Creation To Attempt To Beat Own Star Trek Costume Record At VegasCon 2012

In the last year there have been a number of record-breaking gatherings of Star Trek fans in costume at events around the world. The current record is 1040 at last year’s big convention in Las Vegas. And today Creation announced they will be trying to break their own record at the con this August. More details below.


press release


The Official STAR TREK Convention returns to Las Vegas for the 11th year on August 9-12, 2012 at The Rio Suites Hotel. For most of the thousands of attendees the big draw is the on-stage appearances of over 70 Star Trek celebrities including "The Four Captains": William Shatner (Kirk), Avery Brooks (Sisko), Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) and Scott Bakula (Archer). For many others the chance to come in Star Trek costumes and make-up is the ultimate way to enjoy a vacation from reality.

At the 2011 convention 1040 fans broke the Guinness Book of World Records achievement of having the most people in Star Trek Costumes in one place. In 2012, attendees will attempt to break their own record in response to internet chatter that other fan conventions are preparing to vie for the title.

Erin Ferries, VP of Creation Entertainment, the producers of the convention, said, "Coming in costume really adds to the fun and we want the world’s record that was made in Vegas to stay in Vegas. Cosplay is a big part of fan convention going, last year we had many attendees coming in different costumes each day."

The Guinness Book of World Records attempt will take place on Saturday August 11, 2012 at The Las Vegas Official STAR TREK Convention. All ticketed attendees can participate provided they come in full costume. Information about the gathering, which is expected to draw over 16,000 fans from all over the galaxy, is available at:

Fans at 2011 record event (Photo: David Livingston)

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Sounds fun.

What’s the point of recording this in the Guiness Book Of World records if its going to be broken next year, and every proceeding year afterward anyway?

Seems silly and redundant.

Should be great, I say go for it!


“Because it’s there….” ;-)

I’m in there somewhere…

Damn…how will they beat 1040?

I’m in there somewhere, too…

Way in the back. I was actually No. 1,025 as i walked in the door. (I had to see the end of Ethan Phillips after all.)

I’d love it if they do it this year so it doesn’t conflict with any speakers.

I was #71, IIRC. My veterinarian was #1040.

#2: So they can sell new editions of the book, of course!

I think they’re going to need a bigger room.

I say hats off to them. Looks like fun. Yes, it may seem silly but every now and then in this life, you have to relax and enjoy something silly.

As Kirk would say, “Who’s trying to break any records? (They’re) doing this because (they) enjoy it… ” ;-)

Conflicted with the Trivia Contest last year. Bummed about that!

I’ll be there with mine on!

Lets beat it in London!

My daughter was part of the record. And, I think I’ll join her this year.

She’s making her own costume this year and I’ll probably just buy one.

I will dutifully be there with my friends, all of us in our red shirts.

It being Vegas, we will not be sober, but we will be physically present.

We were part of that record and I even found myself in the photo. This was fun and they packed a lot of people in that room. Rumor has it the Fire Marshall closed the doors on some people otherwise there would have been a much higher number than 1040.

Probably true. I was just outside of the room when they closed the doors and there was a long line of people still waiting to get in the room.