes from the Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre (what a name!) in St. Louis, MO who are currently performing live versions of the classic Star Trek episodes "The Gamesters of Triskelion" and "Journey to Babel." And to promote the shows they put together a Trek-ified music video parody of Beyonce’s "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It." Check it out below. Plus we have more info on their live Star Trek show and a reminder that Star Trek: The Exhibition is leaving St. Louis soon.


All The Trek Ladies + Last Weekend For Live Trek in St. Louis

Here is the Star Trek "Single Ladies" parody

And if you are in the St. Louis area, you may want to check out Magic Smoking Monkey Theatre’s "Star Trek: Live" performances of "The Gamesters of Triskelion" and "Journey to Babel." The final performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm and 10:30pm at the Regional Arts Commission, 6128 Delmar in University City. Tickets are $15 general admission, $10 students 21 and under.

Here are some photos from the show…

Star Trek: The Exhibition Wraps Up in St. Louis

The Smoking Monkey shows are presented in cooperation with the St. Louis Science Center’s STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION, which is also closing soon (May 28th). More info on the exhibit at And is a video of fans talking about the exhibit. 

Thanks to Pat Duff for the tip

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Where’s my eyewash?


Given a Choice of 12 hour’s in the Agony Booth or Watching this again.
I Choose the Agony Booth.

Klingon Pain Stick for me

Man, that was bad.

Parodies can be among the highest forms of flattery. It’s quite humbling to to observe these skits from time to time.

Anthony, this site is Trekmovie, but it encompasses so much more of the Trek universe. As a visitor to this site since 2008, I’ve seen it evolve into the ‘Voice’ of Trek’s greatest investment, It’s fans. Hat’s off to you for making a site that is worthy of Rodenberry’s vision.
Any thoughts on changing the sites name to reflect what it means to all the visitors that frequent it?


Sheesh, this is horrid. And for some of the dancers, maybe consider laying off the KFC for a few weeks before you do Trek numbers in public. :-)

Anthony ever thought about turning TrekMovie into a general Scifi news site? When their isn’t any Trek news to report you could report Scifi news.

Sorry Anthony, posted to fast and didn’t see the site feedback link.

Maybe Spock could loan me his vestigial inner eyelid.

that was…UN-fascinting…I’d rather be suffocated with tribbles

They’re using the Liza version, I, er, think… I’m having a camp aneurysm.

this is so thoroughly embarrassing to the Trek Universe I don’t even know where to begin… (smh)


Thanks for the heads up. My apologies for going off topic.

@16. No problem!

Yeah, this video sucked. I would agree with MJ. Except that I have to think it is pretty hard to stop eating KFC when you work there and get an employee discount, which leads to the inevitable weight gain. Perhaps they should work at Subway instead. :-)

wow, so many haters. its art, who cares if its good or bad. its eye of the beholder, ladies…

and if you change the name of this site, ill hurt ALL of you. Proverbially. with lots of profanity along the lines Fing retards! It’s Trekmovie! They cover all things Trek and what ever. CHANGE IT NOT! (Tu!)

I got tickets to the May 5 show, and was a little concerned when I heard there was a parody aspect to the shows.

I was blown away. It was faithful to TOS with laughs, and the best acting I’ve seen in a live Star Trek.

I’ve seen ‘Spock’s Brain’ in Irvine, ‘Space Seed’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror’ in Portland and ‘The Naked Time’ and ‘This Side of Paradise’ in Seattle, and THESE TWO episodes in St. Louis were the best , most consistent, and appropriately played for laughs (reminder: ‘Spock’s Brain’ played totally straight is hysterical, too.) Seattle added a musical number in the middle of ‘This Side of Paradise’ that was very well received as well, but these guys goa little further.

If you’re too hung up on seeing a remastereed repeat to have fun, don’t go, but you’ll be missing out.

If I lived in St. Louis instead of Seattle, I would go to this show every night of the run. It’s that good and that fun.

Also, the idea of a man dressing up as a female is no longer funny. It’s passe. “Mrs. Doubtfire” came out almost twenty years ago. That was funny. Everything else that featured men in drag has been lame. Time for a new schtick.

