New Behind Scenes Star Trek Sequel Photos Reveal Starfleet Uniform Variant

Some new behind the scenes shots from the Star Trek sequel have bubbled up on the Internet. This time the photos are personal shots of a child actress working on the film along with various cast members. However, she took pictures with herself and cast members in costume, including a new Starfleet uniform not seen in the 2009 movie. Check them all out below, but beware of spoilers. [UPDATED]


Child actor’s behind the scenes pictures on Star Trek go viral

The latest set of Star Trek sequel photos comes from Anjini Azhar, a young actress who is playing the daughter of Noel Clarke’s character, who is described as a "family man with wife and daughter" (the mother is played by Nanzeen Contractor).

Anjini Azhar – plays daughter of Noel Clarke in Star Trek sequel

It appears that some time in May, Azhar’s talent agency posted pictures of the actress (to her IMDB profile) with various members of the Star Trek sequel cast and crew. These pictures have since been removed but intrepid fans of Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch spotted them and began sharing them on various social networking sites. They have subsequently been picked up by other sites including TrekWeb, TrekBrasilis, and others.

What is noteworthy about these new photos is that they feature castmembers in costume. Below you can see Azhar with Clarke and Contractor (her father and mother in the film). All seem to be wearing costumes from the movie, with Azhar in different outfits for each photo (likely indicating she appears in at least two different scenes).

Azhar with Clarke (L) and Contractor (R) – apparently in Star Trek sequel costumes

Azhar also had pictures posted with various members of the Star Trek cast. The most revealing of which was the one below with Simon Pegg (Scotty) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov), who are both wearing a new kind of Starfleet uniform.

Azhar with Pegg (L) and Yelchin (R) with their new Starfleet uniforms

Azhar also posted pictures of herself with Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Chris Pine (Kirk), and John Cho (Sulu) who are not full in costume, but also appear to be wearing the new grey uniform pants (or possibly skirt in Saldana’s case). All the photos appear to have been taken on the same day.

Azhar with Saldana (L), Pine, and Cho

This may actually not be the first time we have seen this uniform variant, or at least part of it. Back in April, both Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were spotted wearing grey pants and a black Starfleet shirt. Those could have been part of this uniform, with the actors just seen without the jacket (or hat).

Quinto and Pine spotted grey uniform pants in April

While the above uniforms are similar to the grey officer uniforms (worn at Starfleet Academy and in Iowa) seen in the 2009 Star Trek movie, there are a number of differences, including the cut, the epaulettes and (most notably) the hat. It also appears that the officer’s rank is indicated on the epaulettes, whereas the grey officer uniforms in the 2009 Star Trek film had no rank indicator (which was unusual for a Star Trek costume).

Zachary Quinto (Spock) in grey officer uniform in 2009’s "Star Trek"

What was that about hats? [UPDATED]

There has been a lot of buzz about the new caps seen above. While wearing caps is not the norm in Star Trek, hats have been seen before in various uniforms, including the grey uniforms in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Barracks Officer wearing cap in 2009’s "Star Trek"

And if you go all the way back to the original pilot for Star Trek ("The Cage"), you can see that Captain Pike had a cap in his quarters.

Captain Pike and his cap

UPDATE: Almost same caps in Star Trek 2009

TrekMovie reader Zillabeast noticed that in the final scene of the film there were officers in what appears to be a dress uniform (see below) holding very similar caps to the ones seen above.

Officers in another grey uniform (w/ caps) in 2009’s "Star Trek"

The standard ship uniforms are coming back

It is not known if this new Starfleet uniform is a replacement for the grey uniforms seen in the 2009 Star Trek film, or another uniform variant. For those that are wondering if the colorful uniforms from the Star Trek movie (inspired by the original series uniforms) will be seen, don’t worry. Like in the 2009 film, the colorful blue, red and gold uniforms will be worn by the cast and others, primarily when on board ship. The above grey uniforms seen to be for a specific purpose (possibly a dress uniform?).

