EXCLUSIVE: Track Listing Details For Star Trek: TMP Complete Score + BTS Video

Yesterday we reported the exciting news that La-La Land Records is going to release a complete 3-CD set from Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-nominated score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture in early June. Today TrekMovie can exclusively reveal the track listing details from the set. Check those out below, plus a behind the scenes video showing the transfer of the music.  


Track listing for the new Star Trek: TMP 3-CD Set

Many (myself included) consider Jerry Goldsmith’s score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture to be the best of the franchise, and one of the best scores of all time. It is also one of the more extensive scores and now (finally) fans will be able to get the whole thing in one set, including some unused music. The limited edition set goes on sale June 5th (1PM PST) at www.lalalandrecords.com (no pre-orders). See previous article for more on the release and the July 4th Hollywood launch event.

La-La-Land brings you the complete score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture

And today TrekMovie can reveal the full track listing for the set…

DISC 1 (72:06)


1 Overture 1:43
2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 7:01
3 Total Logic 3:54
4 Floating Office 1:08
5 The Enterprise 6:02
6 Malfunction 1:30
7 Goodbye Klingon/Goodbye Epsilon Nine/Pre-Launch 2:10
8 Leaving Drydock 3:32
9 TV Theme/Warp Point Eight :50
10 No Goodbyes :53
11 Spock’s Arrival 2:03
12 TV Theme/Warp Point Nine 1:49
13 Meet V’Ger 3:06
14 The Cloud 5:05
15 V’Ger Flyover 5:01
16 The Force Field 5:07
17 Micro Exam 1:13
18 Games/Spock Walk 9:51
19 System Inoperative 2:03
20 Hidden Information 3:58
21 Inner Workings 4:04

DISC 2 (74:31)


1 V’Ger Speaks 4:04
2 The Meld/A Good Start 5:37
3 End Title 3:16


4 The Enterprise [early version] 6:05
5 Leaving Drydock [early version] 2:39
6 No Goodbyes [early version] :55
7 Spock’s Arrival [early version] 2:00
8 Micro Exam [early version] 1:15
9 Games [early version] 3:49
10 Inner Workings [early version] 4:43


11 Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:50
12 Leaving Drydock 3:29
13 The Cloud 5:00
14 The Enterprise 5:59
15 Ilia’s Theme 3:00
16 Vejur Flyover 4:56
17 The Meld 3:15
18 Spock Walk 4:17
19 End Title 3:16



1 Overture [long version] 2:50
2 Main Title [alternate take] 1:44
3 Total Logic [alternate take] 3:49
4 Malfunction [early take] 1:28
5 Goodbye Klingon [alternate take] :35
6 No Goodbyes [alternate take] :53
7 Spock’s Arrival [alternate take] 2:01
8 The Force Field [alternate take] 5:04
9 Micro Exam [alternate take] 1:14
10 Games [early synthesizer version] 3:48
11 Games [alternate take] 3:48
12 Inner Workings [alternate take] 4:05
13 V’Ger Speaks [alternate take] 4:03
14 The Meld [film version] 3:16
15 A Good Start [discrete] 2:27
16 Main Title [album take] 1:44


17 Main Title [first raw takes] 7:21
18 The Force Field/ The Cloud [excerpts] 2:33
19 Beams and Synthesizer for V’Ger 4:04
20 Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia :59
21 Synthesizer for Main Theme 1:44
22 Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [Bob James] 5:24
23 A Star Beyond Time [Shaun Cassidy] 2:43
24 Ilia’s Theme [alternate] 3:33
25 Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [concert edit] 3:25

Total 3CD Time: 3:41:13

VIDEO: Behind the scenes transferring TMP score

Here is a video from the producer of the new CD Mike Matessino taken at Precision Audiosonics where Johnny Davis transfers the original 2" master role from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Also in the video are co-producer Bruce Botnick (who worked with Jerry Goldsmith throughout his career) and assistant editor Neil Bulk. The music heard is the early (unused) version of "Leaving Drydock," which makes its debut on the new 3-CD set.

Mike tells TrekMovie he will be posting more videos from the making of this new exciting set, so stay tuned for updates.

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In the years before the bootleg I made my own synth mock-up of ‘inner workings’, I’ll always love this score

Wow. Drooling.

I have always loved that music,,,Jerry Goldsmith is a musical god…
the Klingon theme and the Enterprise flyover of V’Ger are so powerful and beautiful at the same time……

I am definitely picking this one up. :-)

This is so mine!!!

