Simon Pegg: Reports About Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Sequel Character ‘A Myth’

Simon Pegg’s new movie A Fantastic Fear of Everything opens next week and while out promoting it, he is talking Star Trek. More specifically he is debunking (and denouncing) spoiler reports about Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the Star Trek sequel. See below for more, but note article discusses previously reported spoilers.


Simon Pegg: It’s Not Khan

Today Simon Pegg is profiled in the UK’s Telegraph. His new movie A Fantastic Fear of Everything opens up in the UK on June 8th, but the article also covers other aspects of his career, including Star Trek. The article quotes Pegg on his fellow Brit, and co-star. While Pegg confirmed that Cumberbatch is playing a bad guy, he didn’t give any details. Here is an excerpt:

Pegg is full of praise for Cumberbatch’s baddy, whom he describes [as] “not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing,” he squirms. “Obviously I can’t talk about it.”

While not wanting to get specific, Pegg did flatly deny reports and rumors that Cumberbatch is playing Khan…

“It’s not Khan,” replies Pegg, annoyed. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”

Pegg also doesn’t mince words when it comes to spoilers, saying:

“It just spoils the film,” he complains. “It masquerades as interest in the movie but really it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh f— off! Wait for the film!’”

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Simon Pegg in "Star Trek" (2009)

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