Final shot of bridge of the USS Enterprise in the 2009 "Star Trek" movie – but we should expect to see the red, gold and blue uniforms in the 2013 Star Trek sequel 

There was also a picture posted of the actress with director/producer JJ Abrams in what appears to be an editing room. With JJ Abrams famous requirement for super-secrecy, it is surprising that this actor’s manager chose to upload the photos at all. Just seeing JJ should have probably been a reminder.

Azhar with Star Trek sequel producer/director JJ Abrams

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green thats different

They said no timetravel in this movie. That’s Micky from Doctor Who and he’s from the 21st century. Explain!

Someone in a different thread noted that these hats may have been seen in the TOS pilot on Pike’s desk. We know that Orci and Kurtzman are huge TOS fans and that would certainly fit with them acknowledging lesser known aspects of the franchise.

Dress uniform I think

A bit different than these:

But not a huge departure

Cute kid. Goofy hats.

Too cool… Looks like ranks on the collars… I love the hat with is mildly militaristic but very much Star Trek-ish…

let us now try and overanalyze what is on the editing screen in the top left hand corner of the picture with JJ

with* = which — Oh and does Peggs hair look lighter in color this time around?

No, the hat seen in Pikes quarters was basically a Marine Corps cover with a patch…nothg at all like this monstrosity. This uniform and hat looks like a cross between Starship Troopers and Jetsons era bus driver. That hat is hideous. *shudder*

Hat=not so much.

WHAT is happening with those hats? They look like they stepped out of, I don’t know, a WWII movie… with leather… so confused.

Wow, she got a shot with almost everybody.

Makes you curious about why they’re wearing these uniforms (as far as plot goes). I wish Paramount/Badrobot would do some kind of press release soon. It doesn’t have to be long, just a sentence or a word but I’d take anything official at this point.

Its a hat .
I can live with it .
That is one cute kid .

Looks like Starship Troopers.

I should add I dont mind the uniform just the hat.

Seems we’re heading for another Nazis in Space movie, with those Gestapo hats and all… ;)

JJ: “OK, sweetie…let’s see your camera…Just give me the camera, and you can go home…”

Can’t stand it. Looks like a Russian uniform.

Nanzeen Contractor on the oither hand….yum!

Well, I know one kid’s manager who won’t be getting a lot of work in the future. It’s just crazy for a manager to upload pictures like that when there is so much known secrecy surrounding this production. As for the hats. Oh my. I didn’t realize that they were basing costumes on Nazi uniforms. Really, really stupid. While I loved ST 2009, one of the aspects I did not like was the militaristic look of so much of it, from the Academy uniforms to the look of the ship. These new uniforms are much more military in nature. Gene Roddenberry is turning over in his grave.



I am in favor of the hats. But then I like Starship Troopers design scheme for the whole movie. Mind you I would never compare Starship Troopers plot to Star Trek! As always though people online who like something most of the time just smile and nod and move on without saying a word whilst the naysayers ALWAYS seem to be more than willing to bash and speak negatively of things. Of course that’s half the problem with our world today. Good things and things that are praiseworthy mostly go unspoken of and bad things get all the press. It’s to bad. I like the hats. I showed my family and they also like them. I am guessing a lot of people will be at least okay with them.

I’m slightly reminded of the red TWOK+ uniforms, these are probably dress uniforms (as stated) though.

I like em actually, even the hats. Looks clean and military.

People saying its too militaristic… Starfleet is a military and exploration organization people. Argh.

I’m not got to hate a movie because of ugly uniforms, but these uniforms are damned ugly.

And don’t let them fool you, everyone knows that Anjini Azhar is playing Khan.

21 – I thought the same thing — Star Fleet Gestapo.

That should be ‘going.’ I’m not going to hate a movie. Damned internets.

Oh Anton! <3
Weird hats

I would be absolutely gutted if we didnt see the gold, blue and red TOS uniforms.

Oh my!