If you have never seen Star Trek performed live, and you live in St. Louis, I highly recommend you get tickets while you still can.

I saw this on opening weekend, and loved their interpretations of both ‘Gamesters of Triskelion’ and ‘Journey to Babel’. It is like going to Shakepeare in the Park, but Star Trek and indoors. All the cast was great, but I especially loved Galt and Sarek. And the Spock / McCoy interplay in Gamesters was hysterical.

Go see Star Trek live!!

I would rather watch Star trek V then whatch that…

@19 “wow, so many haters. its art, who cares if its good or bad. its eye of the beholder, ladies…”

This from the person who still uses the term, “retard.”

Who is that singing? Carol Channing?

I’m afraid I’ll have to stick with Tribble, Tribble, Tribble, Tribble, Tribble Yeah!

There’s two minutes I’ll never get back…..

PS: the video is over the top compared to the actual show.

Why can’t we ever get one of these types of productions where the actors are at least somewhat shape to portray the parts? I mean, I’m a bit overweight, but I have the common sense not to put myself in a tight fitting outfit and do entertainment videos that go all over the internet. I do have some dignity and pride, after all. And the chick with the Green wig with her boobs hanging out, with the sweaty guy behind here with all the arm hair — WTF? — that is just uncomfortable to see…like Richard Simmons and Rosanne Barr trying to do Trek. And I won’t even dignify the guy trying to spoof Uhura with a comment, except to say: yuk!

Yeah, I can’t stand the fact that chubby/fat people try to fit themselves into clothing that is clearly way to small for them. They should at least have the dignity to wear somethiing more flattering, or like MJ said, try to drop some pounds before doing something like this.

I can’t stand ugly/fat people who think they’re hot stuff. Enough already!

Lighten up folks why don’t cha? (definitely NO pun intended) The video made me laugh, and that’s always a great way to start a day. Sheesh!
Call me crazy…

Eeeeeerch…….Where no man has gone before, or will ever likely go in the future either.

That wasn’t a parody of anything.

1st: After reading the comments, I’m glad I did not watch this and now I never have to. I’m glad I will be able to keep my lunch in my stomach. Thanks, guys!

2nd: Let me second the poster Great Bird’s comments. I’ve been coming here since 2008, and I find it a very respectful and fun source for all things Trek. I’m still partial to trekweb, but I enjoy the discussions that follow the articles here more than anywhere else.

trekmovie FTW!


Dual stream of people name calling and criticizing “fat people” and a dialogue about maintaining Gene’s vision.

Tolerance was a part of that vision.

The name calling is completely inappropriate. I suggest you walk the streets of the United States and take a look around before you call anyone in this video fat. And for that matter, revisit the concept of parody.

This show is so good it’s selling out.


We’re telling it like it is. Unfortunately, the truth hurts. But that’s the reality of the situation. We are all judged on appearances at some point in our lives. It’s the way it is.

And if you’re going to be in a video that gets posted online, then you’d damn well better be prepared to accept the criticism. Especially if you’re a chubby chick trying to fit into clothing meant for a thin woman, or if you’re a man dressing up like a red-skirted female who happens to look absolutely ridiculous.

Really stupid Single ladies!

@34. I’m all for tolerance. But flaunting yourself publicly in an endeavor that I find embarrassing to Star Trek is where I draw the line. And as RDR said, “if you’re going to be in a video that gets posted online, then you’d damn well better be prepared to accept the criticism.” And wearing tight clothes when you are fat just lacks common sense and modesty — yea, I do find that tasteless.


Honestly, if I lived in that area? I would sure-as-hell go to see this! It looks hilarious. ST parodies come in all shapes and sizes and this one looks like it’s done with a lot of lot and a healthy sense of fun. I am a fan of ST-related passion projects (why I love the online series Phase II ), and if they’re done with energy and enthusiasm (and heart), it makes up for a lot…. ;-)

# 39

Meant to say a lot of energy, not lot of lot (senior moment!). Oops!

And # 38

I agree. It’s a parody. Lighten up…. ;-D