Lindelof Talks Star Trek Sequel’s ‘Nuanced’ Antagonist + Pine Talks Story vs FX

We have a couple of Star Trek quotes from people involved with the sequel who are out promoting other movies. First up Damon Lindelof says some things about the villain and Kirk and how they are different that the 2009 film. Then Kirk himself Chris Pine also notes that while the sequel has bigger effects, it is still about the characters and the story. Check it all out below


Lindelof on how Kirk and the antagonist are different for the sequel

Speaking to IGN about Prometheus, Damon Lindelof also talked a bit about Star Trek. He of course would not say who the villain was in the film, but he did offer this about what is different in this movie…

Kirk is now in the Captain’s chair, for the first time, not having shanghaied it. And he has to learn how to manage his responsibilities as a captain with these friendships and relationships that he’s forming with these people around him. And I think also we’re introducing what is a very cool and nuanced force of antagonism that’s a little different from the first movie, which was just a steaming Romulan ball of rage that needs to be stopped at all costs.

more from Damon on Trek at IGN.

Pine on character trumping effects in Star Trek sequel

Star Trek’s Chris Pine will next be seen in the family drama People Like Us, written and produced by Star Trek’s Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and helmed by Kurtzman (his first film as director). Pine and Kurtzman have been traveling around the country doing press for the film and surprisingly there has been little talk about Star Trek, but Chris did end up talking Trek in a couple of recent interviews.

With WGN in Chicago, Chris Pine also talked about the Star Trek sequel. He elabroated on his previous comments about how the film is "relentless," but noted that it isn’t all just action and effects, saying:

Obviously there is something to be said for special effects. We are in the era of The Avengers movie and people get excited by that stuff and indeed the stuff we have in our film is really cool to watch and to look at, but what I think is more important, and hopefully what people gravitated to in the first one, are good stories about people. And I think we are capitalizing on the interest people have in these characters and the growth and the journey that these people go on amongst all these crazy special effects.

Pine also talks about meeting William Shatner and how he prepared by watching the original series, and noting how he is a fan of Bill’s sense of humor.

Watch the video via WGN

And with Seattle’s The Bob Rivers Show  Pine (with Kurtzman) talks about his audition for Star Trek, and how he almost ended up not getting the role as James T. Kirk.

Thanks to Rosemary 

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First! Can’t wait, the excitement mounts!


A nuanced villain / antagonist. This is going to be good folks. It will be a big movie, but small too.

Always wanted to be first .

Great to hear about the villain. Eric Bana was fun, but nobody will ever accuse Nero of being the deepest character.

Khan or non-Khan, it’s gonna be Cumberbatchtacular!

“force of antagonism” sounds a lot like Pegg’s “thing”. Hmmm.

Hmm… “Kirk is now in the Captain’s chair, for the first time, not having shanghaied it.” Hmmm… that would seem to indicate that this film takes place directly after the first one.

So what about the comics sanctioned by the writers?

Looks like CP hasn’t shaved since wrapping Trek… unless Kirk went 21st Century and has 4 day stubble.

“Kirk is now in the Captain’s chair, for the first time, not having shanghaied it. And he has to learn how to manage his responsibilities as a captain with these friendships and relationships that he’s forming with these people around him. And I think also we’re introducing what is a very cool and nuanced force of antagonism that’s a little different from the first movie, which was just a steaming Romulan ball of rage that needs to be stopped at all costs.”

OUTSTANDING !!!! Can’t wait to see Kirk in the new movie.

The anticipation is killing me 2013 needs to come more sooner… Love star trek and I know the film will be amazing.

Can’t wait!!! Come on boborci… GIVE US A TEASER TRAILER!!

7-Unless they just mean that this is the first time we get to see Kirk in the Captain’s chair, not having shanghaied. I can’t see them setting the sequel to far later though. Probably a year at most.

Yes, I noticed the stubble. I think that is the normal Pine stubble as opposed to the clean shaven Kirk look.

