Picture of the Day: Zachary Quinto Says Goodbye To His Spock Locks

Our picture of the day comes from Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto. As we have been reported, he and his costars have recently wrapped their work on the sequel. And last night Zach said goodbye to an important part of his character Spock, check it out below.


Goodbye to Spock hair

Last night Zachary Quinto said goodbye to Spock (or at least to the hair).


Some may not know this but Zachary Quinto’s Spock hair on screen is his real hair. So that means that for almost half a year he has to find a way to restyle his bowl cut when not not on set and of course hide his half-shaved eyebrows. So now he has a few years before he has to go back to the Spock locks.

Zach with his Spock hairdo in "Star Trek"

UPDATE: Nimoy responds

The original Spock Leonard Nimoy responded to Zach’s tweet…


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Hair today and gone tomorrow.



I wonder if he’ll sell it on eBay?

I’d get a crew cut and start over. I used to wear a ‘high & tight’ in the army, and it grows back faster than you think.

What a tease!:) I’m sure his Twitter followers would have swooned over a follow-up, post cut shot of his noggin.

The photos for EW were ridiculous for the first film. As he had already had his hair cut, he had to put on a ridiculous wig. It looked really GAY. In the bad sense of the word, which in my opinion has nothing to do to a person’s sexual orientation, but rather to a tacky assexual androgenous look. That made people really worried about the sequel. But Mr. Abrams and Mr. Quinto did not let us down, of course.

At least he can start growing his eyebrows back now… ;-)

He’s so freakin cool-always giving his fans part of him . You rock, ZQ.

I guess JJ’s security is so tight now the only news we’re gonna get is when the cast get haircuts.

And, I’m ok with this… :)

I wonder when Chris will be getting a haircut?

If staying spoiler-free means reading and responding to “haircut” stories for the next year, so be it… :)

“It looked really GAY. In the bad sense of the word, which in my opinion has nothing to do to a person’s sexual orientation, but rather to a tacky assexual androgenous look.”

What if people used Chinese, or American, or Jewish or female, or you get my drift, to describe something lousy. The word wouldn’t have acquired that meaning (lousy, tacky) had it not been all well and good to be gay.

I mean, look at Quinto’s LOOK in those photos in EW just prior to the release of the 2009 film. Quinto’s androgenous look is simply ridiculously gay. Highly photoshopped and with a horrible wig. His character isn’t gay, as we all know, and Quinto himself, as a gay man, was never caught with looks like those. I don’t care for a person’s sexual orientation, but the AMERICAN expression (you coined it, not me – I’m from Brazil) “It’s so gay!” means something caricatural, not meant to offend Quinto or you by my use here. This expression is often used to describe people and situations. According to the Urban Dictionary, in relation to this American idiom “I’s so gay”: “…not necesarily meaning homossexual, gay can mean stupid or pointless, even meek, lame…” That’s what I meant. His looks were stupid and pointless. Or, if you feel more comfortable, as suggested by George Takei, we can use the expression “It’s so Takei.” He doesn’t mind it, and encourages people to use it… As far as I’m concerned, it’s all well and good to be gay, Chinese, American, Brazilian, Jewish or Female. But several expressions were created with those terms. Some have good meanings, some bad. In that same dictionary, the word Brazilian can mean “cool”, or “idiot” in different entries!!!! And the word “American” also has very differnt usages, with 85 entries. Most are good, some are bad. But we Brazilians do like America. After all, we are the people who send more tourists to the US than any other country in the world. And we are also the tourists who spend more money there. Hugs and kisses, my friend!! All the best for you and the other readers of “trekmovie.com.” Straght, gay, or celibate!!!!!!!

Jack – Gay was a word with a meaning long before it was associated with being homosexual. None of those words you listed have ever had other meanings. If you’re going to call someone down, put a little effort into it.

Chris Pine has had his hair cut, making it look more brown and less blond.

@ 5 gilberto @10 Tarrax. I am unaware of any previous meaning for the word GAY indicating a “tacky asexual androgynous look.” Gay meant happy or brightly colored. Here a bigot is using the word as a pejorative because it is another word for homosexual. That’s pretty clear.
There’s no room for such intolerance in the Star Trek universe.

#5 “It looked really GAY. In the bad sense of the word, which in my opinion has nothing to do to a person’s sexual orientation, but rather to a tacky assexual androgenous look.”

Well, you opinion has nothing to do with that word’s meaning. When used as you just did, it is a insult, and it has nothing to do with your hypothetical “tacky asexual androgynous look” crap. The fact that you tried to defend it shows that you know you’re in the wrong.