“…it’s springtime with JJ…”

She is so cute, I hope Noel survives the movie!

Had a clear view of the outdoor set in So Cal and there were hundreds of extras in this “Nazi-esque” uniform. The tell-tale sign it was Star Trek: the females had short skirts and tall black boots!

Looks like something left over from the Soviet era?
My Magic 8 Ball confirms Shat will have a cameo appearance in the ST 2.0

There’s a fisheye effect going on in the picture with Pegg and Yelchin which makes the hat on Yelchin look distorted. For comparison, look at the hat on Pegg’s lap.

TOS always had high collars on the dress uniforms, but back then, they were all brightly colored, in order to sell color TVs (see Journey To Babel).

One of the things Nicholas Meyer did for STII:TWOK was to give the movie a more nautical atmosphere with the introduction of a boatswain’s call, a ship’s bell and the like. I thought the naval approach was a master stroke at the time that helped to give the film additional structure.

I’m just speculating, but it is possible that these (rather ugly) caps mark a strengthening of the existing, somewhat militaristic atmosphere of the previous movie. This will probably augment all the “Khan” rumors, of course. The caps certainly look like “dress” uniform pieces, so perhaps there is a specific event within the movie that requires them, such as a funeral.

Looking at that new uniform image, I can feel a comedy caption comin’ on.

Little girl’s parents are made to sweat, while Starfleet officers take time out from checking to see if their papers are in order.

Uniforms from a alternate Universe in a alternate Time-Line ?

In Soviet Russia, Starfleet hat wears you!

Haters gonna hate; but I think those uniforms are fascinating. This movie is going to rock.

Has anyone noticed that Simon Pegg’s hair color is his normal? Scotty had black hair, and his hair was black in the first movie. Makes me wonder if some of these shots are staged…taken after principle photography. Thoughts???

Nanzeen is one good looker. Just had to say that.

I still think that the red uniforms used in TWOK and onwards were the best-looking ones ever on Star Trek. I hope to see them one day in a rendition of that in another sequel.

Speaking of which, how many do you think this cast and crew will create?

The original TOS crew did 6, the TNG crew did 4. Do you think the STAR (Star Trek: Alternate Reality) crew will make it to 3, or will their egos be too big or will one of these break out into another role and leave Trek behind, or will this series get swallowed up by other films trying to make a name for themselves as well?

ugg…those hats are silly.

41. It could be a scene that doesn’t require him to remove his hat. So only a temporary black dye on the hair that shows.

In the timeless words of Mr William Shatner, “PEOPLE GET A LIFE” , its just a movie, the uniforms are just a outfit, Nazi this Nazi that or Soviet this or Soviet that, a uniform looks like Nazi or Soviet, or even US in the war or British or ect ect ect, really stop all this nit picking. How can people make conclusions on something thats not even finish being edited.

JJ and the team, thank you for caring enough to bring Star Trek back. Some things were good in the previous some I didnt like (I didnt like only, but if you did everything I liked than it would be my movie not yours)

As much as some people want it to be, ITS not real, their was no Eugenics war, their was no WWIII their was no sleeper ships ect. Its just a story being told to entertain us.

42. A trilogy is a more than respectable run. Fingers crossed for ST12. Anything beyond that would be a bonus. But I’m hoping Star Trek will be getting another crack at TV after that.

Nice catch in that Pike scene. I’ve seen that episode dozens of times, never saw it.

I too am glad to hear the TOS uniform style will be kept. That would be a MAJOR letdown if they were left out.


dont like those uniforms and can they let Zoe’s hair down for once.she is a lot prettier when her hair is down.

Sorry every one I am having a very sad day and this just sent me off.

Forget the hat in Capt. Pikes quarters, I want to know what happened to that huge cathode ray console TV it’s sitting on. Sweet!

Before anyone gets too wound up about the uniforms, don’t forget that George Lucas borrowed heavily from Triumph of the Will for the closing scene of Star Wars, and it really didn’t foul up the experience….