All 5 Star Trek TV Captains To Appear Together For First Time At Philadelphia Comic Con

Last month we reported that all five of Star Trek’s TV captains will gather for the first time ever at Destination Star Trek London in October. However, with the addition of Patrick Stewart to their line-up it turns out that Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con being held May 31 – June 3rd will get the honor of first collection of five Trek captains. Details below.


press release

Sir Patrick Stewart To Attend 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con; Five ‘Star Trek’ Captains Appearing Together For First Time

Celebrated Actor Joins William Shatner, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula At Star-Studded Event Also Featuring Chris Hemsworth, Stan Lee, WWE® Superstar CM Punk™

NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA, May 19, 2012 – Patrick Stewart, known to millions of fans as “Captain Jean-Luc Picard” on the television series “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and “Professor Charles Xavier” in the X-Men film series, will attend Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, Stewart and Wizard World, Inc. announced today. He joins William Shatner (“Captain Kirk”), Avery Brooks (“Captain Sisko”), Kate Mulgrew (“Captain Janeway”) and Scott Bakula (“Captain Archer”) as captains of their respective series in the iconic franchise who will be special guests at the event, set for Thursday, May 31, through Sunday, June 3 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Stewart will appear at the event on Saturday.

The Emmy-nominated actor, who has performed in more than 100 television and film roles, is one of several actors to appear in all three "X-Men" films: X-Men (2000), X2 (2003) and X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). His role as Picard, which started on “Next Generation,” placed him in four Star Trek films: Generations (1994), First Contact (1996), Insurrection (1998) and Nemesis (2002). He also served as the voice of numerous animated characters in movies like Chicken Little and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, as well as popular TV shows such as “Family Guy” and “American Dad.”

“Bringing together the five Captains from the iconic ‘Star Trek’ series, capped with the addition of the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our fans,” said John Macaluso, Wizard World CEO. “They and other standout guests like Chris Hemsworth, William Shatner and Stan Lee make Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con a can’t-miss event.”

The five captains, Hemsworth (The Avengers, Thor), Lee (creator, “Spider-Man,” “X-Men”), WWE® Superstar CM Punk™ and Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, “Burn Notice,” Spider-Man)” plus more than 60 other celebrities make this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con roster the best and most diverse ever.

VIP tickets are available now for fans who want to secure their opportunity to meet many of the stars at the event, including the five captains as a group. Fans can also visit for links to VIP packages for Hemsworth, Lee, Ryan, WWE® Superstar CM Punk™, Bruce Campbell, Hayden Panettiere, Paul Wesley, James Marsters and group experiences with Boondock Saints, “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,” and “Spartacus/Legend of the Seeker” actors.

For more on the 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con, including hours, celebrities, creators, vendors, programming schedules, evening entertainment, autographs, sponsorship and volunteer information and more, visit .

About Wizard World:
Wizard World produces Comic Cons and pop culture conventions across North America that celebrate graphic novels, comic books, movies, TV shows, gaming, technology, toys and social networking. The events often feature celebrities from movies and TV, artists and writers, and events such as premieres, gaming tournaments, panels, and costume contests.

The full event schedule can be found at

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No Chris Pine? Hmmm… have the new crew been to any conventions yet?

I guess the alternate timeline has not been accepted yet :)

@ Anthony…. Would you have any info about the Montreal Comic Con later this summer? I can’t find any info on it.

Never mind Anthony… I did find it!

If anyone is interested in the Montreal Comic Con… September 14 – 16
Trek guests will be Shatner, Wil Wheaton, John DeLancie, Malcolm McDowell & Brent Spiner.

The new cast are busy with their careers. “Star Trek” is merely a stepping stone for them. Not the end-all, be-all like it was more the vast majority of the previous Trek stars who don’t have anything else going on for them, with the exception of William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Colm Meaney and Jeri Ryan. So the new cast don’t want to become too attached to something that could very well pigeonhole, typecast, or even stereotype them to the point where studios identify them as being too involved with Trek and therefore are blinded to their talents and work outside of Trek.

And with J.J Abrams’ code of secrecy, it doesn’t make any sense for any of the new cast to visit the convention. What are they going to talk about if they can’t discuss the sequel?

“in all three X-men movies” Uh, hasn’t there been FIVE X-men films? And he was in FOUR of them not THREE – he had a cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

I feel like I keep hearing about the five captains appearing together “for the first time” at least once a year.

What would be really Cool. Is to see all of them on Screen Together in a Star Trek Movie as Captian’s.

Live in Philadelphia, VIP tickets purchased and ready for this historic event!