Shame on you! On a Trek board, no less…truly disgusting.

He should have just let it grow; the look is coming back. I am growing mine out for a purpose; I had my last haircut in May, 2011. I plan my next one June 2013 at which time I will ship the cutting off to the Cancer Society to become someone’s wig in honor of my late wife. I buzzed myself completely- eyebrows and all- in solidarity with her when she had her chemo. I always give a tch- tch when an actor portraying a cancer victim refuses to take that final step of shaving the eyebrows….
Besides, not that many 60 year old men can grow such luxurious locks. If ya got it flaunt it .My dates seem to love it.

I bet Quinto’s hairdresser had to be especially careful when cutting around the pointy ears! ;-)

A few years. I’m hoping only two.

Lets hope a year and a hall

#13 – Couldn’t have said it better if I tried to myself! Ignorance is one thing, stupidity and insensitivity are another altogether.

@9. Jack…

Pudding Head comments aside, females haven’t dodged that ‘lousy’ equation entirely. “You throw/catch/run like a girl” is the first example that comes to mind.

@10. gilberto – May 27, 2012:

Okay, maybe you aren’t a puddin’ head–just read post 10. Unsolicited advice: Know your audience. U.S. kids today use ‘gay’ as described in Urban Dic., and “ghetto” to mean “cool.” I don’t know how gay and African American peers feel about such use, but I know many others find it offensive.

I’ve also seen people defend use of “retard” on these threads, saying, ‘I know developmentally disabled people who don’t mind…’ Maybe so: know your audience and if they’re ‘with you,’ go for it. I know the term to be truly painful to some kids, their siblings, and their families.

To use terms without respect for your ‘audience’ is akin to swearing like a sailor while grandma’s at dinner. It’s bunghole behavior.

Asinine comments from Tarrax and Gilberto should NOT be tolerated. Clearly these two idiots are bigoted and have issues.

I hope we’ll see a post Spock-chop picture of Zach soon. There were pap photos of him from last week, still wearing the hairstyle, and with his eyebrows still buzzed- suggesting that perhaps he had to do some pickup scenes after the main filming ended. His buzzing off the SpockLocks means that they’re truly done.

His own hair is chestnut brown, and buzzing it means that he won’t have to try to recolor it.

I thought it was sweet that Leonard Nimoy tweeted ‘You wore him well” after his photo-tweet. I just wonder if Leonard was being coy about his own possible sneak-cameo in the movie- his own eyebrows were buzzed and his hair was suspiciously Spock-like in several recent pictures and videos.

And regarding that Empire Magazine/EW photoshoot that #5 was somewhat offensively referencing- I believe those photos were taken well AFTER his time on the film. It appeared to me that they had to figure out how to do Zach’s hair and eyebrows without shaving his own eyebrows or re-dying his hair, and resorted to some old-school methods to achieve the results. His eyebrows were actually glued over, and artificial eyebrows applied over them. (I’ve seen an un-retouched photo from this series.) The wig was necessary. And that is why his face had the oddly porcelain and mask-like appearance on those covers. To be honest, when I saw them, I thought that they’d ruined Spock and that the movie was going to be a total disaster. If they’d gotten Spock wrong, what else were they going to mess up?

Happily, the trailers started appearing soon after that, and the Spock I saw in those scenes looked like he should look. Unfortunately, the photos from the EW shoot are often used in press releases, keeping them in perpetual circulation. “Porcelain Spock” lives on, forever.

Here’s my blog post about that photo, in case anyone might be interested:


@25: I see what you mean. Blog looks interesting. I may have to return for a closer look:)

Sell his hair on Ebay?

Hey, how much for a lock of Spock?


More than what you’d pay for a sock, I know, its a shock!


For whatever it’s worth, first, it should be said that the Urban Dictionary is only a collection of definitions people have thrown online for their own amusement, so I wouldn’t rely on that for much. (“All the definitions on Urban Dictionary were written by people just like you. Now’s your chance to add your own!”)

Second, I take you entirely at your word that you meant no offense, but everything “not homophobic” about that use of the word gay — using it to mean “stupid or pointless, even meek, lame” — is derived from a homophobic sense of gay people, and a lot of people still use the word that way. (I certainly used to, before I had any actual friends who took offense.) There’s just no unlinking the two uses of the word, and when one does use the word, regardless of motive, then meaning will come across as unclear, at best, or offensive, at worst.

That’s just two cents.


