Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek: TMP Left Franchise As ‘Beached Whale’ + He Is ‘Played Out’ As Spock

A couple of weeks ago we posted the first part of an LA Times video interview with Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. The second part has just been posted online and you watch it below, where Nimoy talks about the link between Star Wars and Star Trek and even does does his impersonation of William Shatner! Most interesting, Nimoy critiques Star Trek: The Motion Picture, saying he doesn’t think of it as a Star Trek movie. He also says that he is "played out" with Spock.


Nimoy: Star Trek: The Motion Picture is not a Star Trek movie + Shatner impersonation

In part 2 of Leonard Nimoy’s interview with the Hero Complex show on the Nerdist Channel (www.youtube.com/nerdist), Nimoy talks Star Wars/Star Trek, typecasting, and even does an impersonation of his Star Trek co-star William Shatner.

One of the interesting bits, Nimoy gives his view of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, noting that producer Harve Bennett had to come in for Star Trek II after TMP left the the franchise as a "beached whale." He went on to talk about why he felt things didn’t work out for the first Trek film.

I think [Robert Wise] and Gene Roddenberry were looking for a [2001: A] Space Odyssey kind of thing, like [Stanley] Kubrick had done. A cold, cool “we’re out here in space and it’s kind of quiet and things move very slowly.” [laughs] There was a lot of that and a lot of cerebral stuff. There wasn’t enough drama. It just wasn’t a Star Trek movie. We had the Star Trek people, but it didn’t use us as Star Trek characters very well.

Leonard also said he is happy to be done with Spock and to hand off the role to Zachary Quinto, noting in part:

I am very pleased as to where the character is and I had a good time on the last film – dropping in there – particularly playing a scene with him, which was really interesting. I feel good about the character. I feel the character is still very, very useful and interesting but still somewhat enigmatic. I feel I had pretty much played out any enigma about the character. People pretty much new who I was and what was going on with me. But Zachary has the opportunity to explore new territory.

Watch the video below

CLICK HERE to see Part 1.

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