Orci: No Title Yet For Star Trek Sequel + First Teaser ‘Super Soon’ + more from TrekMovie.com Fan Q&A

As he does every so often. Star Trek sequel co-writer/producer Roberto Orci dropped by the TrekMovie.com comments section tonight and started answering questions posed by the fans. Orci talked about the first teaser trailer, the title for the film, how he prepped and more. See below for highlights and a full transcript, with possibly some minor spoilers.


Orci fan Q&A at TrekMovie.com + talks sequel title, first teaser & more

Star Trek scribe Roberto Orci has spend much of the last couple of months in New Orleans where he is working on his big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s classic sci-fi novel “Ender’s Game.” On Sunday night he found himself on a plane with some time to kill and posted the following message in the thread about the 5 Star Trek captains photo.

boborci: On an airplane with a glass of wine in my hand. Good time to try and trick me into revealing something.

This soon developed into another impromptu Bob Orci/TrekMovie.com fan Q&A session where Bob actually dropped some new information about the 2013 Star Trek sequel.

Here are some highlights from Bob’s chat:

  • (Maybe) confirmed that Klingons are in the sequel (then sort of backtracked)
  • Did confirm Klingons (if they appear) will have ridged foreheads (like in 2009 deleted scenes)
  • Title for sequel still being debated
  • Hopes that first teaser will be "very soon"
  • No word yet on what’s going on for San Diego Comic Con (but will know soon)
  • Sequel was "harder" to write than the first Trek due to lower expectations for the first one
  • Animated show still a possibility
  • "More than a few" hints have already been dropped into ongoing comics
  • Harry Mudd is NOT the villain in the Star Trek movie –
  • No comment if Nimoy will appear
  • Watched all of original Star Trek series and TOS movies to prep for sequel, took away " a better sense of tone and where our heroes are supposed to be like once they mature out of 09"

Full transcript (of the questions Orci answered) in standard Q&A format:

Amish Electrician:  Is Tom Hanks in the movie?
boborci: No. And he wont be until he gets his JFK history straight!

Markus: Any thoughts about a Alien/Star Trek crossover? Kirk vs. the Alien Queen? Pretty please :)
boborci: Actually a cool idea.

drapera: How about the new trek film title please sir…?
boborci: We are debating the title as we speak. U still have time to opine!

Ahmed: Good to have you here with us again, are you going to comic con this year & if yes, will we see something regarding Star Trek ?
boborci: I’m actually on a plane headed back home after months in New Orleans. I will find out this week what the consensus is regarding comic-con. I truly have no idea what we might do there.

Millie: Do you have any idea when the first teaser trailer will be released?
boborci: No exact date, but super soon!

Nick Sterling: I have a question for Bob. Given your experience with both movies now, which was more difficult: Working on the first film and having to establish the characters or the sequel?
boborci: Good question. The first movie came to us more effortlessly, but we also had the benefit of low expectations. The sequel was harder to get behind and figure out.

TBB: Bob. Could you tell us who the villain is…or at least who it isn’t…
boborci: Sure. Harry Mudd is not the villain.

VZX: Bob, you think you screwed yourself about the sequel title with just calling the 09 movie just “Star Trek?”
boborci: Hahaha! Maybe!

jesustrek: hey Bob and Leonard Nimoy participates in the Movie ??? say Yes please
boborci: Not drunk enough to answer that. Flight attendant!

Walter Kozlowski: Hey Boborci, do the Klingons have ridges?
: Yes.
Klingon ridges? So that confirms that Klingons are in the film!
boborci: They had ridges in the 09 version as evidenced by their helmets!
boborci: So in our universe, they still have ridges, whether they are in the sequel or not;)

VZX: Bob, did you have any input to the theme park in Spain?
boborci: No, knew nothing about Spain, but I do have a hand in crazy similar thing that will be revealed soon.

follettcraig: Bob, how much time did you spend on the set during shooting?
boborci:  Much less then I would’ve liked. That crew knew what they were doing after already having done 09.

Chief Engineer: Bob does Scotty have more to do in this movie?
boborci: You bet your a$$;)
Chief Engineer: Is that why Simon Pegg always looks so happy?
boborci: Yup.

Steve-o: Bob-If the Star Trek is bound for television after J.J. is finished with it would you have an interest in lending your talents to it’s production or do you think
after these films wrap up for good you will have had enough?
boborci: Can never get enough Trek.

