Star Trek TMP Complete Score Available Now + BTS Video + Listen To Shaun Cassidy & Disco Tracks

Today La-La Land released the limited edition 3-CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-nominated score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This new complete score includes all sorts of rare and unreleased material. See below for more behind the scenes video on the making of the new score, including a visit to the original scoring stage. We also have fun videos of promotional pop songs for the film (yes, Shaun Cassidy did a Star Trek song).


3-CD set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Score Available Now

Today La-La Land Records released their eagerly anticipated deluxe 3-CD set of 1979‘s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. The new score is fully restored, remixed and mastered from the first generation multi-track masters by Bruce Botnick, the original album co-producer and Goldsmith’s long time scoring engineer.

The set costs $34.98 and is available at (limited to 10,000 units).

The 3-CD set presents the score for the 1979 theatrical release (filling disc 1 and part of disc 2) and also premieres the legendary early “rejected” cues that Goldsmith recorded prior to composing his famous main theme. Disc 2 and 3 also include additional alternates (including those heard on the previous Sony expanded release) along with a wealth of bonus material. Among the highlights are a collection of early takes of the “Main Title” (including extensive stage chatter), isolated segments featuring Craig Huxley’s famous “blaster beam” and assorted synthesizer excerpts, the domestic CD debut of Bob James’ disco cover version of Goldsmith’s theme and Shaun Cassidy’s vocal version of the love theme, “A Star Beyond Time.” (see previous article for full track listing).

The new set also includes a  40-page full color booklet with new liner notes by Jeff Bond which feature interview excerpts by Goldsmith, Botnick and performers Huxley and David Newman. The clamshell packaging and 40-page full color booklet are designed by Jim Titus.

New Behind The Scenes Video – TMP Reunion

New score producer Mike Matessino posted this video of a visit to the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox where the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture score was recorded. Along for the visit was Ian Fraser (pianist/arranger), Bruce Botnick (producer/recordist) and composer David Newman (violinist).

And here is Ian Fraser sitting down at the piano playing some of "Ilia’s Theme."

Bonus – Star Trek via Shaun Cassidy and Disco

As noted, this new 3 CD set has a lot of obscure finds on it, including the song "A Star Beyond Time" sung by pop star Shuan Cassidy (the Justin Bieber of the 70s). The song was for promotional purposes (and not intended to be part of the film).
John D’Andrea arranged the music to Goldsmith’s original Ilia’s Theme with lyrics by Larry Kusik. According to Mike Matessino, the song was aired in Japan but didn’t see much (or any) airtime in the US.

Another piece of pop music included in this new set is the TMP theme reinterpreted by Bob James, best known as the pioneer of smooth jazz (and composer of the theme to Taxi). This too was just for promotion, but it’s a fun alternative. 


Order your set today at

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Looking forward to getting this! As a side note, I find lyrics and vocals added to epic movie music to be cheesy (see: Superman: Can You Read My Mind?). Maybe Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” is and exception, but that’s debatable.

y’all work so hard on this site – i am so appreciative. hope all your tech-effort isn’t to stressful.

Noticed Messrs. Fein and Dochterman were in attendance in those clips. I hope this all leads to the TMP DE finally getting done in HD!

Anthony, don’t forget my great video! :)

Seen some early order numbers were 50899 reading comments on face book and mine is just over 52300

If this is going up incrementally then does that mean it has nearly got 3000 sold alone in it’s first day. Will it sell out that quick?


It sure looks like it. I ordered a copy yesterday myself.

@#6 Though I don’t expect an end-of-week sellout, you can be sure this set will sell fast. Star Trek plus Jerry Goldsmith is a highly sought-after combination by Trek and score fans alike. Don’t wait too long if you want this…

#6, that’s only 1400 orders, not 3000. Also, you can’t be sure that all the orders placed in that time period included TMP. La-La sells other discs too.

Ugh, that Shaun Cassidy song is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought the theme song to Moonraker was bad!! LOL!!!

Bones should be on the poster

Ordered mine.

@11 – YES!! You took the words right out of my mouth.

Ordered mine as soon as I read this article yesterday. Stuff like this is rare, and I’m just glad I didn’t miss it like I did the Giacchino recordings. (Thanks to the great folks here who pointed me to the tracks I could listen to online.)

I remember Robert Wise saying that he wanted this movie to have an old-style cinematic feel, and I remember the black screen running with the Ilia overture before it lit up with the main theme. Gave me goosebumps. Wish we could see it in a revival cinema. Maybe in 2014- 35 years?

This is a cool post. That Ian Frasier stuff is cool. I always liked Illia’s theme.

I heard Lionel Richie on Tavis Smiley recently. He was asked what he thought of music today. He answered, “he’d be glad when melody and harmony came back.”

The next time I want too see TMP is on my 65″ flatscreen… a few more years.


Actually, Bones was only prominent in the poster for TUC.
Sad but true.


Already have mine ordered, did not want to risk waiting for it.

I also noticed that the site says they are experiencing a higher than rmal frequency of orders, I wonder why lol.

Glad I got my order in when I did!

Let me +1 Andy’s post(#14). I could spend hours picking Ian Frasier’s brain, and RE melody/harmony vs. acoustic “washes”, I can assure you that musical styles are cyclical. I am getting more requests for thematic material than “sound design” just this year. IMO the future looks bright for traditional orchestral scoring.

