Khan30: Watch Rare 1982 Star Trek II Interviews w/ Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley & Montalban + Making Of ILM FX

This week is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Today we look back at 1982 with some rare video with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and Ricardo Montalban promoting the film on talk shows and with the press. We also are sharing an interesting video from ILM talking about the making of the CGI sequences in the movie (the first time CGI was used in a feature film).


Rare Star Trek II interviews

In the summer of 1982 an entire episode of The Merv Griffin Show was dedicated to Star Trek II, with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, and Bibi Besch as guests. See playlist below of the full episode in seven parts. (via DarenDoc)

Shatner also visited The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (guest host Joan Rivers) to promote the movie (via D3Q8A).

Shatner, Nimoy and Montalban also did other various press junket interviews. Here are a couple (via dogonsey and BuddhaMaster84).

And Leonard Nimoy traveled across the pond to promote the film in the UK. Here is an interview with the BBC. (via geewhizz1701)

ILM video on Star Trek II effects

Finally, here is a video (via VintageCG) all about the groundbreaking effects work they did for the Star Trek II.

More Khan30 II at TrekMovie

TrekMovie will continue to celebrate Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Keep an eye out for an exclusive interview with director/writer Nicholas Meyer. And check out our tribute from yesterday.

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Sorry, somehow this article was lost during the migration, but has now been restored…unfortunately the day’s comments didn’t make it during the migration.

Thanks for getting it back, hadn’t finished watching these gems.

I actually saw that Merv Griffin episode when it originally aired, but missed the first few minutes. Loved the Roth of Khan, Shatner pronunciation.

This is some priceless stuff. It’s very obvious this was a different time. We didn’t watch as much what we said and how we said it. Studio didn’t demand so much be scripted and what we did say is obviously not as politically correct as the machine is today. Man, Shatner didn’t like that title did he? I’m adding “Wrath” to my list of Shatner pronunciated words.

Also watching Merv brings to mind Rick Moranis’ impression of him on SCTV. “” Oooooh, we’ll be right back”.

The stars are accurate in the Genesis animation?!?!?! And our sun is in the Big Dipper!?!? Mind Blown.

Shatner, regarding the screening audience after the film that they “Went the phone booth”… That’s so funny. Today, they’d tweet about it while in the movie…

Another reason I’m amazed at the level of secrecy that JJ and company are able to maintain in regards to the new Star Trek 2.

I wish more stuff like the clips above would be include in DVD/Blu-ray releases of the films…there’s a TON of Star Trek interview footage out there (think of all the conventions these guys have done), yet none of it is being preserved the way it should be.

This is why I rent time on the internet.

Thank you for reposting! I am really enjoying these vintage Star Trek interviews!!

Will the Nick Meyer exclusive interview be posted soon?

I wonder why the Genesis FX feature has not been included on DVD or blu ray thus far?

Well, unfortunately some fly by night operation now has the rights to the Merv Griffin Show, and has had those clips removed from YouTube… :( Thanks.

Was that “Prime Spock” or “Pimp Spock”? Hey, Bob’O.. can you put Pimp Spock in the next movie, instead?