Picture of the Day: Zachary Quinto Says Goodbye To His Spock Locks

Our picture of the day comes from Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto. As we have been reported, he and his costars have recently wrapped their work on the sequel. And last night Zach said goodbye to an important part of his character Spock, check it out below.


Goodbye to Spock hair

Last night Zachary Quinto said goodbye to Spock (or at least to the hair).


Some may not know this but Zachary Quinto’s Spock hair on screen is his real hair. So that means that for almost half a year he has to find a way to restyle his bowl cut when not not on set and of course hide his half-shaved eyebrows. So now he has a few years before he has to go back to the Spock locks.

Zach with his Spock hairdo in "Star Trek"

UPDATE: Nimoy responds

The original Spock Leonard Nimoy responded to Zach’s tweet…


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