August Star Trek Comics With CyberBorg, Tribbles and More

startrek_drwho_04_cvrb_sIDW Publishing’s solicitations for August include the third issue of the Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover, the conclusion of a troubling tribble tale, and a reprint of two classic Wildstorm Star Trek comics. Details and covers below.



IDW’s August 2012 solicitations are out. Here are the blurbs and covers for the fourth issue of the TNG/Doctor Who mini-series, issue #12 of the ongoing Star Trek series set in the new movie universe, and more.

Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #4 (of 8) [32 pages • $3.99]
Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee (w) • J.K. Woodward (a) • Woodward, Francesco Francavilla (c)
The biggest science-fiction crossover of all time continues, in STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMILATION2! As the CyberBorg continue to carve a swath of destruction across the galaxy, the Federation is met with the possibility of assistance, but from an unthinkable source! Will Captain Picard and the Doctor agree to an alliance that could be worse than the enemy they face?

Variant Cover: Black & White cover by Best Cover Artist Eisner nominee Francesco Francavilla

Assimilation2 #4 (Regular Cover A by J.K. Woodward)

Assimilation2 #4 (Regular Cover B by Francesco Francavilla)

Assimilation2 #4 (Retailer Incentive Cover by Francesco Francavilla)

Star Trek #12 [32 pages • $3.99]
Mike Johnson (w) • Claudia Balboni (a) • Tim Bradstreet (c)
The conclusion of "The Truth About Tribbles!" With production underway on next year’s blockbuster STAR TREK sequel, the countdown continues here in the pages of the hit series overseen by the film’s writer/producer Roberto Orci! The classic episode The Trouble With Tribbles is re-imagined as part of the timeline of the new films!

Variant Covers: Tim Bradstreet sketch cover & a photo cover

Star Trek #11 (Regular Cover by Tim Bradstreet)

Also due in August is another 100-Page Spectacular, reprinting Star Trek comics for new audiences. This issue includes Data’s return as the Great Detective. He’s almost as good at the role as Benedict Cumberbatch.


Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular Summer 2012 [100 pages • $7.99]
Nathan Archer, Christopher Golden, and Tom Sniegoski (w) • Dave Hoover and Jeff Moy (a) • Travis Charest (c)
Presenting two incredible stories from two incredible corners of the Star Trek Universe! First, the crew of the starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, finds itself in a very unusual setting—in Embrace the Wolf! Plus, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine, and the rest of the crew of the U.S.S Voyager have a close encounter of the Borg kind in False Colors!

Star Trek 100-Page Spectacular Summer 2012 (Cover by Travis Charest)


  • Star Trek #9, 5/30/2012
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #1, 5/30/2012
  • Star Trek #10, 6/13/2012
  • Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, hardcover collection, 6/13/2012
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #2, 6/27/2012
  • Star Trek Volume 2, trade paperback collection, 7/4/2012
  • Star Trek #11, 7/11/2012
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #3, 7/25/2012
  • Star Trek 100 Page Spectacular Summer 2012, 8/15/2012
  • Star Trek #12, 8/22/2012
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2 #4, 8/29/2012
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Assimilation2, trade paperback collection, 10/2/2012

Note: all release dates are subject to change

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I guess I don’t read enough comics but I think the TNG/Dr.Who collab sounds ridiculous. I could be wrong.

You’re not wrong!

#1 on the surface yes, but if you really analyze Star Trek and compare to Doctor Who, it isn’t as absurd as it sounds. Certainly not as absurd as the recent IDW Zombie ‘Infestation’/Star Trek crossover.

I suppose we could read it first and then decide.

The tribble with this thread, it doesn’t tell us anything about the new movie!

5. Ha.

So is that Archons one forthcoming? I thought it had been written about here long, long ago.


I don’t think it’s meant to be taken too seriously. Just silly fun.


As compared to SERIOUS fun?

The trouble with a TNG-Doctor Who crossover featuring The Borg is that I can’t even pretend to slot it into canon like I can with many of the books/comics that have come before. The Borg weren’t encountered by Picard and crew between “I, Borg” and “First Contact”. There’s also the fact that the future in the Doctor Who universe definitely isn’t Star Trek shown by multiple incursions into time periods that are close to the Star Trek time periods.

yah but trek already met xmen and teen titans in comics–who else….get it…..hah…
but why oh why does the blue skinned doctor remind me of desslock the star blazers first villain….wonder if the doctor can talk ina high pitched effiminite voice as well sheesh….bet its bonna be a trek/who/starblazers crossover—hell might as well throw in the avengers too …

#Nemesis4909 what about Descent pt 1 & 2? Those were Borg.

CyberBorg? I’m not going to try to find any justification to even think of it as moderately canon. The Who/TNG crossover is simply someone getting the chance to write fanfic and have it turned into a comic, and that’s it.

Matt Smith looks like he’s playing Deslok.

Guess I’m just not a good fanboy, because mash-ups leave me cold.
I’ll never forget the X-Men/TNG crossover. (Just saw the cover.) I assume someone wanted to see Sir Patrick get a double payday. In general such movies tend to be a confusing mess. Avengers pulls it off nicely, but it is very much the exception.

Scotty on the “Tribble” cover looks like he is about to beat up some Klingons, because they called the Enterprise a rusty bucket :-)

Crossover like Trek/Who or Trek/Zombies or Trek/X-Men are fun for the comic world, but they are the only type of Trek comic that I personally am not interested in reading.