To me, this shouldn’t count, as there are 6 Trek Captain actors. Without Pine, no convention should be able to make the claim they have all the Captains.

Sorry Philly guys and Krauts, but I’m not recognizing your conventions as having ALL of the Trek Captain actors. Get Pine adder to your lineup and then I will take this more seriously.

Maybe at some point the new cast will start doing circuits. I agree with RDR (5). I honestly don’t see how they’ll do it. With all the secrecy, just about every question asked would be confidencial info. That’s probably a good reason behind the new cast not doing anything. I do hope that we hear some news this summer (but how much, idk).

Haven’t even seen recent interviews with the cast, director, writers, etc. unless it’s about some other project. Meanwhile, Benedict, I think, probably has the worst of it–with the prying questions and obvious references to his Star Trek appearance. Probably because he’s new and they think they can get something out of him.

Well, Chris Pine was in just one movie, I don’t see a problem in not including him or the new cast in these conventions.

I didn’t really notice this until after I posted, but Chris Hemsworth has been invited. I thought maybe they were trying to keep the new franchise away from the older ones. I guess because he was in ’09 but not this new one, they deemed it safe to invite him.

They should do one for the commanders next: Leonard Nimoy, Jonathan Frakes, Nana Visitor (oh and why not bring Rene and Armin along too!), Robert Beltran, and of course Zachary Quinto.

10. MJ

If you want to look at it that way… Spock and Scotty were Captains, so was Sulu. Don’t forget Captain Pike too! What about Harriman? Or does that not count as we only saw him briefly in Generations?

13. LizardGirl

Chris Hemsworth was probably invited because of The Avengers, Thor and the upcoming Thor 2. But I would guess he will be fielding questions about playing the Father of a legend!

10. MJ

My mistake… it does read: All 5 TV Trek Captains. Chris Pine counts as a movie Captain. So do all the others I mentioned except for Scotty, he was Captain in the TNG episode “Relics.” :) Oh, and of course, Pike.

I think its pretty cool that the five TV captains are doing events together this year, but I guess it is yet another opportunity to nitpick. Its a trek site I guess.

@17. Anthony Pascale

lol, very true, it seem that we love to nitpick a lot around here.

I think it is great to have all of them in one place, it is such a rare opportunity that no one should miss it if they can.

I’d have to go with the SIX captains nitpick, as Shatner essentially welcomed Pine to the club in his interview film.

I miss Captain Jellico. Now, there was a likeable guy. It was Ronny Cox doing his a**hole hat-trick of Dick Jones, Cohaagen and the good Captain, all as the same character.

All five captains in the ring at once: who wins?

Anyway, I might try to go to this con. It’s like a half-hour from my house, and I never been to a con before. So, I might try to make it.

Five Captains… and George Kirk. :D

The claim is for all 5 TV captains together, Pine was in the movie, not TV

I think, I hope that (many of) the new cast may appear at a future convention when they are further along with post-production for the sequel and actually have something to show and talk about. Probably not until next year, when JJ Abrams feels it safe to “let them out to play”.

I had read (here in fact) that Chris Pine was not happy about going to conventions because of something that happened to his father some time back. I also read that Tom Hardy (Shinzon) is absolutely terrified with the prospect. Personally, I think it would be so cool if both Chris Pine (FDR) and Tom Hardy (Tuck) could turn up together to a Trek convention. I was going to say “holding each other’s hands” but that could come off as sounding a little *gay* today…:)

Tom Hardy was very good as Shinzon. As I watched him on Nemesis, I remember thinking “Who is that guy? He is good!” If I ever watch Nemesis, it is mostly to see Tom Hardy in his portrayal of Shinzon. He should definitely feel/get welcomed as part of the great Star Trek family of actors.

Not that I will ever make it (save a miracle) to any convention…:(

I bought my tickets weeks ago. This is cool news.

MJ Sorry but there will never be a true all captains convention ever because Jeffery Hunter the First Capt. Pike is deceased.

This will be the first time all alive & retired tv captains will be together.

1300 bucks to get all 5 autographs

Yesterday’s Enterprise Captian was killed..and the 1st officer was promoted to Captian..he is still alive

and i misspelled Captains 2 times

@14 “If you want to look at it that way… Spock and Scotty were Captains, so was Sulu. Don’t forget Captain Pike too! What about Harriman? Or does that not count as we only saw him briefly in Generations?”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Trying to be argumentative doesn’t making excluding the primary captains of each Trek incarnation correct and right.

