Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray Available For Pre-Order – Details & Links For USA, Canada, UK, & Germany

Star Trek: The Next Generation is finally headed your way in HD. Season one comes out on July 24th and today the set became available for pre-order (For around $78 in the US). Find out how to reserve your copy of this exciting release below with links for the USA, Canada, UK and Germany. [UPDATED]



Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-ray Pre-order available

The first Blu-ray season for Star Trek: The Next Generation comes out July 24th. The six-disc set includes HD remasters (in 1080p and 7.1 DTS audio) of all 26 episodes, plus brand new special features (see below for full details). The official retail price (according to CBS) is $118.00 in the US (which is actually a little less than the MSRP for Star Trek: TOS Blu-ray Season 1).

You can pre-order the set at discounted prices. Walmart is selling it for $78.86. UPDATE: And Amazon has matched the Wal-mart price of $78.09.

Walmart – USA Amazon – USA
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season One

The set is also available for pre-order at Amazon sites around the world.

Canada UK Germany


The STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – THE FIRST SEASON Blu-ray set will be available in 1080p with English 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, English Stereo Surround, French Mono, Japanese Mono and German Mono (with the exception of “Encounter at Farpoint” which is in German Stereo). The discs also include English SDH, French, German, Castilian, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish subtitles. The Blu-ray is not rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada.

The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:
• Encounter at Farpoint
• The Naked Now
• Code of Honor

Special Features
• Episodic Promos
• Energized! Taking The Next Generation to the Next Level (HD)
• Star Trek: The Next Generation Archives: The Launch
o Introduction to the Series (1987)
o Promo #1
o Promo #2
o Promo #3
o Season One Promo

Disc Two:
• The Last Outpost
• Where No One Has Gone Before
• Lonely Among Us
• Justice
• The Battle

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Three:
• Hide and Q
• Haven
• The Big Goodbye
• Datalore
• Angel One

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Four:
• 11001001
• Too Short a Season
• When the Bough Breaks
• Home Soil
• Coming of Age

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Five:
• Heart of Glory
• The Arsenal of Freedom
• Symbiosis
• Skin of Evil
• We’ll Always Have Paris

Special Features
• Episodic Promos

Disc Six:
• Conspiracy
• The Neutral Zone

Special Features
• Episodic Promos
• Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation (HD)
o Part 1: Inception
o Part 2: Launch
o Part 3: The Continuing Mission
• Gag Reel
• Archival Mission Logs
o The Beginning
o Selected Crew Analysis
o The Making of a Legend
o Memorable Missions

Box Art:

Click to enlarge














Are you in?

Will you be buying TNG on Blu-ray?



Stay tuned to TrekMovie for all the updates on Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD.


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Sorry, but I’ll say it again: wake me when Season Three is available.

I love TNG.

But I own TNG on DVD already. Cost me $200. To own it again on an admittedly better format for a minimum of $552.02 would make me rather unpopular on the homefront.

Instead, I’ll rent it. Hastings will have it. I hope.

seriously!? $78? I’m sorry but that’s bull. Most blu-ray tv seasons range between $35-50.

I dunno why Paramount feels the need to have ridiculous prices for their Star Trek sets. They did the same thing when the dvd’s came out

It’s tough to get excited for Season One, because, even if one is a completist, buying it means feeling obligated to watch it, and it’s slim pickins of quality Star Trek for sure. “Bags of mostly water!”

I agree.

Season three.

So Wal-Mart’s everyday price is $89 which is cheaper than the Amazon pre-order price. So much for them honoring the MSRP, but we’ll take it.

When you are Wal-mart, you can pretty much do whatever the hell you want.

BTW, I am not above imploring those who are to buy, to click the links here. It costs the same as going direct but a tiny tiny commission gets sent to the TrekMovie SDCC fund….send me to Comic Con!

At $35-40 a season, I would’ve bought them to replace the DVDs I have that replaced the VHS tapes I had before that. But since Paramount is charging such a steep price plus they didn’t remaster this series like they did TOS, I’ll pass. Too greedy. I’ll watch them on Netflix if they make it. Otherwise my DVDs will more than suffice when played on a good Blu-ray player and viewed on a name brand flat panel TV. Viewed that way, it’s worlds better than how we eagerly viewed them back in the day broadcast in analog on tube TV.

