LeVar Burton Rear-Ended By LAPD [VIDEO]

Fresh from his weekend appearances at Phoenix Comicon, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton was involved in a non-injury traffic accident this morning, with the twist that his Lexus was rear-ended by a police car. TMZ was on the scene and talked to Burton about the incident. Watch that below.


Burton rear ended by LAPD

LeVar Burton was being stopped by the LAPD this morning (for failure to yield to a pedistiran according to TMZ), however he ended up getting rear-ended by the police car. TMZ talked to Burton after the incidenent and he revealed that due to the circumstances the police didn’t give him a ticket. Watch the video below.

Burton also tweeted about the incident

Thanks to Hal for the tip

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Pehaps Garrett Wang was the pedestrian?


No wonder… those rotten implants aren’t working and he left his VISOR on the Ent-D!

Naked Gun 4.0…. Clad you were OK…

Thats what you get if you let a blind man fly a starship! LOL

Ooops! The policeman took the “Thrusters on full” too seriously!

Could be worse – in Fullerton it would have been tasers on kill……

“You weren’t wearing your 3D glasses?”

Jeeze, civilians are such douchbags. But hey, he was Johnny on the spot.

Glad everyone was ok, And that everyone was in good spirits about it.
But I do have to add that failing to yeild to pedestrians is one of the things that drivers out here in L.A. seem to be the most oblivious to following.

I live littearly 5 mins away from work, so obviously I walk because its so close and i cant tell you how many times, i ve almost gotten hit by motorists who dont slow down and stop at pedestrian cross walks or intersections like they are suppose to.

Welcome to the downfall of America.

People actually care about this crap.

9 he should be glad he was in Burbank, and not in Glendale or Hollywood.
They would have still given him the ticket.(especially in Glendale)
even after hitting his car.

@9. Well, you posted about it, didn’t you?


11 haha that he did

I look forward to the future TrekMovie article “EXCLUSIVE: Zoe Saldana buys new underwear in Victoria’s Secret”.


Look’s like the police forgot to raise there Navigation Shield’s.


Or maybe Garrett Wang was the cop! :-)

Gawd – he is so nice… even to the irritating reporter…

he had a car accident before lol i hear last year

#13 – you make it sound like we wouldn’t want to hear about that?!? I hope they also get video on that news-worthy happening.

Sheesh people… sigh.

I do love that he is wearing a reading rainbow tshirt, at the end of his carrer, I think he is going to be more rememberd for Reading Rainbow than he will for TNG, even with him being a big and important part of TNG.

You notice in news storiese that mention him, its Reading Rainbows Levar Burton, not Star Trek TNG actor Levar Burton.
for Levar I think thats personally the thing he probably wants to be most rememberd for anyways, cause of all the help his show gave children over the years in learning to read.

And THIS is why occular implants will never be as good as a visor :)

17 yes he is, I see him at events at work all the time and he is one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet.

@21. Actually, he will probably be best remembered for Roots….Reading Rainbow isa hellva legacy, though.

Surprised Barnes & Noble hasn’t gotten LeVar to do their commercials:
“Take a look, it’s in a Nook!” —eeerrr… gotta love corny jokes. :D

Really though, aside from maybe Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow is probably the best thing public television ever produced. Too bad it’s not on anymore.

Hope there wasn’t damage to the secondary anti-matter intake valves, the EPS power conduits, or the primary coolant tanks. No need to eject the core…. ;-)


Does LeVar wear his Reading Rainbow shirt wherever he goes? I’m just curious.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we found out that he wears his RR shirt every other day, and his TNG shirt the rest of the time?

LeVar Burton will be remembered equally for “Reading Rainbow”, “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. In interviews that I have watched, the interviewer asks about all three.

In some states they would have arrested him for assault on a police vehicle :-)

It’s a Red and Blue Rainbow…

glad LeVar is OK.

25. Vultan- RR isn’t on anymore? It was on as recently as a couple years ago when my son was a toddler, and now that my wife and I are expecting #2, I was hoping they would eventually get to enjoy it as well. Perhaps it’s a regional PBS thing?

I know my son enjoyed it immensely (as did I when I was his age!), and I can’t tell you how many boks he wanted to rush out and read after seeing them featured on the show. He especially enjoyed the episode where they visited the set of TNG while Levar was filming; it blew his mind he was on both shows!


Your son probably saw some recent reruns. It ended production in 2006. But according to its Wikipedia page (take that with a grain of salt), LeVar Burton is working on a new version of Reading Rainbow:


By the way, congrats on the upcoming baby!

I have deleted some attempts to hijack this into a political/racial fight. I will ban the next person that tries

How could the rather innocuous news account of LeVar Burton failing to give way to a pedestrian and then being rear-ended by a police car who were attempting to pull him up for a violation of traffic laws end up becoming a political/racial fight? Duh

Oh, never mind…

Another Federation shuttle destroyed. Good thing he didn’t serve on Voyager ;)

“At least he’s not Brent Spiner”

# 38

Glad to see I’m not the only “Fresh Hell” fan here…. ;-)

Edit: Meant ’37’ oops…. my bad. ;-)

Driving a lexus while black – cuff him.


Captain, in this time period people still fought over race. The doctor can make you look white like Michael Jackson.

#40: And yet, you’re the only one who brought race into this. Curious… I think that says more about you than it does anything else…