Star Trek TMP Complete Score Available Now + BTS Video + Listen To Shaun Cassidy & Disco Tracks

Today La-La Land released the limited edition 3-CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-nominated score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This new complete score includes all sorts of rare and unreleased material. See below for more behind the scenes video on the making of the new score, including a visit to the original scoring stage. We also have fun videos of promotional pop songs for the film (yes, Shaun Cassidy did a Star Trek song).


3-CD set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Score Available Now

Today La-La Land Records released their eagerly anticipated deluxe 3-CD set of 1979‘s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. The new score is fully restored, remixed and mastered from the first generation multi-track masters by Bruce Botnick, the original album co-producer and Goldsmith’s long time scoring engineer.

The set costs $34.98 and is available at (limited to 10,000 units).

The 3-CD set presents the score for the 1979 theatrical release (filling disc 1 and part of disc 2) and also premieres the legendary early “rejected” cues that Goldsmith recorded prior to composing his famous main theme. Disc 2 and 3 also include additional alternates (including those heard on the previous Sony expanded release) along with a wealth of bonus material. Among the highlights are a collection of early takes of the “Main Title” (including extensive stage chatter), isolated segments featuring Craig Huxley’s famous “blaster beam” and assorted synthesizer excerpts, the domestic CD debut of Bob James’ disco cover version of Goldsmith’s theme and Shaun Cassidy’s vocal version of the love theme, “A Star Beyond Time.” (see previous article for full track listing).

The new set also includes a  40-page full color booklet with new liner notes by Jeff Bond which feature interview excerpts by Goldsmith, Botnick and performers Huxley and David Newman. The clamshell packaging and 40-page full color booklet are designed by Jim Titus.

New Behind The Scenes Video – TMP Reunion

New score producer Mike Matessino posted this video of a visit to the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox where the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture score was recorded. Along for the visit was Ian Fraser (pianist/arranger), Bruce Botnick (producer/recordist) and composer David Newman (violinist).

And here is Ian Fraser sitting down at the piano playing some of "Ilia’s Theme."

Bonus – Star Trek via Shaun Cassidy and Disco

As noted, this new 3 CD set has a lot of obscure finds on it, including the song "A Star Beyond Time" sung by pop star Shuan Cassidy (the Justin Bieber of the 70s). The song was for promotional purposes (and not intended to be part of the film).
John D’Andrea arranged the music to Goldsmith’s original Ilia’s Theme with lyrics by Larry Kusik. According to Mike Matessino, the song was aired in Japan but didn’t see much (or any) airtime in the US.

Another piece of pop music included in this new set is the TMP theme reinterpreted by Bob James, best known as the pioneer of smooth jazz (and composer of the theme to Taxi). This too was just for promotion, but it’s a fun alternative. 


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