I remember paying $119.99 for Season 1 back in 2000 or whatever it was. Now they want me to do it again? I was all for this, but now I better preorder or just forget about it. Most other dramatic 1-hour, 20+ episode tv series on Blu-Ray cost $30-$50 per season.

Paramount has always suffered from chronic greed.

I know $80 is pricey, but it is actually less than TOS S1 Blu-ray when it was first available for preorder 3 years ago. Also remember that TNG HD remastering is a MUCH bigger project. As we have reported, this is not your typical run the show through the HD machine and crank it out type of thing. They have to re-edit each show from the original film components. They are essentially redoing post-production with 25 year old elements they have to go out an find. That’s not cheap. Its a lot more costly than even TOS.

And double dipping is always painful but this is not the same as VHS to DVD…from watching it, this feels like a whole new show. And i have seen some of the new special features, they are very good.

Yeah, its a bit pricey. But CBS did spend a ton of money to restore and remaster the episodes. And they did do a good job. I think I will pick it up. I think I’ll pick it up at Wal-Mart or Future Shop.

Remember, the “Twilight Zone” Blu Ray sets are selling for around $95 each in stores. In Canada at least.

The original TNG, TOS dvds (as well as DS9, VOY and ENT) were all well above $100 per season when they first came out ten years ago.

TNG season sets were selling at $130 each when they first came out. In Canada. The TOS Blu Rays were about $75-85.

Some stores like Future Shop, will probably have a three day discount where they knock off around $10.

I’m definitely not one to defend Paramount or any other studio, but the price point here doesn’t surprise me much. The amount of work required to get these HD-ready costs A LOT of $$$, much more than a simple remastering job. Comparing the price to a season set of LOST or Fringe, which were shot in HD to begin with and require little or no remastering or tweaking, is not fair. These shows are being rebuilt from scratch, specifically for this format.

Now if you wanna complain about prices Paramount charged for the ORIGINAL DVD sets, then I’m with ya. They were a total ripoff.

Considering the work they’ve done, I think its a reasonable price. In 2009 I said I would happily pay $200/season if it would help get them started. So this is a bargain and its sales will encourage them to keep going. I want all 28 seasons of star trek on blu-ray (or better). 3 down, 1 soon to be owned, 24 to go.

Remember that you can report lower prices to Amazon on each product’s page.

Oh please. If you actually went out and paid full price for those original, ridiculously expensive DVD sets– with video quality that wasn’t much better than VHS– you have no one to blame but yourself.

At least this time we’re getting an opportunity to see the show in a way it’s NEVER been seen before, with a sharp and beautiful, HD quality picture, and effects that almost look brand new.

I’d say that’s more than worth 80 bucks.

And where I’m at, 80 bucks is about the average price of blu-ray seasons for shows with 24-ish episodes per season. Granted, there are cheaper ones around, but 80 bucks seems very reasonable to me for this project

Well Amazon’s $91 price is exactly the same as it was for TOS S1 Bluray 3 years ago. But I would not be surprised to see their USA price go down to closer to $80. The Amazon global prices are closer to that and they are being undercut by Walmart. Remember if you preorder from amazon and they drop the price, you get the lowest price they use before shipping.


Agreed on the DVD sets. I bought one season, saw how lousy they looked, and waited years for the prices to drop before I’d buy another one. This, on the other hand, is a different story. I think this is priced fairly.

i will buy every season, just to ensure ds9 gets the same treatment.

vote with your wallet, people! it’s the good ole US of A!

Can’t wait to rediscover this show! Can’t believe its been 25 years!!! I am so old!

Undeniably the best episode of season 1? 11001001! Gonna watch that one first!



Ha! Ha! Ha!

:-)) :-)) :-))

This ain’t the original series. Wait just 3-4 months and these will be close to the $50 range — I guarantee it.

Will I be able to buy this from iTunes?

Yup, I would have gotten it if it was 60 or even 70. but 90 screw that noise. im a huge star trek fan but im not supporting paramount or cbs if they are going to screw the cusomers.

How much HD film didn’t make it?

Two Seconds.

Ha! Count me in.