I placed my order last night (on the 7th) and the order status doesn’t show any information on the order at all. Its blank. I’m even wondering if I’ll get my disc or not. Apparently they were quick to take my money though, as it came out last night. Has anyone else ordered in the last day and seen their order in limbo? I guess with all the orders they’ve done, it will be next week by the time I get any response back.

Ordered mine tuesday at 1:05pm ESt ( 4:05 PST). Set my alarm and had my browser set up already waiting, to be certain I was there on time. Didn’t need to set that alarm…been primed for this release since it was announced.

Got an email my order was shiped on Wednesday.Don’t expect it ‘ti at least monday, butI can still hope that it drops through my mail slot tomorrow (Saturday).

I simply cannot wait until this arrives. I’ve been wanting a release like this for so long.

Now if we can just get a complete TOS score release…

Am I the only one that kind of digs the Shaun Cassidy song? :)


Same here, I placed my order when it came out on Tuesday and my order status is still blank.

I hope everything is okay.

I ordered mine day one. I experienced error messages and had to go back to the beginning a few times, but ultimately I got through after about 10 minutes. I got an e-mail confirming the order that same day and it was shipped to me the next day and I got an e-mail that the order had shipped. It will arrive next week, hopefully, but that may be a bit optimistic (it has to travel all the way to Norway, and not exactly on impulse speed …) I wish I were an American citizen, for then it would already be in my greedily groping little hands. I hope all of you guys will get what you ordered. For some reason I would love to share my thought on this release later when I have had a good listen. I am so looking forward to reading the booklet while listening to the music. The sound clips really whetted my appetite: On these MP3’s I could already notice more definition of the instruments and a clearer sound stage, I think. Not surprising after the great job they did with the masters.

MINE ARRIVED TODAY!!! I was not expecting this until monday. SO happy to get it. Cannot wait to sit down and revel to it in it’s full glory.

I hope that all of you that haven’t received news on yours will hear something soon. I would suggest that if you haven’t, contact LA LA Land on Monday to see if your order went through. I would also suggest calling the automated system of whichever credit card you used to see if they’ve processed a charge. Mine showed the charge ( through PAyPAl ) the day I got a shipment notification email.

Fingers crossed for those of you waiting unsure of your order. I can sympathize as that has happened to me before.

I FINALLY received an email stating my order has been shipped!


I’m only a few tracks in, but I can already hear the difference in sound quality.

Interestingly, the original 1979 album contained re-recorded versions of some of the tracks (the Main Title for example) and the differences between the theatrical versions and the album mixes can be little jarring at first. For example, I did not realize that the overture originally heard at the beginning of the film ( pre-credits ) was a separately recorded piece. I had always assumed it was merely edited down from the full-length track “Ilia’s Theme” heard on the soundtrack album, so when I heard the shorter version at the beginning of disc one, I was quite surprised.

I am also happy to report that the track titled “The Cloud”( heard when the Enterprise first penetrates the energy cloud ) now includes the ominous ‘church organ’ interlude heard when the crew first sees the V’Ger vessel inside the cloud. This organ piece was replaced by a less imposing synthesizer sound on the commercially released album, which always disappointed me.

Fabulous…simply fabulous!

@22 I like the arrangement,which is a nice pop version and Cassidy’s voice isn’t bad, but the lyrics are kind of insipid. It sounds like the lyricist looked up a bunch of ‘space words’ and threw them into the song without much rhyme or reason.

Incidentally, the Bob James track included in this set is significantly longer than the promo 7″ single that I own.

Just finished the entire set… Wonderful. Granted, the unfinished takes are something I won’t listen to that often, and hearing multiple versions of the main title and Ilia’s Theme gets a bit repetitve after a while, but I’m thrilled to death with this release.

I picked mine up at the panel discussion held at the ArcLight in Hollywood the day before its official release. Got it autographed by Craig Huxley and Bruce Botnick too. The panel discussion was a lot more informative and entertaining than I expected it to be, supplemented with video clips of extended Goldsmith interviews. Huxley also demonstrated his blaster beam which anyone in the audience could film. I finally posted mine to YouTube today. It was a blast to hear those familiar sounds being created for us live!

My copy arrived yesterday, and I’ve only had time to listen to most of the first disc, and it just sounds awesome! This is a great recovery project!

I actually heard the “lyrics” for “Ilia’s Theme” for the first time on a “Star Trek” musical compilation album (yeah, a 33rpm album) about thirty years ago. Even as a teenager, I remember it sounding pretty cheesy, but I never knew the true origin of them. Hey, I’ll give ’em credit for trying something out of the box.

Don’t think a lot of folks realize this was one of the last movies to have a true “overture” like some of the epic movies/musicals had back in the day….

Would love to see a re-release of the Director’s Cut in theaters some day, but realize it’ll likely never happen. Oh, well :)

Had mine a few days now and its fascinating stuff. Its great to finally have the complete score including the short snippets by others for the captains log. They may not be goldsmith’s but they are apart of the film and give it a nice, if distant, link to the TV show.

The early unused is interesting, much more nautical sounding and I’d have been happy with the direction it was taking.

I am thankful to LLL, Intrada, FSM, GNP, Paramount & Sony for getting these expanded scores out.