Watch: Cumberbatch Talks ‘Blindingly Brilliant’ Star Trek Sequel + Presents (w/ Doctor Who) At BAFTAs

On Sunday Benedict Cumberbatch was back home in the UK to attend the BAFTAs as a presenter and a nominee. Unfortunately he didn’t go home with a trophy, but he did talk a bit about Star Trek on the red carpet. Watch that video below, plus video of him and Matt Smith (aka The Doctor) presenting an award to Steven Moffat.


Cumberbatch Talks Trek at BAFTAs

While on the red carpet at the BAFTAs, Benedict Cumberbatch talked about Star Trek (and Sherlock) with the BBC. He didn’t give any spoilers, but had this to say about the JJ Abrams sequel.

[Star Trek was] amazing. One of the best four months of my life. It was just solid extraordinary fun from beginning to end. JJ Abrams is a god. And the rest of the cast and what we were asked to do in the film is blindingly brilliant. I adore them all. It was a huge roller-coaster adventure and I can’t wait for the world to see the film. I can’t tell you anything about it, even what part I am playing

And regarding the speculation, reports and rumors about him playing Khan in the sequel, he said…

There is all sorts of speculation about all sorts of characters. It would be kind of spoiling it for everyone if I clarified anything. So I am going to leave it with a smile

Watch the video

Cumberbatch was a nominee at the BAFTAs, for Leading Actor in Sherlock. Unfortunately he lost out to Dominic West for ITV’s Appropriate Adult. Cumberbatch did make it to the stage to present a special award to Sherlock creator Steven Moffat. He was joined by Doctor Who himself, Matt Smith.  

And here are some photos from the red carpet:

Thanks to Romangirl for video clip

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Blindingly Brilliant? Wow.

“My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

Considering the projects he chooses, for him to call this movie “Blindingly Brilliant” is a very good omen.

blindlingly brilliant sounds like more lens flares, which means the camera crew and director should be put in a dungeon till their pupils get to be the size of the enterprise saucer section.

Son of Khan.

I guess when it comes to which character he’s playing, Cumberbatch khan-t say anything!

Such a lovely man and a great dresser too!

Watch: Cumberbatch Talks ‘Blindingly Brilliant’ Star Trek Sequel

….It looks like I’ll need to have “the talk” with Mr. Cumberbatch again…

“Blindingly Brilliant” ?!

No, no, no, no,no,no,no, Benny boy!

“FACE MELTINGLY BRILLIANT” is what you ought to say!!!!!!!!!


His is the superior intellect!

Andrew Scott is pretty awesome too. Saw a clip of him after this posted one. I would love to see more of him!

Favorite Moriarty Lines:
2. You can cherish the look of surprise on my face
5. You never called…

I Assume he must be talking about the plot, the Acting, the Directing and Yes the Lens Flair.

I guess I’m really pessimistic about the new movie, because Cumberbatch’s praise seems over the top. I’ll try to hold out hope until I see a full trailer.

Cumberbatch wouldn´t say “it´s brillant”, just for profit. It is his opinion, I think, not just advertising. I love his Sherlock-characterisation. He would give even Khan (who is not my favourite antagonist) a good power. I think, the movie will be different from anything we assume.

Great to hear Cumberbatch talk that way about the movie, I’m more relaxed now ;)

Hopefully the trailer will be out at comic con this coming July or at least they will release the synopsis.

Cumberbatch is an amazing actor. I cannot wait to see what flavor he brings to Star Trek and whether or not he plays Khan. I’m kind of on the border about the whole Khan thing. Khan is a Sikh, Cumberbatch is a very white Brit. I don’t doubt that he could portray an excellent Khan, but physically, it would be a poor casting choice. I can really see him as Kodos. Maybe the whole Khan thing was done on purpose to cause some controversy and throw us off. Maybe it’s a stunt.

Either way, this is going to be a great movie, no matter who the villain is (I’m still hoping for Kodos).

“…it would be a poor casting choice.”

In my opinion, Mr. Abrams got the casting right, last time.
I can’t imagine him doing otherwise, this time around.

“Maybe the whole Khan thing was done on purpose to cause some controversy and throw us off. Maybe it’s a stunt.”

Yours is the superior intellect….I mean…I concur.

I’ll reserve judgement on how good the film is until I see it.

Sometimes when they say good things about a film, and gush about how briliant it is , it can be a good omen. Sure.

Sometimes when they gush about how brilliant a film is, it is because they are trying desperately to sell something that may not be as good as they thought.

We shall see next year.

But I am excited. Of course.

My dream of Doctor Who and Star Trek moving ever closer together is finally happening. Great days.

With all the effort to keep everything under wraps, it almost saddens me that the Trailers will give it all away before release. Now, if I could only resist watching any of the Trailers…..Hmm. :(

Does this mean that Geordie is in it?

Geordie is in it.

We’ll all have to remember to flex our vulcan inner-eyelids for this one!

I don’t see any comments on the Simon Pegg article where he says it’s not Khan? Somewhere else?

Looks like Mr. Cumberbatch is regaining his skinny look for a third series (“season,” in American English) of Sherlock Holmes. It’s amazing what those fine actors do to literally change their bodies according to the character they’re playing.

So JJ describes Benedict a genius. And then Benedict says JJ is a god. HHHHNNNNGGGG!!!