$50 was and will be my limit for each season. I don’t care how much $$$ Paramount spend to restore these, asking that price for a 25 year old TV show is CRAZY. Studios have paid just as much to restore older shows (like paying for music rights – not an issue with TNG) and still charged a reasonable amount. I’ll just watch ’em on Netflix until the price goes down. My guess is retailers are going to be stuck with a TON of these, because you have to be pretty die-hard (or have plenty of extra cash) to justify dishing out over $500 to get all seven seasons.

I expect to be very old, and what’s more… FLAT BROKE, by the time poor cousin of the franchise, ENTERPRISE makes it to Blu ray. *sigh* But what the hell, there isn’t a Star Trek I don’t like. Yes. Even seven years of Voyager, missing each and every one of those wormhole opportunities to get home sooner, and put me out of my misery!

Aside from Original Series reruns, NEXY GENERATION was the start of a love affair. “Encounter at Farpoint” looked stunning in HD and it somehow added new lustre to a story I’d seen so many times, I honestly didn’t want to sit through it ever again! But there are some great episodes hidden away in this year…

“Too Short a Season” is the kind of thought-provoking old school Trek I expect to never get from this franchise again. Consequences and bad deeds will inevitably come back to bite you on the arse. Swap Admiral Kirk for Jameson and Neural in the Zeta Boötis system for Mordan IV – then you’ve got a flip side of the coin of “A Private Little War”. US arming of today’s freedom fighters, who become tomorrow’s bad regimes.

“Conspiracy” is one I really can’t wait to see in all it’s HD gory glory.

“The Neutral Zone” is heavy with a Romulan presence, despite only being a B-plot to a drama about cryogenic survivors from the 20th Century – and despite the fact they don’t appear until the end.

“Heart of Glory” was the first time Worf came to the fore and if they hadn’t siezed this opportunity, he could’ve been written out of the Star Trek franchise as easily as Tasha Yar I suspect. No Deep Space Nine, or witty one-liners on the big screen.

“The Big Goodbye” is fantastic and there’s nothing I don’t like in this 50s film-noir homage.

Bound to be others I’ve never taken much notice of, up for reappraisal… just because the old 80’s videotape gause has been lifted, for me to see the finer detail.

I waited on TOS blu-rays and eventually Frys discounted them to $49/season during a 1 week period at their Indianapolis store– once again proving patience is a virtue that sometimes pays off in real money.

Definitely a costly proposition, but I’m willing to wait for a good deal. They can’t price ’em this high forever!!

FRACK YO PARAMOUNT! The most I’ve EVER paid for a season of a TV show on Blu ray is $40-50! Price gouging the fans AGAIN because they can. Shows how much they really care about the fans. I would’ve even bought this at $60 but you’re asking $80-120 a season for a 20 year old series?! I bought GAME OF THRONES from HBO for $34 for season 1!

Can we fans start some sort of a petition to get them to release this at NORMAL Blu Ray prices for a season of a TV show?!

6. Anthony

BTW, I am not above imploring those who are to buy, to click the links here. It costs the same as going direct but a tiny tiny commission gets sent to the TrekMovie SDCC fund….send me to Comic Con!


It’s pricey but I can’t resist. I’ll do my part to get you to Comic Con :)

If it was just a crappy upscale to HD, I’d say NO WAY to double-dipping. But this is almost a whole new season, if the quality of THE NEXT LEVEL is any indication. As long as they keep up the quality of the HD, I’ll be first in line. It’s pricey, but I already started saving!

By the way Anthony, have they said when DS9 will be coming out in HD? Can’t wait for that one, too.

Commodore Z
By the way Anthony, have they said when DS9 will be coming out in HD? Can’t wait for that one, too.

There has been no word or rumble even on DS9. The only thing I do know is that as part of searching for film elements used in TNG they have had to also look in the DS9 archives…like in some cases effects shots were reused in DS9. I doubt they will think about DS9 until they are well into TNG and only if TNG is doing well.

The more obvious release is Enterprise. That is already in HD and could be released tomorrow. The fact that they are spending huge money to make TNG Blu-rays makes me feel that it has been determined that it isn’t worth it to put Enterprise on Bluray – although it is available for HD streaming on Netflix and Amazon and, but i’m pretty sure thats all 720p, but still better than the DVDs

I do not understand why CBS, excluded from this release the material in Spanish Latin (subtitles and audio). The DVD of the “fan collectives” contained these options. A shame!