I don’t think Chris Pine likes to shave more than he has to because of all the skin problems he has had in the past. Perhaps too much shaving can sometimes set off these problems again and it gives the skin a rest. Chris’s facial skin looks so good now compared with how it looked a few years back such as in the movies Just My Luck and Blind Dating – he was wonderful in both films and lovely as ever, despite the much more obvious acne scarring.

Yes I do wonder how the stories from the comics fit in. I guess getting experience in leadership skills, responsibilities etc is an ongoing process. Even the older Kirk in the TOS movies needed to be given a reminder or two on occasion, notably by Dr McCoy and Saavik.

Chris Pine and Alex Kurtzman were in Atlanta today (June 8) … and they spoke to CNN … the reporter tried to get some information about Star Trek sequel … but failed … ;-) :-)

And… CP and his former agency seems to have reached an agreement out of court … great!… ;-) :-)

14. Keachick – rose pinenut

I have been re-reading the comics again trying to figure that out myself. There are many things that they are building on… but I haven’t seen any obvious clues jump out at me yet.

Holy %#$%#! Sorry about this I just could not contain it. My gf made me watch this and I don’t know if I was traumatized or touched. Here’s a recording from Frankenstein from the Cumberbatch guy. Hope we don’t waste him.

Chris Pine is a terrific actor. One of the few in Hollywood who has the talent to match his looks!

As for what is going on in the comics, we do know from them that the Spock/Uhura romance will continue, and the brewery stays as well.

But they obviously aren’t going to drop any clues as to who the villain is in the sequel.

4 = fail.. maybe someday my friend.. Maybe someday

Re: 8. and 13. Matt Decker was rockin’ the stubble in the Prime Universe. Truly a man ahead of or behind the times–depending on how you look at it. Then again, when you are facing the doomsday machine, to paraphrase Jesse Ventura: “I don’t have time to shave!”

So Chris owes SDB $8 million. Holy moly – that’s a lot of money. That would surely clean him out?

Being clean shaven all the time is not the fashion right now for the younger guys, actors included. A lot of actors like Chris proudly wear their stubble and partial beards. I think Chris likes to be fashionable, which is pretty good most of the time, except to when it comes to wearing those formal suits and strangle bangles…oops, I mean ties, but I doubt he has much choice always….UGH! However, I do love those tight jeans he wears… definitely make him look cool.

Why is Chris wearing a singlet under the black shirt? It’s June now. Is it still cold in Seattle and Atlanta and places like that? I thought, when I first saw the videos, “Yes, I can see why you need the singlet, Chris. It has got a bit chilly now, what with Jack Frost visiting and the big dump of snow in the South Island” until I remembered that he is in the States, the Northern Hemisphere, where it is supposed to be Summer!
I guess the Jack Frost we get already is the closest I’ll get to a visit…:( (Chris does the voice and motion capture? for Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians)

It can get confusing sometimes when I see June 8 staring at me and yet the computer clock is saying 6.05pm, 9 June. I do manage somehow…:)

I hope everything they say is true. We all pretty much have higher expectations this time. And if, like me, you’re a TOS fan who also liked the Abrams film, you’re expecting quite a lot.

I don’t envy these guys in some ways. I mean, sure, they can all afford to buy and eat each one of us, but if they screw it up, we’ll all eat them, figuratively speaking.

Seriously, though, I can overlook some things that bothered me if the greater story serves its purpose. They did that in ST09. I’ve done my time pointing out its faults, but I’ve also praised it. And I’ve watched it as much as any other Trek movie by now. So, it would be hypocritical to pretend I didn’t really like it.

So I don’t care if they film in a brewery again, or have lens flairs, or have Spock and Uhura suck face. Those will be minor inconveniences if they tell a great story. They can definitely do the action, now they need to ramp up the emotional resonance.

It’ll be interesting to be here a year from now and read what pissed some people off, and made others happy.

Damn, that was verbose. Sorry for pontificating. I guess I’m feeling all insightful tonight. Oh boy. Lucky you.

I finally got to watch the link that Dee posted. I have been using the old computer and it has no sound..and unfortunately I find that I am no good at lipreading. I also manage to make a bed in the time it takes to load anything…:), but it does type all the letters this time round.