Hey, look at the clock, somebody get my glock, I’m in drydock, my belongings are in hock, Ryan does mock, the new Trek does rock, people will talk, others will walk.

There, that outta do it! :>)


I meant # 28!

That outta do it? Surely, it should be “that oughtta do it”. Better rhythm…:)

#23 nice to know that Leonard is still supporting Zach .
They seem to have a nice friendship.


As time does the tick-tock, I take stock and end this schlock!

Yes. Goodbye Spock. I thought the same thing when Trek 11 came out..

A few years? Spock dies at the end of WOK, remember?


Keachick, I am most pleased to hear that you are gifted with “rhythm”! :>)


Ryan…..what can I say but………..D’OH! :>)

Ok, guys. Understood. I ‘m sorry if I offended any gay reader in this audience. I will rephrase myself: “That E.W. cover made the actors look artificial, badly made up, Quinto had hidden eyebrows in a way that made him look feminine, and not Vulcan, Pine resembled a Ken doll, and both had catatonic eyes. The photoshop used made the two characters look odd and made many people worry about the 2009 film.”
Thanks for the 2 cents, BrF. That was worth a million to me.
Some responded to my post with sarcasm, non-double-meaning offensive words (bigot, crap) and repression, implying that I should be “banned” (because that’s the Star Trek way? I don’t get it!) Well, those things are also a kind of offensive, I guess…”But he started, shame on him!” – some may say…
I work with HIV-positive people (and married one myself), and I don’t consider myself a bigot. Pollitically correct expressions are important, but it’s more important to do correct things. Some people avoid homophobic expressions, but they’re homophobic at heart, doing nothing to improve gay people’s advancements in society, or their well-being. Like the Star Trek writers, who never created any gay character. Some say sexuality is not an issue in the 23rd Century. But my question is: Why then write only heterosexual characters in Star Trek? Always, when there’s sexuality mentioned in Star Trek, it has got to be straight. Didn’t the Star Trek producers ever think about it? Could this overlook be construed as “homophobic”?

#36 – Um, yeah he does. So, what is your point?


The first part of your post looked like you were sincere in your apology.

Then the second part was made up of lame excuses, and attempts at deflecting blame and the avoidance of responsibility.

Nice try, pal.

@38. gilberto – May 27, 2012:

Understood. Well said.

Oh, my God! I rest my case… Kill me, please… I was avoiding to say I’m gay because people like you always understand only what your hearts devoid of feelings can digest…


Ladies and gentleman, I think we got a troll!

If you mean me, not anymore. I have to wake up early tomorrow. By the way, Gilberto is my real name, and If you want to discuss further issues, my main e-mail is gilbertodeazevedo@gmail.com. Good night.

Of course Spock’s hair was Leonard Nimoy’s own during the original series, and because of the pace of television production he had to sport the Spock haircut most of the time until the series ended. Most pictures to be found show Nimoy didn’t try to restyle it to the extent Quinto did when off-set.

Nooo, I love that hair!! Once I had a boyfriend with the same style, and since that, I have a fetish of it. I think ZQ looks good with that, too. Today, everyone knows that he is Spock, he doesn’t really have to hide it. I think that’s why Nimoy never hid it.

Gilberto, you just might want to avoid using the “Urban Dictionary” as a source for definitions or synonyms as that is a source meant to provide information on how to offend or not offend people. Meaning, if you want to offend people, use the terms found in the Urban Dictionary…if you do NOT want to offend people, then AVOID using terms in the Urban Dictionary. And of course that is just my opinion, but I think it is a good one.

How did the iconic Spock hairdo came into existence anyway?? Was this a conscious choice for Spock’s character design, or was this just the hairdo Leonard Nimoy happened to have during the time they started filming TOS??

#48- Bird of Prey. I have never admitted this to anyone before but here goes. The iconic Spock hairdo was invented by my mother. Yes my mother.

She met with the costume department back in the day and told of hair that was extremely short above the eyebrows in an attempt to not have to re-cut the hair frequently. In doing so, this saved valuable time, allowing the crew member sporting the shorter bowl haircut additional time for exploration of the universe without having to pause for a trivial though more stylish hair cut of longer bangs.

I grew up with said hair cuts, but thankfully since I am a female, the style did reflect my femininity by my mother’s integration of long hair with amazingly short bangs. I didn’t have to have my hair cut for many years as a result, allowing my youthful exploration of this world to go on unhindered by pausing for frequent hair stylings.

That is how it came about, and I could provide pictures to attest to this. lol.