First Look & Excerpts From SFX TNG Issue – Frakes on Fighting For Riker/Troi, Moore on ‘Weak’ 1st Season + more

Tomorrow SFX magazine hits the stands with a new issue featuring a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. TrekMovie got an early look and we have some exclusive previews of the magazine, including excerpts of Ron Moore talking about TNG’s shaky start, Brannon Braga on his favorite characters, Jonathan Frakes on fighting for Troi/Riker and more.


SFX Magazine Celebrates 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Issue 223 of SFX magazine features a huge celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 25 year journey. It has a special gold-foil cover and 17 pages covering the creation and success of the TV show. There are also rare on-set pictures and with writer/producers Brannon Braga and Ron Moore, Rod Roddenberry, Jonathan Frakes, and more.

Here are some excerpts:

Writer/producer Ron Moore on TNG’s shaky start:

“I was watching the first first season as a fan, and I watched it religiously and recorded every single one. And even I was going, ‘This is kind of weak. It’s not working.’ You could kind of see the show trying to figure out what it was, how close it was gonna be to the original series and how different. They even repeated an episode from the original series when they did ‘The Naked Now’ in the first season. That was a shakedown cruise for the Enterprise for those first couple of years. It was extraordinary that the audience was willing to give it time.”

Brannon Braga on his writing preferences

“I didn’t like writing for Picard. He was hard to do. He had to be so articulate and masterful and knowledgeable, and all the things I don’t feel on a typical day. So he was a challenge. And Patrick Stewart, god bless him, could make anything sound good. Even the most mediocre writing he could bring to life. I liked to focus on the characters that didn’t get a lot of attention, like Riker and Geordi.”

TNG writers talk about working on the show in new issue of SFX magazine

TNG star Jonathan Frakes talked about the fight to keep the Troi/Riker love story going:

I think prior to the pilot we were told there was a huge, deep, important relationship between Troi and Riker. They hinted at it in the pilot where we had fantastic moments where we read each other’s feelings and minds. And then to free us up, I suppose for alien affairs, they swept it under the carpet. Marina and I refused to do that because we thought it was wonderful that we had this relationship and yet we were supposed to be working together and couldn’t be involved.

Writer and story editor Naren Shankar on the technobabble:

“It was probably the worst thing about Next Generation. I still cringe to this day when I see stuff like that. Because it went on and on – ‘Dephase this’ and ‘Decouple that’. But the great thing was that it was internally consistent. The show stayed true to its own principles.”

Mike Okuda talks about designing for TNG in new issue of SFX

SFX Star Trek TNG Issue available Wednesday on newsstands and digitally

There is much more in the latest issue of SFX, which goes on sale May 30th in the UK. It will be on US newstands by mid June. You will be able to order it directly (starting Wednesday) from MyFavouriteMagazines. It will also be available digitally at Zinio, the Apple Newsstand and for Nook Reader.

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