I see that Chris has had his hair cut and it looks better than the square cut. I guess that square cut on top with the very short back and sides is how we will see Kirk. Not a great fan of the style. Then again, Chris makes almost anything look good or at least OK.

Oh dear…so I see the two of them (Alex and Chris) wimped their way out of giving even the tiniest of spoilers. What to do?…:)

See how amazing Benedict Cumberbatch is in Frankenstein
Lots more on you tube

Sounds good, sounds good…

man, those prometheus reviews are so bad. everyone blames lindelof’s weak script. i hope orci and kurtzman can compensate lindelof’s lack of talent. oh what… star trek 09 was bad to script-wise. kinda sad…

Everything sounds great, and I’m excited. But I’ve always been excited.

A few questions remain in my mind about how committed the writers are to the Star Trek legacy. Or, perhaps I should capitalize it:

“The Star Trek Legacy (^TM)”

Because — regardless of whether posters here or elsewhere realize it — the legacy of Star Trek isn’t just that it’s a rollickin’ good ol’ time, yo. (To mix metaphors.) But, rather, it’s because it’s a frakkin’ excellent time with A Message Inside! (Again, please excuse the mixed metaphor.)

Ray Bradbury just died. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me feel. Mr. Bradbury was one of those who treatd science fiction as simply another literary genre — not just for adolescent boys, but for everyone. And so did Gene Roddenberry.

Gene’s vision was equally successful in making people understand that the future is not only stranger and more wonderful than we know, but in fact stranger and more wonderful than we could possibly know.

I ask Mr. Lindelhof to please remember: Star Trek is a legacy. A real legacy, comparable — in my mind — with the great religions of the past. (And yes, I realize how absurd that sounds, Futurama included.) Because Trek is something that preserves the best of all of us — whatever our differences.

I’ve been around the block a few times. I know how people think. Trek is a very complex thing. Very complex.

Overall, I am pleased with what has happened to it; there are just too many of us out there — believers in the future — for Trek ever to die.

Trek Lives.

But, I believe, we want more.

We would like Trek not only to live, but to live long, and prosper.

As do we all.

Gotta like Chris Pine. Stand-up guy, a real pro and a great pitch-man for the new Trek.

Lindelof clearly doesn’t mean that the movie will literally be about Pine’s first mission as the Enterprise’s captain. He stated about the Star Trek video game that it took place between the two movies. I’d say it’s about a year or so after ST11. The comics, aside from the recent ones with the story about New Vulcan, can probably be placed after the first or the second movie as they’re just one-offs.

I like the fact that Pine is a fan of The Shat and likes his humor. If this movie is indeed on a grand scale with fantastic FX and has a tremendous Trek Story and great time for all the Crew with Kirk,Spock and McCoy and the other’s. Then we are all in for a real treat.

Wait… so is he saying the focus of The Avengers wasn’t on the characters and how they interact? Because, if that’s what he’s saying, I don’t believe he saw the movie and simply tossed out the big movie of the year. Now, if he’d said something like… Transformers or something, that would be different- oh, wait, that’s right… he knows those writers…

Pine is absolutely right, i love this guy. Story first then the effects! I dont care if the movie costs a little above the first (150-160 mil). With this kind of money Ridley Scott proved that a movie, can be elegant, without too many explosions. I want Trek 2013 to be the same way!


“therefore, staying within the bounds of my non-disclosure clause of my contract , that the eagerly anticipated teaser trailers will begin to be shown in theaters and on TV starting the week of July4th (maybe that too could be a hint about the plot/villian… Maybe?)”

Ben Cumberbatch is playing an amped up King George? A crossover with the bad-guy aliens from ‘Independence Day?’

Also, the next ‘X-Men FC’ film is slated for release July 18th, 2014. Wolverine 2′ is July 23rd, 2013. If you are going to release the trailers AFTER the film is released, as Kirk would say about the concept: “It has the virtue of never having been tried…”

Try again. And Go Devils.

Finally watched these interviews. They were great! So much more fun–esp. the 2nd one–than most. Pine seems more relaxed in both than he’d seemed in previous interviews I’ve seen, but I’m not the Pine expert:) He looks better than ever and seems so down to earth. Really looking forward to seeing People Like Us.