These conventions are only including 5 out of the 6 Captains, so I am not recognizing anything historical about this. Get all six, and then I will call it “historical.”

@24. Keachick, aren’t you aware of the Amegeddon Trek/sf conventions that they have annually in New Zealand and Austraila:


Luckily, although I am from a corrupt useless country like the USA, I still look out for my New Zeland friends. :-)

@19 “I’d have to go with the SIX captains nitpick, as Shatner essentially welcomed Pine to the club in his interview film.”

Well said. Yea, these conventions aren’t doing anything “historical” my book if one of the Captains is missing.

Had I known about this, I wouldn’t have gone to the Trek convention in Cherry Hill earlier this month. :(

30. MJ

They were actually correct. The 5 are all TV Trek Captains… Pine (even though he played Kirk) was not a TV Trek Captain. Therefore, it is historical in the fact that all 5 were TELEVISION Trek Captains. I am sure if Jeffrey Hunter was alive, he would have been included.

@34. Sure, but again, that doesn’t make it “historical” or a big deal in my book to warrant all the attention. To be rated a “historical” in my book, you would need all six Captains. I think they are falling back on the “TV” one because Pine would not attend.

Get Pine on board, and I will rate this as “historical.” Without Pine, its just and “almost, but not quite” deal for me.

35. MJ

If you want “historical”, get ALL the Captains to appear… every single one of them. THAT would be historical! LoL

@36. Sorry, but you idea of including all the “bit player” Captains is just your way of trying be argumentative and water down my call for all six Captains. Nice try, but I am not buying it.

They’re not really captains. They’re actors. And these five are all the actors who share the experience of playing the lead character in a Star Trek TV series. Including anybody else in this group doesn’t make sense. Chris Pine’s experience does not resemble the others’ and never will.

@38. LOL You can’t wish away the fact that one of the six primary Captains is missing from this.

You are entitled to your own opinion of course, but for my part, I don’t consider these conventions as doing anything “historical,” since they only have five out of the six primary Trek Captain-actors attending.

39. MJ

Have they had all 5 TELEVISION Trek actors on stage together at a convention yet? No? Then, in every definition of the word, it is historic… whether you like it or not.

If they were advertising all the Star Trek Captains… then yes, they should include Pine… but I would also add Spock since he was a Captain in quite a few of the movies. No?

And I am not being argumentative. Just stating a point.

MJ always starts his posts with argumentative..when peeps just post some points..very annoying

@40 @41 Again, you guys are welcome to consider having 5/6 of the Captains there as “historical.” I am not. Why does it bother you guys so much that I don’t agree with you? Do you really need my validation here? It seems obvious to me that you desire my validation, but I would encourage you to have a little more faith in your own opinions…you don’t need to force me into agreeing with your point of view…your opinions are still valid, even though I don’t agree with them.

42. MJ

Like I said… if they were just calling this the 5 Captains of Trek… then I would agree 100% with you. These 5 Captains paved the way for the movies. The TV shows are where it started and that is what is historical about it. ALL the 5 TV Captains… The 5 Captains that helmed the 5 TELEVISION series.

@43. I will give you this — at this point in time, it “seems” historical because they have the 5 TV Captains there. But in a year or two, if they can get all six Captains, including Pine to attend a convention — and I predict that this is inevitable save someone dying — then that convention will go down in history as the one that brought all the primary captains together, and the Philly convention this year will barely be a footnote in Trek history.

Maybe they mean all five TV captains. Then we can let this Chris Pine thing go. The poor guy may never be recognized by a lot of fans as being legitimate because he didn’t log enough hours as a captain. Unless he plays the role in a TV series in the future, which I highly doubt.

Unfortunately, the Abrams Trek films will always be viewed by some as the bastard stepchild of Star Trek. I don’t feel that way, but you know a lot of fans do.

@45 More importantly, how did you set up your name to be clicked to go to that cool starship graphic on that Flickr site?


Bastard or not, it is an offshoot from the original timeline, so it will always be treated more or less as something apart from what came before it. Because [shrugs] that’s the way it was written.

There are… FIVE captains :-D So they have them all.

My bad for not clarifying – I meant to say – go to a Star Trek only convention in the US. Yes, my son went to an Armageddon convention one year – very noisy and crowded, but he did see Seth McFarlane.

Hopefully, Chris Pine along with some of the new cast, will attend a well run convention in the near future.


46. MJ – It’s easy. You just paste the URL into the “url” field under your sign-in name. If you notice, many people’s names do not appear as bold as others, and that indicates their names are also links to a web site. It’s shameless self-promotion, but I figured Trek fans might like the poster.