Well, okay, just in case people haven’t seen.. I know Simon jokes but he seems quite serious here:

—>Pegg is full of praise for Cumberbatch’s baddy, whom he describes as “not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing,” he squirms. “Obviously I can’t talk about it.” Given internet rumours that Cumberbatch has been cast as Kirk and Spock nemesis Khan, will this be a very different “wrath of Khan” from the 1982 film of the same name? “It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”Is that misinformation from the famously secretive Abrams camp? “No, I think people just want to have a scoop. It annoys me – it’s beyond the point to just ferret around for spoilers all the time to try to be the first to break them,” says Pegg, a fanboy’s fanboy who wrote an autobiography called Nerd Do Well and who seems to have forgotten that part of the thrill of being a comic book/film/sci-fi fan is about getting as many details as possible in advance. “It just spoils the film,” he complains. “It masquerades as interest in the movie but really it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh f— off! Wait for the film!’”–>

23. Simon said that “A long time ago… in a galaxy far, far away”.

When Daniel Craig tires of portraying Bond, James Bond….. Cumberbatch in that last picture…. is Bond.
I’ve settled on it being “Khan, but not as we knew him, or a relative.” There were 87 or so other sleepers on that ship. What if they weren’t all Khan’s followers, but a worse Khan than Khan Noonien Singh?
And it’s getting tiring to state that North Indians are Caucasians speaking Indo-Aryan languages…. South Indians aren’t and speak Dravidian languages….. A Punjabi can be fairly pale and have blue eyes — it’s just rare, not impossible. After all, how many people have said Ben Kingsley is British and looks like he could be Patrick Stewart’s older brother?

27. That second half of the interview (which this quote is from) happened after the movie wrapped wrapped, so can’t be longer than 3 or 4 weeks back….?

27. The article came out Sunday and just came out online this morning.

Simon Pegg has now said twice that it’s not Khan!

30. Jenna

He also said that just before filming began (it was covered on this site).

Sorry! Thanks! I liked the “thing” quote though as it’s closer to what some are hoping! : )

I don’t believe a word these actors and producers say about each other. They’re all afraid to say anything negative. The one’s that are not, are not working anymore.

“blindingly brilliant” from cumberbatch, “a face melter” from bobby-o, this movie has a lot of hype to live up to. bring it! :)

Not much to go on really (spoiler wise), but it’s nice to hear such unabashed enthusiasm for the role (whatever that role may be; I’m still not 100% convinced it’s Khan, or at least, it’s not Khan-as-we-have-known-him up till now….). ;-)

Cumberbatch is an amazing actor. I’m a huge fan of Sherlock, as well as his 2004 Hawking movie. I also enjoyed his memorable role in “War Horse.” My wife and I also have tickets to see a live showing of his “Frankenstein” (via satellite) at the movies next week (thank you, Fathom Events!).

36. Agreed! Have Hawking on my phone just haven’t watched yet. Seeing Frankenstein twice next week. Thank you indeed Fathom. They reversed an earlier decision not to show it when others were.

Blindly Brilliant! Nice Phrase! Well Written post!

Looking forward to this movie!

This whole, I can’t tell you who my character is thing is getting kind of ridiculous. No one is going to be surprised if it is Khan, because that is the major rumor we’ve heard. And if they’ve come up with some new twist on the Khan character, simply revealing his identity wouldn’t necessarily reveal the twist. At some point a film critic will reveal who Cumberbatch is playing and the whole world will know.

Now if he’s playing another character from the canon the secrecy will only make a difference to the subclass of Star Trek fans who are aware of these characters. Your average movie goer doesn’t know Gary Mitchell or Kodos the Executioner from a hole in the wall. So again the secret is mostly pointless. And if he’s playing a new character entirely, it’s even more pointless.

So the big secret must be in the kind of being Cumberbatch is playing and the kind of being he is pretending to play. Like Orci’s point about the status of the Terminator in Judgement Day. Khan was replaced with an impostor somewhere along the Botany Bay’s journey and is really a shape-shifting alien (Founders?) or an android fashioned into a replica. Or maybe all along Spock has just been seeing dead people, and Cumberbatch is dead for the whole movie.

Wouldn’t read too much into the “blindingly brilliant” quote…Have you ever heard an actor say his upcoming film sucks? That said he is a
wonderful actor and will shine in whatever role he is playing.

#28 “After all, how many people have said Ben Kingsley is British and looks like he could be Patrick Stewart’s older brother?”

Kingsley IS British, born in North Yorkshire to an English mother. His father was Indian, born in Kenya. So Ben Kingsley is a British man of half-Indian and half-English descent.

Hahaha! I was watching the BBC News interview and I was surprised by this guy yelling “Bendy Dick”. I was like “WTF, how rude?!” Turns out he was just yelling Benedict’s name. Geez. His name! Anyway, lovely news bit.

@42. Exactly my point. People bitching about Cumberbatch as Khan remind me of those who forget Kingsley is Krishna Pandit Bhanji. And go back another generation, and you’ll find you’re wrong: Ben’s mother wasn’t all English. Only *her* mother was. Ben’s maternal grandfather was of Semitic origin.

“It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”

“Everyone’s saying it is, but it’ s not.” Promised?

And, who’s “everyone” ? Because, I personally never was convinced it was.


TWOK has been described a lot of ways, but blindingly brilliant? Maybe JJ and crew can breathe some life into Gilligans Island….

Title to movie.
Star Trek. Blindigly Good LensFlares!.

Like he said. Can’t wait to see it next year.

I still think that Nimoy is in the next movie. Even if for a brief scene.

have you noticed bill shatner’s half trimmed eye brows in the latest videos? i think bill is playing spock prime in st12 ;)

” Given internet rumours that Cumberbatch has been cast as Kirk and Spock nemesis Khan, will this be a very different “wrath of Khan” from the 1982 film of the same name? “It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed.

That settles it.

I had strong doubts even when this site confirmed that it was Khan. I know Iron man 2 was the same film as iron man 1 in many ways but i think most of the industry has learnt from that blunder.

Bringing in another peed off alien would have been a huge mistake.