Did JJ Abrams Reveal A Star Trek Sequel Spoiler In A MTV Movie Awards Skit? [VIDEO]

On Sunday night Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams once again appeared in a skit on the MTV Movie Awards. This time it was a gag about archery being the big new thing in Hollywood, but what some alert Trekkies noticed what appeared on the monitor behind JJ, who is supposed to be busy on post-production for the Star Trek sequel. So was it part of the gag, or an actual plot spoiler for the new Star Trek movie? Watch the skit below and decide for yourself.


Did JJ just confirm Klingons are in the Star Trek sequel?

First off, here is the MTV Movie Awards skit with JJ Abrams (and Hunger Games star Jenifer Lawrence) talking about the worst archery teacher in Hollywood (played by Joel McHale).

What was noticed by a number of Trek fans is the editing bay monitor behind JJ clearly showed a Klingon. And in fact, JJ joked about how he had to remove a Klingon sub-plot from the Star Trek sequel because he didn’t want to work with this Archery coach.

JJ and a Klingon in MTV movie skit (click to enlarge)

Now this could all be a gag right? The Klingon behind JJ could just be footage from the 2009 Star Trek movie. His gag about having to cut a Klingon sub-plot could be riffing off the fact that he did actually have to cut the Klingon sub-plot from the 2009 movie.

However, the image showing on the monitor behind JJ does not come from the deleted Klingon scenes released on the Star Trek Blu-ray. Of course this shot could be from some footage shot for the 2009 movie that didn’t make it to the Blu-ray, but it’s possible this is a genuine shot of a Klingon from the new movie.

TrekMovie has already reported that sources have indicated that Klingons will have a role in the film. And earlier on Sunday Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Bob Orci came close to confirming Klingons were in the film. He at least confirmed that (if they do appear) Klingons will look like they did in the 2009 deleted scenes, saying "[Klingons] had ridges in the [2009 Star Trek movie] as evidenced by their helmets!…So in our universe, they still have ridges, whether they are in the sequel or not."

A closer look at the Klingon over JJ’s shoulder (click to enlarge)

But let’s face it. JJ Abrams is the king of secrecy. He would never reveal a secret to his movie in this way, would he? Then again, perhaps this gag about having to cut Klingons from the sequel could just be some meta way JJ is replying to the reports on the Internet about the Klingons. Just a little bit of misdirection from the master of mystery. So by showing a Klingon (something he would never do if it is real) he is actually trying to debunk the rumor. On the other hand, if Klingons are in the movie, they would be a major part of the marketing and Viacom (who own both MTV and Paramount) are just starting up their marketing buzz machine with this bit of Klingon business.

You could really get twisted up in pretzels if you think too hard so let’s leave it at JJ made some jokes about Klingons at the MTV Movie Awards.

Klingon from deleted scene in 2009 Star Trek movie. (click image to see scene at YouTube)

Thanks to Jason for the tip.

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