Good Morning, (7:26 a.m. here in CA), to my most favorite Trek site and message boards.


Oh Harry, there are many levels of fun, some of them quite serious indeed!

And for everyone talking about ‘canon’ – of course these aren’t canon. Nor were the X-Men crossovers or any of the other comics, nor are any of the novels. Anything that takes place off screen isn’t canon until it’s mentioned on screen. This is just a bit of fun, mashing up the two oldest TV sci-fi franchises into a zany adventure. Comics do this kind of thing all the time.

Those talking about canon are missing the point–NO comics are canon.

But who cares? Canon is a useless, socially-inept-fanboy construct anyway, for those who take their hobby too seriously. Star Trek is ALL fiction, so canon doesn’t matter.

What DOES matter is that the idea of mash-ups is stupid.

5. Harry Ballz – May 20, 2012
“The tribble with this thread, it doesn’t tell us anything about the new movie!”

You got that right…lol

18. Landru’s cousin, Dandru – May 21, 2012
“Those talking about canon are missing the point–NO comics are canon.”

Except for the Countdown comics & the “ongoing” comics with the new crew. Bob Orci has said that these are to be considered canon and, as the countdown series did, will lead up to the movie.

Roddenberry had said that the novels & comics (in his time) were not canon. But the new comics ARE considered canon to this new universe. Bob Orci gives his input into these.

@20… well, those are only nuCanon… that is, everything related to Star Trek 2009 so far has been “canon” to the altered universe. That’s how we knew right off that Cumberbatch wasn’t going to be playing Gary Mitchell, and thus “Wrath of Gary” was a no go. “Wrath of Garth” however…. well, we’ll see.

I’m a “mash-ups can be fun” guy. How about a Planet of the Apes/Star Trek mash up? My two favorite SF franchises as a kid. There’s a hand made comic book deteriorating in my mom’s basement somewhere to prove it.


sean, you’re quite right! Watching the next Trek movie will be serious fun!

My two favorites in one comic series. I have no problem with this.

They got their peanut butter in my chocolate!

I’m still waiting for the much-hyped, and much-anticipated “Star Trek/Star Wars” epic crossover comic book event!

If that ever happens, it’ll be legendary!

Kirk and co. teaming up with Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon!

How can this not happen?

God sick of the negativity towards the DW/TNG idea, it’s a bit of fun and as a huge fan of both will be reading these. Even for the nickpickers it could be possible in both shows. Starfleet is part of humanities future, the Doctor is a timetraveller and has visited humans in all different time periods, this is his stop in the 24th Century. Hell the Time War could have be linked to the Temporal Cold War or they could have happened as a conquest of each other (the time pod in ENT was bigger on the inside remember ;) )

Just enjoy it for what it is.

TNG/DW looks like so much ridiculous fun it has to be either illegal, immoral, or fattening. ;)


Didn’t you see the last movie?
I kid, I kid.

The long-enduring debate of which Enterprise Captain would win in every fan’s epic showdown has spilled over with guts and gore. See the battle of the Zombie Captains as Kirk and Picard go head to head on the Zombie Walk of Fame at

@29 Vultan

Ha ha.

Sir, you might be kidding but I think you are right.
That was the crossover! Dagnammit – R2 bloody D2 was in it!

They were right, it wasn’t my fathers Star Trek…or mine.

I enjoyed the movie and the fact Trek was brought back from the dead. But it didn’t feel right.

I like JJ’s and BobO, AK et al’s work mostly but really wish they can come up with the next movie feeling more like the Trek I miss.

Trek on TV please. No past, right into the future of the Federation.
Kirk and co. Have been done…. For me anyway.

End of boring message (to nobody in particular),

Me, out.


At least the artwork portrayed here looks a thousand times better than that Outer Light abomination.


Preach on, brother.
I agree with everything you say.

@33 Vultan

Glad you agree with me, good man.

I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t say these things on this site for fear of backlash.

I really, really enjoyed the movie don’t get me wrong, but it’s not JJ’s version I go back to most nights (with the wife- who’s a lucky boy then, eh?).
JJ’s just doesn’t do it for me. This makes me less interested in the next movie.
I’m sure it will a good movie. Let the new generation of Fans have it – and good on them – i guess I’ll still be watching.

It’s the real Trekverse I return to – and yep, even though it should never have been done, Enterprise too…damn, did I just say that?

Sorry everyone.

Second rant over – almost.

Hey, I’m still repeatedly watching episodes of TOS at least once a week ( in fact; I Mudd, as I type this. The kids kind of like it…

I’m afraid Pine and co will never really be Kirk and co to me.

Times move on…. And so should Trek: into the future – not rehashing what has already been.

It should be on TV and new!


Yep, that’s pretty much my feeling, too. Trek does its best work on TV. And who knows? It could happen in a few years. There are plenty of people out there who would like to see a new series happen. It’s just a matter of convincing the suits at CBS it’s worth a shot. Until then, we still have our DVDs, new novels and comics on which to fall back.

Here’s hoping the new movie is closer to TOS. Last one felt too much like Galaxy Quest/Star Wars for my tastes.



Ditto, my friend.

All available appendages are crossed!

Anyone know how to get these comics in the UK?