JJ-R: Bob, now the groundwork has been laid for the new universe, is the new film more politically and socially relevant than the first? I know JJ said he wanted to do this way back before the script was written.
boborci: I think it will be more obviously relevant, though I still feel the 09 version was quite relevant with echoes of 9/11 and Bush vs. Obama.

JJ-R: Oh, and how’s that animated series idea coming along. ;)
boborci: Could happen.

Sunfell: Hey, Bob- how many wicked little hints about the movie are already hiding in the comic book series? I’m really enjoying it- the art and writing are top-notch. Loved the Vulcan two-parter.
boborci: More than a few.

VZX: Bob, will the Trek sequel be the “dark” chapter of the trilogy?
: Difficult to answer in that 09 showed destruction of Vulcan and Spock’s mother, yet not exactly considered dark.
VZX: Good point, but ST09 is the hero’s journey, Joe Campbell-esque, establishing of characters and set-up. Even Star Wars had the death of Obi Wan and Alderaan, but Empire is considered the darker one.
boborci: It certainly could end up as a second chapter, but we like to make sure that you get your money’s worth with each movie. The story must stand alone, in our humble opinion.

rm10019: Any update on a Trek Animated project? Or the PS3 game?
boborci: Will have updates on game asap.

VZX: Bob, how’s the science in the sequel? Do you think it will be as questioned as ST09?
boborci: No, because time travel invites a different level of scrutiny.

JJ-R: Are you just looking to TOS for your world-building, or to the 24th century shows and Enterprise too? There’s obviously no obligation to do so and original stories are the way to go, but the references to Cardassians, Archer, etc, in the first film were fun and heartening. I’d love for the new film to continue tipping its hat to all prior Trek eras, or perhaps do more than that.
boborci: Cant unsee what I have seen of all the shows, but we are mindful of being within the technological means of our world.

Seb: Bob, do u have any ideas for Star Trek 3 ?
boborci: No, so good time to weigh in;)

Blake Powers: Do we get to experience the Enterprise as “home” in this one? Last movie I didn’t really get to bond with the ship like I’d like to..
boborci: Good question. Yeah, you get a great sense of Big E this time. See Damon’s comments about how grand the set is this time.

Spock Grokker: Then tell us, what will happen with Spock and Uhura this time around? Still going strong? Or will Spock feel he needs to help, um, help repopulate the Vulcans?
boborci: Another good question which was debated!

Nony: Is McCoy actually *in* this movie, and is he awesome? Mr. Urban’s been awfully camera-shy and was the only one who never turned up in *any* pap/leaked photos, I’ve been a bit worried.
boborci: Bones LIVES!

rm10019: Did you revisit TOS and watch any again prior to sitting down and fleshing this treatment/script?
boborci: Watched all of TOS again before setting course.
rm10019: Bob, that is impressive really, what did you take away from the shows this time through? Does that include ST II ;)
boborci: Yeah, watched TOS movies, too. I took away a better sense of tone and where our heroes are supposed to be like once they mature out of 09.

Ahmed: In Star Trek (2009), I loved that scene where Captain Pike tell Kirk, “I dare you to do better.”
I hope that we will see similar character moments in the sequel.
boborci: Thank you! Hope you will like!

Blake Powers: bob,
do you watch any of the happenings going on with (spacex, nasa)? Do you ever feel “maybe this could motivate future explorers”? (at least in retrospect, I’m sure your main goal is to make a great product)
boborci: I met Elon Musk who advised me for Ender’s Game!

And soon after that Bob had to wrap things up saying…

boborci: Plane now going into initial descent. Thanks, guys and gals, for keeping me company. Folks on this site are the best, starting with you, Anthony. Never want to disappoint any of you. We’ll chat again soon!

Right back at you Bob. And thanks for dropping by and chatting with the fans.


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Wonder why they would select New Orleans of all places to film Ender’s Game?

Good stuff! That Bob.

Thanks, I enjoyed reading that!

The best news is that no one can say: No, Leonard Nimoy is not in the film.
So it must be so.
Also good news: possibility of an animated series. Yaaaayyyyy!
And something similar to what’s going on in Spain??? Wow.

What a mother-load of good news.

Interesting comments re title decision….think were missing hints from comics, maybe big ones…


“Star Trek Rises”?
“Shatner Rises”?
Or, just the Starfleet symbol (kinda like Prince.. the movie formerly known as Star Trek)?

Seriously, that’s gotta be like THE hardest part about writing or making a Star Trek movie.. naming it.

I’ll bet apples to grapes that Paramount pushes for a title that doesn’t have the words Star Trek in it. One could say they tried that and failed with ENT, but then The Dark Knight happened.