Thanks, Anthony!

Whenever a writer uses the phrase “very cool” I get a bit disheartened. Then again, we’re not talking Asimov or even Ellison here.

YES! Character must always come first. What Star Trek is about is people, not technology, philosophy, or effects…

Hopefully, they got it right. I, for one, am excited!

@16. Told you so….

Can we start a policy where any goober who types “first!” is promptly deleted? I’d love to see this jackass AICN trend disappear.

I hope Kirk get’s to play Fisbin in the new movie.

#22. Keachick…

I think the information in that article is wrong … maybe, probably… $ 8 million is the total value, upon which the percentage is payable to the former agency … (10% of $8 million)… anyway is a lot of money … well, if they have reached an agreement must have been good for everyone…

CP looks awesome these days… ;-) :-)

@41. Keachick has been conducting a special investigation into the Chris Pine agency situation, so perhaps she can provide us an update on her latest findings?

Hahaha, MJ!

I am not sure I can conduct an adequate investigation. I was just saying that $8 million sounds like a lot of money, given that to date, the greatest amount that Chris has been paid was $5 million gross for This Means War. It appears he is not getting that much for playing Captain Kirk in this sequel.

As Dee says, perhaps the $8 million is typo. One article I read said that no details had been given about the amount of money payable etc, just that an out-of-court settlement had been reached. I have to wonder where the authors of the article that Dee posted here got their information.

Anyway, it has got to be a load off Chris’s mind and it means that both parties can finally move on. All good.

Hopefully, this will go through.

OT -Today we learned that a lovely acquaintance of ours had died recently. She had been battling breast cancer and was in remission. Her hair had grown back and was looking good, in spite of being a little overweight (possibly due to all the medication). However, it seems that in the last month, she relapsed and the cancer finally got her. She was a smoker. She leaves a husband and four children.

It came as a bit of a shock because she seemed to be doing so well…:(

Sorry – but to Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and others – There are all sorts of reasons why people get cancer, many of them not fully understood, but it is known that statistically smoking will increase a person’s chance of getting cancer, any form of cancer.

Please, you guys, stop being asses. Throw away the smokes for good, and Chris, get Dominique to do the same. Smoking is even harder on women.
Just saying

Chris Pine on Friday, 8 June, with a slightly different hair style. Better!

Love the picture. Had to share. Sorry – a bit of a drool moment…

I meant this actual picture, although the others are great as well.

Why are some posts going through while others are not?

Wow, I agree on the smoking thing, Keachick, but, erm, “asses”? Yes, they definitely are in denial about the damage smoking does. Many performers [like Bob Edwards, radio host and interviewer] have smoked to change the quality of their voices [to a deeper, huskier sound]. It used to be a pretty common thing in broadcasting.

I don’t know if actors do it for the same reason, or because it’s a [horrid] way to keep weight off [smoking can temporarily stop blood sugar-induced cravings for food]. I agree that smoking is a very very bad thing for actors or other people who want to continue to live cancer- and emphysema- and COPD-free lives.

We’re just concerned about some of our fave actors, right? So I join you in imploring them to S T O P S M O K I N G now!!! [Well except for being “smokin’ hot” … eek, fangirling much?]

After watching this interview by Bob Rivers, I just want to say, “I LOVE Chris Pine!” What a great sense of humor! Now, of course, he could end up with the nickname Chris “Bighead” PIne … JK …. but I definitely see a touch of the Shat sense of humor embodied in CP. Notice how he brought the essence of JJ and the Shat out when he talked about interacting with them? Yeah, he is an actor, but I sensed a bit of affectionate mimicry there too : D

sorry AJ, but you are wrong!!! Maybe your team is being lured into a false sense of security, because the LOS ANGELES KINGS WILL KICK @$$!!! They purposefully lost game 5(I am assuming as it is “totaly logical”, as Spock would say) because they want to win the stanley cup AT HOME inside Staples Center in front of all their die hard fans! GO KINGS, NJDEVILS suck!!!