Watch: New Episode of Brent Spiner’s ‘Fresh Hell’

A new episode Fresh Hell, the comedy webseries from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner, has just gone online. This time Brent has to teach acting to a naked guy.


Fresh Hell 2-8

This episode finds Brent teaching his acting class where one of his porn actor students (played by The Guild’s Jeff Lewis) can only remember his lines while naked.

If you missed it, you can catch up the rest on the FreshHellSeries page on YouTube.

And don’t forget to read with Brent about "Fresh Hell" and more (Part 1 and Part 2).

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Another great ep!

I think you’re gonna need a bigger pixel.

It’s genuinely really funny :-)

As much as I liked him as Data, I don’t even want to watch this… it sounds utterly preposterous… and preposterous isn’t really funny. Can only remember his lines while naked?

Brent should approach the phase 2 guys about doing a captain Data episode.

The fresh hell is not the best avenue in my opinion to keep out there. Brent is a great actor and i’m not sure this won’t work against him.

I love the line, “This is an acting class; this is no place for emotional outbursts…” (a nice homage to Dr. Strangelove’s “Gentlemen! Don’t fight in here, this is a war room!”)

“Put ‘er there” was the best…. ;-D

I really enjoy this series…. ;-)

#4: You’re missing out. This is brilliantly funny.

#5: No way. Spiner should avid doing cheesy fanfic. That’s about as low as it gets.

Sheesh, he is falling back into the Season 1 “pourn intersects Threes Company” stuff again. Been there, done that.

Season 2 was starting to look very promising, but is now looking like he is doing Season 1 all over again. I mean the bimbo and her agent boyfriend star — that is getting really tedious.

Spiner’s not bad. The scene was funny until the over-acting, squabbling couple turned-up and spoiled it.

@10. Agreed. The potential is certainly there for this show, but he needs to move on to “fresh” material, if you will pardon my pun.

This is a lot funnier than the last time I gave this a shot. #enjoyed

#9 MJ every week you comment about how you don’t like the show, but most people stop watching a show they don’t like. Why do this to yourself? The internet is full of great things, go find a fail compilation or download doodle Jumo to your phone, or even go outside. But please stop watching this show, you’re bringing down those of us who like it.

@13. I like some episodes; dislike others. Sorry if you need my validation — you really shouldn’t let my opinions bother you so much. Be proud and confident in your own opinions — that would be my advice to you my friend!

If you sit around worryng about what MJ is going to post on these boards, then you have more serious problems than me. :-))

…and FYI, here is what I said about Episode 5 of Fresh Hell in April”

“6. MJ – April 13, 2012
Better than recent ones — some new jokes this time.”

#8 Phase 2 would be a huge step up from this.

FH is making him look like any other wannabe from acting school trying to put out a showreel. He does not need it.

This is the hell that needs to freeze over.

#4; ‘Can only remember his lines while naked?”

Actually, that isn’t even an accurate description. The guy just asks if he can do the part naked since that’s how he learned it. Regardless, it’s not what the episode is about, it’s just one line, there to provide the excuse for him to be naked for the rest.