There’s a lot of Trek I don’t own on DVD because it’s always been so expensive. I’ll wait a while to find these used. I’ve only paid 70 bucks for entire series, not one season.

I need a new computer first. And the new Photoshop. Too many things to buy, not enough money to buy them. Truly, the Human Adventure.

Oops, sorry. Forgot to change the URL. Try it now.

11% “not interested”? 11% of readers not at all interested, in any way, even if the price drops the right amount, and they had a Blu-ray player? Just. Plain. Not interested? Ok, whoever picked that should be kicked out!

yes everybody support trekmovie n anthony—everything trekmovie has links to i always do that–most recently the ads for the logans run tv series dvds—-i bought most but not all of my star trek dvd series used at gamestop stores for about 24 bucks a season—the few i couldnt find paid full price but onky when the price went down to about 50-60 bucks a season…
i think the retail price this time is reasonable for all the work it took them n the results really are breathtaking..

Folks, if you’re waiting on TNG-R to drop to $50, you’re going to be waiting a long damn time. Maybe after all seven seasons are released and people are tossing full series sets on eBay for less than $200 or $250, but that’ll be, what….2015?

To those in the UK it is also available for pre order on This is where I pre ordered it from.

it was £54.99 when I ordered it, it has dropped to £50.99 now. At the minute this is only £5 dearer than TOS was on play but when I preordered them they were over £50.

32. Browncoat1984
Game of Thrones also only has 12 episodes or so per season. So if you compare it with 25 episodes or so of tng it’s not as speedy anymore isn’t it? ;)

And once again I cannot help but gawk at the awesomeness of the matte paintings used in that show…

@43. Yea, but does TNG have 12 episodes in Season 1 worth watching? I think maybe 6 or 7 were really good. Game of Thrones nails every episode as great!

@41. It will be be approaching $50 by October. TNG is not going to get the buzz that the iconic TOS got on Blu-Ray. It is not in the same class of interest by the public as TOS. I’m not saying this to upset anyone, but this is just a fact.

The thing is at £50.99 on, it still is cheaper than what I paid for the DVD boxsets ten years ago.

Ah it’s a bit steep. I already own them all on DVD and I’m not sure it’s worth it just to see it all in a deeper colour because that the only real difference. It’s a shame they didn’t redo some of the space shots completely like they did in TOS-R at least that way it might not been something I’ve haven’t seen before.

Typo’s abound in my last post sorry i’m writing from a phone on a train :) I meant to say “at least that way it might have been something I haven’t seen before”

@10. “And i have seen some of the new special features, they are very good.” I think this secrecy in regard to the bonus features is counter productive PR. Do the bonus features contain the original, never before seen interviews with cast & crew from 1987 from the vault of “Rod” Roddenberry, shot on film (!) and remastered in stunning HD? Such an exclusive has an inevitable influence on the price tag but should also be communicated as such, IMHO.

What the screenshots reveal, however, is neither the original work of the directors of photography nor their intentions or picture composition. Why?
The DPs expected the outer areas of the images to be trimmed by the overscan of 4:3 TV sets, especially the areas above the heads of the actors (sometimes featuring microphone booms) and below their feet (position markers, that stray piece of carpet near Data in the opening scene of “Encounter at Farpoint”), so original audiences never noticed such flaws nor watched a bad picture composition.
On a next generation HDTV (didn’t the HD Teaser say “reborn for the next generation”?) with no overscan and 1:1 pixel mapping (inevitable to watch TNG with the best picture resolution possible) you’ll see those areas and possible flaws the DPs never wanted you to see.
HAD CBS / Paramount decided recreate the 4:3 TV set overscan by trimming those areas at the top and bottom, this would have been a gesture of respect for the DPs and yielded a wider 4:3 picture, still a far cry from full widescreen (1.78:1), but with the pleasant proportions of familar postcards and photos (1.5:1).

78 dollars? I think not. Its not worth that much.

Blue-Ray box-sets for TV shows go for around 50 bucks, they’re only taking advantage of fans with this, typical CBS bull.