Watch: ‘Redshirts’ An Original Song & Music Video Tribute

In honor of the release of his new novel "Redshirts" author John Scazli commissioned a special "Redshirts" song. And that song has been turned into a music video tribute to Star Trek’s honored crewman who laid down their lives so that the main cast can live on. Watch "Redshirts" the musical tribute below.


Redshirts – a musical tribute

To promote his new Star Trek-esque book "Red Shirts," author John Scazli and publisher Tor created a new song called "Red Shirts" by Jonathan Coulton. This lead to the creation of a nicely done tribute music video (created by TrekPropGuy on YouTube).

The novel "Redshirts" was released yesterday. There will also be an audio version which will be voiced by Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton (date: TBA).

You can read an excerpt of "Red Shirts" at You can order the hardcover: Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas for $16.16 at (or the Kindle version for $14.91).

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Those poor Redshirt’s. Always Dying for Attention. Decent song

Redshirts rock. I will give an arm and a leg to get a role as a redshirt. Yippee Kayayay muther fkkkrs. Why don’t you just die!!!

Actually, I really like the song. Well done!
It’s funny that Trek got the rep for the Red Shirt phenomenon when virtually every action-based show did… and does… the same thing. I lost count of the characters who showed up for 3 episodes of “Lost” only to cash it in in spectacular fashion. Lots of shows do it. But, only on Trek did the expendibles get one uniform.

And never fear… TrekMovie has a copy of Redshirts, which should be done good and read by tomorrow night. Review forthcoming soon!

Redshirts; the ultimate in fall guy technology… ;-D

I remember at the ST booth at Comic Con a few years ago there was “Red Shirt Cologne”, and it’s motto was ‘Because each day might be your last.”


RIP Ray Bradbury

Why did TNG upgrade red shirts to “Command” branch?


I asked this same question of Larry Nemichek and he said it had to due with Gene Roddenberry avoiding the joke of red shirts getting killed in TNG so he made the change for Command to be red branch color. Although I have yet to find any “official” Starfleet regulation in the canon of Star Trek to suit me.

Look out for that rock!! …BOOM!

#7 (and #6):

I remember reading the same explanation back during the first couple of months that TNG was originally airing. I think this might’ve been in one of the initial issues of that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” bi-monthly (quarterly?) magazine that Starlog published at the time.

#9 (and #7 and #6):

My explanation (at least in my mind) was when Starfleet went to separate division colors of the TNG era, command got to keep red just because every one was wearing red in the previous uniforms (TOS Movie era uniforms). Because of these TOS Movie era uniforms made red the color most identifiable with Starfleet, command division officers got to keep the red color.

I’ve actually been waiting for this for a long time. Thankyou universe!

love the song

I read the book in one day- it’s REALLY good! Hilarious and also made me cry- that’s hard to do!