Exclusive: New Star Trek Sequel Character Tidbit

Today I’m presenting a "Star Trek Universe Update" at Phoenix Comic Con. The panel will bring fans up to speed on everything Trek. Regular readers will probably have heard most of it, but I promised one new little Star Trek sequel character tidbit I picked up on recently. See below for that little spoiler.


The return of Cupcake

TrekMovie has learned (through sources) that actor Jason Matthew Smith is returning for the Star Trek sequel. He is reprising his role as "Cupcake." Smith had a few scenes in the 2009 Star Trek film, first encountering and getting into a fight with James T. Kirk at the Iowa bar, and later scene as a security officer on board the USS Enterprise (where he was ordered by Spock to apprehend Kirk when he beamed back on board the ship with Scotty). Kirk gave the character the nickname "cupcake" during the Iowa bar fight scene. 

Smith as ‘Cupcake’ in 2009’s “Star Trek

It isn’t known how big of a role Smith will have in the sequel, but TrekMovie knows that he is still assigned to security on board the USS Enterprise. And of course, like with all other spoilers, this news is still not officially confirmed by Paramount or anyone associated with the Star Trek sequel.

"Cupcake" has actually already been seen in the new movie universe after the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie. His character has been featured in the Star Trek comics and in fact he has been given a name in the comics (Mr. "Hendorff"). Apparently this name actually came from the Star Trek sequel and it is an example of how bits of the next movie (as promised) will be hinted at in the comics. 

"Cupcake" in Star Trek Ongoing Comic #8

UPDATE: astute fans have noted that "Hendorff" was the name of a USS Enterprise security officer from the original Star Trek series episode "The Apple." The original Hendorff was played by actor Mal Friedman. 

The original Hendorff from Star Trek’s "The Apple" (1967)

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