I like this. Shiny ….


Is there a longer verson of Giacchino’s score out there too? I want that, as well.

I for one will be getting this. I have the one that was released back in early 2000. So this will be exciting. Jerry Goldsmith created a masterpeice in this music. Hey. It should have it’s own concert’s all over the country.

Not only am I getting this must-have item, but am probably heading to the 06/04 event as well. Too cool!

Out of all the Trek soundtracks for all the films, this one had the greatest impact on music styles used on many of the other movies, and other series that were made in the modern era of Trek

Can’t. Wait.

Bring on the preorder!

7 – Giacchino’s score was expanded as Star Trek: The Deluxe Edition, and is pretty much complete.

It was limited to 5,000 copies, but has some interestint issues (Missing choir and percussion overlays from many tracks, a couple of odd editing choices).

It is also difficult to find at a reasonable price.

@7 There was a deluxe edition of the 2009 film’s score, yes, but it was limited. As I recall, too, there were some issues with it still not being complete; some tracks that featured the choir on film were missing those parts on the CD, or something like that. Film Score Monthly’s forum is a good place to go to research such things, as are the John Williams Fan Network forums.

Are the Steiner tracks in there?


DISC 1, Track 2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 7:01 – I would pay the price just for this, if it is indeed the original from the 1979 film.

It always seemed Jerry was “somewhat” appreciative of all the praise we fans (Trek fans, Jerry fans and Film Score fans…etc) placed on this score. We really do love it. Thanks Jerry.

14 – Yes. Some of those cues were done by Max Steiner.

The TV Theme was composed, arranged and conducted by Alexander Courage.

…and Mr. Pascale,

Thanks for giving this news release all the special attention (track lists, video and such) it deserves. Kudos!

The Human Adventure Is Just Beginning.


FRED Steiner, not Max. A few decades off there …

19. Ooops ….

That early, unused version of “Leaving Drydock” is quite a revelation. I look forward to hearing all of the unused tracks.

If you cannot get a hold of a copy of the deluxe edition, I noticed that you can listen to the tracks on youtube. Example of Track 23 “Endangered Species”
This is my favorite track.

I made a quick cover version of A Star Beyond Time as a tribute. Too bad I didn’t do it in time to make the album…


So, the Fred Steiner cues are credited to Jerry Goldsmith?

I wish I could triple dip on this one. I already had the original soundtrack LP I’d bought as a kid back in ’80, and my wife got me the 2-disc SE CD 11 years ago for Christmas (which I play in my car all the time).

This is really my favorite of all the ST movie soundtracks. I’ll admit, TWoK and ST09 have more lively and ‘nautical’ scores. But I love how TMP’s music oscillates between regal fanfare (the opening tracks/the Enterprise theme) to eerie and alien (the discordant ‘blaster beams’ used for V’ger and ‘the cloud’).

A truly remarkable score. Jerry Goldsmith in top form. He and his son’s recent passings were terrible losses to the musical world.

I’d better knock it off, now; I’m talking myself into getting it…… ;-P

Can’t wait to get this one. It’s probably my #3 favorite score ever, after Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian.

The following are some of the most amazing cues ever written for anything since the dawn of cinema:

The Meld/A Good Start
The Enterprise

As a child I was lucky enough to see this movie the way it was intended to be seen on the big screen back in 1979….to this day nothing has come close to the spectacle of seeing the Enterprise on the big screen with Goldsmiths score soaring along…I doubt anything ever will now sadly!

I used to have the TMP soundtrack on eight-track. (I’m soooo old. When I look in a mirror it’s like a “The Deadly Years” situation! jk ;-)) But I’m getting this. I’ll think of it as Ilia’s Theme and some other great Goldsmith compositions! That theme is my #1 favorite piece of Trek related music! Just beautiful!

Yeah Paul, we WERE lucky back in ’79.

My first real exposure to Star Trek came when my parents took my friends and me to see TMP in 1979 for my 9th birthday. I loved it then and still do today. Jerry Goldsmith’s brilliant score is one of the main reasons why. Anybody want to loan me the money to buy this new release? :)

I think I’ll have to get this. I have Jerry Goldsmith’s “The Final Frontier”, “First Contact” and “The Mummy” soundtracks. What a great composer he was. Ditto for his son, Joel, who unfortunately recently passed away.

