PHOTO: 5 Star Trek TV Captains Together At Philly Wizard World

This weekend for the first time ever all five of Star Trek’s TV captains appeared together at a convention. William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula were at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con and we have the picture to prove it.


Five Star Trek TV Captains Together in Philly Today

For the first time together at one convention, the five captains from the five "Star Trek" television series appeared today at Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Five Star Trek TV captains at Philadelphia Wizard World Comic-Con – June 3, 2012 – click to enlarge
(Tomlin Campbell photo for Wizard World)

From L to R, William Shatner (Kirk, Star Trek), Patrick Stewart (Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Avery Brooks (Sisko, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Kate Mulgrew (Janeway, Star Trek: Voyager) and Scott Bakula (Archer, Star Trek: Enterprise). It’s nice they got them to sit in chronological order of their respective TV series.


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My friend went there and got a picture of him and Shatner!!! Now that’s what I consider vicarious living (for me that is :P )

Ya know…looking at them and thinking about how they’re each genuinely great actors, it makes you proud of everything each of them has done for Trek and the fans…

Dear CBS: Can you please make another “Star Trek” show now?

You know….this article would have been better if there was more than just the “they were there” line and…idk…a video covering the event? The shortness of the article and the lack of video made it that much more un-interesting. The only thing interesting was three photo. Still if anyone has video of this, please lets see it!!!

On an airplane with a glass of wine in my hand. Good time to try and trick me into revealing something.

That’s one historic Star Trek photo to remember! It will be in every book analyzing Trek for years to come.

#7 Is Tom Hanks in the movie?

Avery Brooks is just smiling away knowing he was the best damn capt of the bunch!

Bill is a chunky monkey

#7: Any thoughts about a Alien/Star Trek crossover? Kirk vs. the Alien Queen? Pretty please :)

Uhoh Bob’s drunk….time to start asking questions


Good to have you here with us again, are you going to comic con this year & if yes, will we see something regarding Star Trek ?

7. No. And he wont be until he gets his JFK history straight!

#7 hey Bob one of them will be on the Movie ???

12. Actually a cool idea.


How about the new trek film title please sir…?


Ha Ha!

Apparently only the Enterprise-D and DS9 had a gym….

#7 Do you have any idea when the first teaser trailer will be released?

14. Im actually on a plane headed back home after months in New Orleans. I will find out this week what the consensus is regarding comic-con. I truly have no idea what we might do there.

18. We are debating the title as we speak. U still have time to opine!

I have a question for Bob. Given your experience with both movies now, which was more difficult: Working on the first film and having to establish the characters or the sequel?

Could you tell us who the villan is…or at least who it sin’t…

Mr Orci Will we have an ‘Empire’ style cliff hanger at the end of the movie?? I suppose the younger kids would call it a ‘Dark Knight’ style cliff hanger. Either way I hope so. Did wonders for ‘Best of Both Worlds’, and helps to keep Trek in mainstream discussions while Trek III (XIII?) is made….

21. No exact date, but super soon!

I’m flying out to Key West soon. I have no point.

Anyway, Bob reminds me of my wife when she drinks.

24. Good question. The first movie came to us more efortlessly, but we also had the benefit of low expectations. The sequel was harder to get behind and figure out.

23: No title??

Ok, I opine to call it Star Trek 2. NOT II, but 2.

You guys already had it on the crew hats.

Vzx i like her already.

22 present the frist Teaser of STXII of curse ???

25. Sure. Harry Mudd is not the villain.

Bob, you think you screwed yourself about the sequel title with just calling the 09 movie just “Star Trek?”

Hey Boborci, do the Klingons have ridges?

I liked the simplicity of just “Star Trek”, but then you now almost HAVE to call it Star Trek 2. IMHO.

31. Creepy. That would kill the mood.

34. Hahaha! Maybe!

35. Yes.

hey Bob and Leonard Nimoy participates in the Movie ??? say Yes please

38. Hmmm. Fascinating. So it IS “Star Trek 2”. Now that the title is established….Klingon ridges? So that confirms that Klingons are in the film!

40. Not drunk enough to answer that. Flight attendend!

Wow, Bob really IS easy when he drinks. Just like my…

With a t

It hard to come to a title without knowing something about the plot, maybe if you tell us something about the plot beside the fact that there is a starship in the movie ;)

I really hope there is a big surprise in the movie that nobody saw coming either in casting or storyline.

Hey Bob, I would love to find out the process behind some of decisions about Spock’s appearance. For example, why not more green? Zach looks good in green. ;_0 OK, not sure about green skin though. Who would be the person to talk to about Spock’s makeup design?

Bob, did you have any input to the theme park in Spain?

41. They had ridges in the 09 version as evidenced by their helmets!


Heard rumors that tonight’s Alamo Drafthouse screening of Wrath of Khan might have some nuggets relating to the new movie, a la April 2009. Any truth to this?