Exclusive: New Star Trek Sequel Character Tidbit

Today I’m presenting a "Star Trek Universe Update" at Phoenix Comic Con. The panel will bring fans up to speed on everything Trek. Regular readers will probably have heard most of it, but I promised one new little Star Trek sequel character tidbit I picked up on recently. See below for that little spoiler.


The return of Cupcake

TrekMovie has learned (through sources) that actor Jason Matthew Smith is returning for the Star Trek sequel. He is reprising his role as "Cupcake." Smith had a few scenes in the 2009 Star Trek film, first encountering and getting into a fight with James T. Kirk at the Iowa bar, and later scene as a security officer on board the USS Enterprise (where he was ordered by Spock to apprehend Kirk when he beamed back on board the ship with Scotty). Kirk gave the character the nickname "cupcake" during the Iowa bar fight scene. 

Smith as ‘Cupcake’ in 2009’s “Star Trek

It isn’t known how big of a role Smith will have in the sequel, but TrekMovie knows that he is still assigned to security on board the USS Enterprise. And of course, like with all other spoilers, this news is still not officially confirmed by Paramount or anyone associated with the Star Trek sequel.

"Cupcake" has actually already been seen in the new movie universe after the events of the 2009 Star Trek movie. His character has been featured in the Star Trek comics and in fact he has been given a name in the comics (Mr. "Hendorff"). Apparently this name actually came from the Star Trek sequel and it is an example of how bits of the next movie (as promised) will be hinted at in the comics. 

"Cupcake" in Star Trek Ongoing Comic #8

UPDATE: astute fans have noted that "Hendorff" was the name of a USS Enterprise security officer from the original Star Trek series episode "The Apple." The original Hendorff was played by actor Mal Friedman. 

The original Hendorff from Star Trek’s "The Apple" (1967)

Stay tuned to TrekMovie.com for all your Star Trek sequel news

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Hooray for Cupcake!!!!

AWESOME. I love all the little hints and tidbits.

I like cupcakes

Is that cobra? Lol die gi joeeessss

Dang, I hoped Cupcake would end up being Ben Finney, ah well.

Why is cupcake sitting with Cobra Commander?
Dude is wearing a red shirt. “Bones, that Klingon ate my cupcake.”

Mr. Creampie

Good think Trek and GI Joe will be reunited for 2013! Love the tie ins to the movie. Really gives extra value to the comic series. Now where is that Animated Series Orci mentioned he has considered?

Woot Cupcake!

Couldnt care less..Bring us some big news!


I am inordinately fond of poor Cupcake.

He’s playing Khan

Come on, SOMEONE was gonna say it!

It is great to see them bring back Cupcake in the movie. :)

Yes but I wouldn’t get attached to said Cupcake, as he IS wearing a red shirt…. Nice knowing you Cupcake!! :P lol

cupcake will not be killed as he has a funny nickname or if he dose it will be a bit like Mr Leslie from the episode obsession dead in that episode however very much alive from the rest of the run

Bet they are friends in the new movie.

I hope he mixes it up in the new movie!

Surprised nobody remembers Hendorf was one of the FOUR redshirts who gets killed in THE APPLE.

Believe he steps on an exploding rock, either that or he is hit by lightning, brained by a villager’s club or taken out by a poisonous flower.

And just for completists, the real & true Trek universe’s Hendorf’s father helped Kirk get into the academy.

Maybe there was a tall fence outside and he gave him a hand up.

“I missed you, Cupcake.” – GIR

No way, in that red shirt, he makes it alive through the whole movie.

I really hope he’s not just another red-shirt getting killed in action.

It is interesting to note that Cupcake’s official name is the same as a dead TOS redshirt. Thanks for that tidbit kmart, I don’t like your stores, but you seem fine. ;)

This Hendorff should survive all the JJ films and be Kirks good luck charm.

he’s still a red shirt…i see death in his future

@24. That would be a nice twist IMO.

Just curious why did Kirk call him cupcake before the bar fight?

Relax, Cupcake, it was just a joke.

Actually, I think it’d be neat if he got red-shirted by an alien, exploding cupcake or something.

Can I use “red-shirt” as a verb?

Red shirt. Cupcake is gona get splattered! Or Kirk is going to save his life thereby earning CC’s everlasting loyalty. It’ll be either of those cliches. And I’m quite happy with either of them :)

I hope cupcake gets his brain splattered across a bulkhead aboard the Botany Bay.

These are the types of reprisals that are pointless.

I suppose Scotty’s scaly ewok friend will appear again, too.


Just give us Chapel, Rand & O’Reiley, no one cares about the characters introduced in ST’09.

It’ll be better if Hendorff redeems himself through valor and comes full circle with Kirk… than if they milk the Cupcake line and show Kirk bullying one of his security guards.

I really hope they de-douche Kirk in the new movie. It was necessary and proper in the first movie, fitting with Orci’s affection for PRIME DIRECTIVE, but it’s done now.

When I see the Cupcake line in the comics, I seriously question whether KO is writing the William Shatner stereotype… or James T. Kirk.

This is the kind of thing they need to take advantage of in the movies…there’s no reason why there couldn’t be a brand-new member of the crew that we come to know and love. This is a new timeline, so why not show a little creativity and give us a new major crewmember?

LOL. File this under: SO WHAT! LOL

@33 Shannon Nutt

Good point. He has something like “a story”.

Mr Hendorf is also one of the many redshirts that bite it in “The Apple” (excuse the pun). Of course he wasn’t bald and bearded then.

Foreshadowing, perhaps? ;-)

AWW… “cupcake” will be there…”I like this ship”… LOL

;-) :-)

I bet 5,000 Quatlos that he get’s to be Killed. (He is a Red Shirt)

I hope he ends up cleaning the floors.

Shatner did a fine job presenting Have I Got News For You over here in Great Britain land. Lots of Trek references and Shat singing clues to questions! He even had a Captains chair to sit in.
Hopefully you all will get a chance to see it.

Well, with a nickname like Cupcake, I’ll bet he gets sorted into Hufflepuff-

Oh, wait. Wrong movie. My bad.

And Aaron Paul as Mr. Adventure.

Well, Cupcake is a red shirt, so I’d venture a guess he goes out in a blaze of red-shirted glory….

And yeah, Kirk needs to man up in a hurry, a command officer in real life to berates his subordinates in the ‘cupcake’ fashion finds himself flying a desk in a hurry…or out of the service all together. Really not to sure CP has the gravitas to pull this off, no one is comparing him to Patrick Stewart just yet…..

Now there is a thought…how does Chris Pine’s Kirk compare to Treks other captains? I’m thinking Capt. Harriman or maybe Johnathan Archer…

Its allways a red shirt that die in a trek movie olson died in st:11, ok hes a red shirt glad to see him back in st:12 ‘Welcome Back Cupcake”

As many of you know the GI Joesequel has been delayed from next month to march 2013…..which means ?. Joes will be the final trailer for trek 13…(in 3d)..actually I wouldnt be suprised to see paramount push this little fact…cross your fingers trek 09 was delayed almost six months..(when paramount decided it was a summer film……

I love Cupcake, and he better survive! ‘The Apple’ is my fave all-time episode. Poor Spock is struck by lightning, plant-stingers, exploding rocks and an extreme force-field. And many redshirts gave their lives. I hope AU Hendorf makes it to the end of the film.

Just to further the Star Wars influence, maybe Cupcake Hendorff ends up being this franchise’s answer to Wedge Antilles, pretty much the only guy outside the main characters that survives the whole trilogy.

Hendorff = hand off.

My guess Jason “cupcake” Smith will be appearing at Trek conventions for years to come………more power to him.