Finally saw Avengers. Really concerned now that The Re-Wrath of Khan is going to get buried by Iron Man 3…. :-(

My only advice is avoid a generic one word subtitle. We’ve had our fill of titles like “Generations,” “Insurrection,” or “Nemesis.” Maybe take a cue from the more descriptive TOS movie subtitles…

9: Like I said in the previous article, out of the over 700 episodes, there are a number of great titles that would make great movie titles. Possibly in TOS? Would be a nice homage.
Do you have any favorites in particular out of the episode titles?

Really enjoy reading these. Fun guy, that Bob. :)

“Even Star Wars had the death of Obi Wan and Alderaan”

Everybody forgets about frying Beru and Owen to blackened skeletons.

Franchise films don’t need titles. People will just say “two for Star Trek” regardless.

@boborci – Will this Trek film break new ground in special effects? Also, can we expect a killer 7.1 surround track? Thanks!

Hey gang, I’m watching the MTV movies awards. JJ is in a skit and there is a shot of a Klingon on a monitor behind him. Is this from the new film?

I bet Bob’s gonna get something from JJ about this little chat….

VZX: Bob, did you have any input to the theme park in Spain?
boborci: No, knew nothing about Spain, but i do have a hand in crazy similar thing that will be revealed soon.


Man, I hope that means Bob is involved in an effort to build the Enterprise, ala the Vegas project we recently heard about.

I totally slept through all that. Damn.

8. Phil – June 3, 2012

“Finally saw Avengers. Really concerned now that The Re-Wrath of Khan is going to get buried by Iron Man 3…. :-(”

You’re reminding me of Eeyore.

He’s a good guy.

15. VZX – June 3, 2012

“I bet Bob’s gonna get something from JJ about this little chat….”

I doubt JJ visits TM, let alone the threads. Even so, Bob’s duly cautious about what he reveals. Nice to get some good, non-spoiler details from him, though.

I am really appreciative that Bob comes here to interact with the folks here who care so much about the Trek universe. I am very intersted in seeing how the Ongoing comics have been ised to drop hints on character pkot and themes. The fact that Dr. Dehner was completely removed from WNMHGB has surely got to mean something?

“Super soon”, eh? I look forward to seeing a trailer by the end of the week, then! Seriously, though, ComiCon would be a great place to debut a teaser trailer. Just ANYTHING, please!

I read once that the Beru/Owen-blackened-corpses scene was put into Star Wars specifically to give the movie a PG rating; apparently they were afraid the movie might be rated G, which they didn’t want.

Which reminds me… how many of us remember that ST:TMP was originally rated G?

Weren’t movie ratings a new phenomenon in the late 70’s? They kind of didn’t know what the rules were for a while. Some of the PG movies I’ve watched from the late 70’s and early 80’s had nudity and language that should never have been allowed and in the following decade would’ve changed the rating. I wish I was sober enough to give examples, sorry…..

@ 21. rm10019 – June 3, 2012

“I am very intersted in seeing how the Ongoing comics have been ised to drop hints on character pkot and themes. The fact that Dr. Dehner was completely removed from WNMHGB has surely got to mean something?”


I think it just means they didn’t see Dehner’s part as vital enough to consume limited comic space. I doubt she’ll be part of this universe. On the other hand, one comic ended with a trouble in paradise scene between Spock & Uhura, indicating her concern for his post tragedy risk taking. Bob’s comments did indicate that that relationship was under scrutiny, if I’m not mistaken. That’s one of the few unresolved threads they’ve left hanging in Ongoing, so far. I suspect something will come of the Vulcan Vengeance episode, as well.

Bob Orci thanks for sharing,We’ll chat again soon!

Gracias y hasta Pronto.

Since we know the villain is Khan and therefore it’s sort of a “remake” of Star Trek II, I honestly don’t see a problem with calling it “Star Trek 2.” That would be my first choice honestly, “Franchise: Something Something” titles are pretty much unfailingly cheesy sounding in my opinion.

20. NCM: I was joking, sorta.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if more of the Trek film-makers come to this site. Bob is just the only one that interacts with the posters here often.

Yeah, there’s a ton of good ones. Unfortunately, many of the fun TOS titles are probably a little long and impractical for the big screen: “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky,” “City on the Edge of Forever,” Requiem for Methuselah.”

The bottom line for me is the powers-that-be seem so stodgy these days. Titles all have to be short and serious. “Generations” sounds like a Lifetime T.V. movie and “Insurrection” is flat and abstract, whereas “The Wrath…,” “The Search…,” “The Voyage…” automatically suggests adventure.