Last night, I listened to Michael Giacchino’s “Ratatouille” soundtrack. Great, beautiful stuff! MG has to be considered the successor to Jerry Goldsmith.

BTW, “The Motion Picture” came out a year before I was born.

I have nerd tumescence from looking at that track list.

After 20 years I just might buy Star Trek merchandise again!

I am so ridiculously stoked for this. I remember thinking I’d hit score nirvana with the 20th anniversary TMP CD. This will be amazing. Can’t wait!!

I’ve always maintained that TMP is hands down the best Trek score (although I love Horner’s TWOK as well) and one of the top 5 scores of all time.

I was in USAF Basic Training when ST:TMP premiered. My TI was kind enough to call me down to the orderly room when a news segment about the film’s premiere came on TV. When I got to my tech school in Biloxi, the first thing I did when I got permission to go off base was to see that movie. What a ride…

Oh, and thanks, #22- that was lovely. I am going to have to watch that movie again…

I’s always read that Jerry Goldsmith and Gene Roddenberry had agreed that the early takes were lacking cohesion and fell flat without that central theme; from what I hear here that sounds they were spot- on to go back to the drawing board.
I heard the eary vrtsion of The Enterprise somewhere and found it to be completely uninspiring when compared to the final version.

hey anthony i saw a couple of trek related stories on yahoo–2 trekkies suing ilinois over their car being searched n he used a trek video he made….and some engineer says a real enterprise could be built within 20 years st cost of one billion`…maybe facebook owners could pay foir it with their zillions

yes bob i think it was robert wise and goldsmith not gene rodd….his original was very nautical but not exciting enuf n when goldsmith came back wise said something like why didnt you do that music the 1st time…course goldsmith got an emmy for his main title voyager theme.well deserved too…

I always thought that the soundtrack for Star Trek The Motion Picture was a full digital recording, tracked to digital and mixed-down to digital. Now I discover it was recorded to analog and was only mixed to digital. This means this release is going to sound magnificient as early digital recorders sounded dreadful.

Looking at the scan of the booklet, I’m glad that it will have track-by-track liner notes.

That’s precisely what should’ve been in the booklet for First Contact.

Thanks for the in-depth reports (also the previous entry)! Very good.

Forty bucks for this set is a steal. Looking forward to it.

For me, Star Trek V score is more effective and mature..Dont get me wrong, TMP is a classic, and introduces the enterprise fanfare for the first time in a glorious way!!

A buy for me, because its Star trek and Goldsmith!!!

There have been a lot of good scores for Trek by Goldsmith and Horner, most notably, and the Giacchino score is good too but not of them live up to this one, not even the other Goldsmith scores.

For me one of the best Trek moments ever is watching Kirk and Scotty check out the refitted Enterprise with the slow version of the fanfare in the background. Great cinema!

I watched the video and the alternate/unused version of the Enterprise flyover sounds very 70’s ish to me. Yet the whole TMP score is just simply put a timeless masterpiece. Thank goodness were finally getting this soundtrack. The release date is already marked on my calendar!

# 37 Bob

I think I remember hearing a sample of the early Enterprise music (it was on the bonus features of the ST-TMP 2001 release DVD), and (even as a Goldsmith fan) I have to admit, it wasn’t his A-game. It sounded like covered wagons crossing the plains into the old west…

His final E theme was simply perfect. As was (IMO) the rest of the score. I also enjoy Goldsmith’s exotic music for the 1968 “Planet of the Apes” (primitive and eerie; loved the weird percussion noises and horns), as well as his music for ALIEN. Both beautiful (at times) and creepy…

But the unused themes for ST-TMP also illustrate that even the best composers can have ‘off’ days…. ;-)

Hearing ANY unused Goldsmith stuff is like discovering gold.
I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection!! Makes his TNG-era offerings sound utterly pedestrian by comparison. (Too bad, but true…)

This will be cool. Can’t wait to get it!

my absolute fave goldsmiths are tmp and logans run—-no one has ever made any better film music for scifi movies….plus one of the last films to have an overture play before the movie was tmp…and john barrys black hole another excellent movie score from back then as was imo john williams best music for close encounters—course star wars,et, raiders also unforgettable scores–man a lot of great movies n movie music came out then—-yah seeing tmp opening night after waiting for a new trek was like nirvana for me—tho tmp has its flaws i never noticed them back then…they are easy to forgive and tmp is just about the only truly cosmic scifi trek adventure