I like to see some titles like “From Qo’nos With Love” or “You Only Live Long And Prosper Twice”, “Today Is A Good Day To Live And Let Die”, etc.

Not going to happen of course, due to the proximity to the James Bond titles, but something just as clever might be an interesting way to market the next Trek movie. :-)

From what Bob said, I guess that we will see the teaser sometime this year, maybe during comic con.

As for the title, a short and mysterious one will be better IMO

I was hoping to hear more about Bones in the sequel. In the original TOS series it was always about Kirk Spock and McCoy, I hope they can bring this great dynamic to the big screen again.

Can’t wait to unveil the new film’s number-free subtitle following the series title.


On the other thread, I think Bob said there would be more McCoy. And I agree about the Kirk-Spock-McCoy dynamic.

1. The tax incentives in Louisiana are REALLY good.

Nothing’s cooler than having a guy like Orci chatting with the fans. Imagine that in the 60’s? Or 70’s, 80’s or 90’s for that matter?

BUT WHY NO DISCUSSION ABOUT SHATNER? Please resist answering, “Enough of Shatner. The new cast must stand on their own.” PLEASE. He’s freakin’ Kirk, and he will croak soon. Can’t we get him in one last time??? No true fan, not even one who doesn’t particularly want him in the movie, will regret seeing him again. He deserves that much, too, after the tragic sendoff in that horror show (AKA STG).

@35. Ah, thanks!

32 I have to agree with you on that. Karl Urban’s McCoy was spot on. Really reminded me of the late, great DeForest Kelley without being a parody. Also, I’ve been re-watching TOS on Netflix lately and have really enjoyed how those three interacted. Such great chemistry between those actors.

All you guys still insisting that Khan will be in this movie probably didnt listen to their teachers in school very well.

How about Star Trek: Super Soon!! ? :p

Seriously, just name it Star Trek XII and the subtitle and be done with it. Who cares what it’s called anyway?

Btw, Anthony, does someone check your typos before going “to press”? ;)


Just one simple question for you: I know you can’t give details about the film away but in the most general terms, will there be much emphasis on space exploration this time or will it mainly be about conflict between Kirk’s crew and the villain?

I would love more of an emphasis on exploration of new worlds as this has never really featured in any of the Trek films. The fact you are filming in Iceland whets my appetite for that kind of thing.

@39 “All you guys still insisting that Khan will be in this movie probably didnt listen to their teachers in school very well.”

Dude, sound like you then are just another brick in the wall:

“We don’t need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.”

Bob, just how good is Cumberbatch’s performance in the next movie?

Hmmm. Encouraging comments. Sounds like they really poured their souls into this one. And the ‘super super soon’ for a teaser perked me up. Thanks again, Bob Orci.

Can’t wait to see if they have anything more for Comic Con in San Diego (where I’ll be in a month or so). I will peruse the ST booth with extra care this year. I hope (but I doubt) that I can get into the Hall H presentation if they have a panel there. That hall is notoriously difficult to get into these days unless you wait all night… oh, and thank you ‘Twilighters’ for starting that fine tradition (extra sarcasm sauce, please…). ;-)

Shame about Harry Mudd, too… that was my other guess for Cumberbatch’s role. Hee hee….. ;-D

I hope there’s a trailer attached to Dark Knigth Rises. That’s the biggest movie left this summer and would be a great way to get as many eyes on it as possible.

# 23. Jerry~
“Which reminds me… how many of us remember that ST:TMP was originally rated G?”


Oh goodness, that takes me back, but I certainly do. LOL!
I remember being a bit irked by that since I was 12 or 13 at the time, and hated the idea of getting all excited to see a “G” movie. “G” movies just weren’t ‘cool’ then, you know….

Thanks for the funny memory, Jerry…. ;-D

Really appreciate that Bob come from time to time to interact with us here, it make us feel part of the making process.

The only other Hollywood writer/producer who does that is J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 who was interacting with the fans since the days of Usenet and now on his Facebook page.

Bob Orci, if you’re reading this, my recommendation is to simply call the film: TO BOLDLY GO. I think it screams “Star Trek” and it’s a nice exciting teaser that can pretty much fit whatever plot you choose for this film.

Here’s a thought:

What if they attach a super-secret teaser trailer to “Prometheus” on Friday? I could totally see that happening, seeing as it’s a semi-prequel to another iconic sci-fi franchise… AND it was written by Damon Lindelof.