Want Digital Version Of Star Trek: The Next Generation Pinball Machine? – Help The Kickstarter Campaign

Another way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation could be headed to your PC, console or mobile device, but this one needs your help. Game developer Farsight Studios is an expert in digitizing classic pinball machines and they want to bring the Star Trek: TNG table to your, but need to get financing to cover the licensing. So they have gone to Kickstarter. If you give them a hand with $10 or more, you can be the first with a copy of the game.


Kickstarter campaign for digitizing Star Trek: TNG Pinball machine

Farsight Studios converts classic pinball machines into video games for PC, consoles, iPads and other devices. They want to do this for some licensed games including the Star Trek: The Next Generation machine, but they need some extra funding to pay for the licensing

Flyer for Star Trek: TNG pinball machine

The 1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine is considered one of the best pinball machines ever made. Fans at the Internet Pinball Database give it a ranking of 8.3 out of 10. There were 11,728 machines made and if you want one now you can pay over $10,000 for it. But Farsight Studios wants to bring the game to your electronic device. With their product Pinball Arcade, they have successfully brought pinball machines to PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

1993 promo video for Star Trek: TNG pinball machine

Recently Farsight successfully funded a $55,000 campaign on Kickstarter to get the licensing rights to the Twilight Zone arcade game. They have now extended that campaign to include the Star Trek: The Next Generation machine, seeking another $55,000. So far they have $12,000 of that second "stretch goal" (for a total of $67,000). Anyone who pledges $10 or more will get a copy of both the Star Trek: TNG game and the Twilight Zone game on the platform of their choice (PC, Mac, PS Vita, XBox 360, Playstation 3, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nintendo Wii U, or Nintendo 3DS). The plan is to have both games completed by the end of the year. There are only 8 days left in the funding campaign so go to Kickstarter if you want to help.

Video from Farsight about their Twilight Zone campaign

Farsight has already purchased one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation machines and are getting ready to take it apart so they can create a digital version that is as close to the original as possible. The original pinball machine was designed by Steve Richie who, according to Farsight’s Jay Obernolte, was such a big fan of Star Trek, he convinced the people at Williams Pinball to get the license to make the machine back in 1993.

If you are interested in helping Farsight meet its goal to get the license to digitize the Star Trek: TNG pinball machine, go to Kickstarter

And to get an idea what the TNG table  is like, here is a video showing gameplay.

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I just played the demo version of the first four pinball tables they released on the Playstation 3. (These are original tables and Farsight didn’t have to get additional licenses for them, since the pinball companies created the intellectual property.)

I’ve been in the video game business for a long time, and I have to say that these guys have really done it! The experience is terrific! I tried it both on the Playstation 3 and on my Android tablet; they both play really well.

So if you want this and are concerned that “It won’t play accurately” or “It won’t be any fun” then get the demo and see for yourself. You WILL be impressed. And then you’ll probably want to kick in a bit of cash to help them hit the goal.

Use the money for a new idea. Dont waste it on fan products with a narrow market. Kickstarter are not your parents.

I remember seeing this machine in arcades back then. Always thought it curious they chose the weird, asymmetrical Borg ship for the game. Probably because it was from the most recent episode featuring them at that time. The one with Lore.


I love the game. i play it are the national pinball museum . i am in for a home version.

Farsight has done such a great job with their pinball releases, and have made a tremendous effort to reach out and stay connected with their fans and customers. “Theater of Magic”, “Medeival Madness”, “Bride of Pinbot” and, of course, “Funhouse” among others have been rendered to perfection. No more shopping the machine when the flippers turn to sponge or the bumpers go bad And if a ball gets lost as it sometimes does you can call the attendant who will fix it for you–that’s how real the simulations are! And for only a few bucks!

Anyways, these guys deserve your support. The TNG table will be incredible. Give them your support!

We had this pinball game where I worked. I don’t think it’s there anymore, but we had it for the longest time

Cool idea… I’m all in for Twilight Zone, but they lost me with TNG.

I remember playing this pinball game while an undergrad. My college had it in the student center. I spent many a “study-break” dropping quarters on that machine. The Borg battles were particularly cool.

Good time.

I played this Pinball machine! They had it on a ferry between France and England! Playing pinball on the rolling seas… YEAH!

UCI in Hull had this machine. An incredible game of pinball which has an excellent learning curve. The Demolition Man table they had was fantastic too.

I’m in!

Excellent! I played that machine to death in college. I chipped in some cash to help them out. I’d love to play it on my iPad!

Hey guys! I’m the lucky owner of one these pins (along with a Twilight Zone…they sit side-by-side in my man cave in the downstairs of my house. I have owned them for a few years now, and they are indeed 2 of the best pinballs ever made.

Both tables are incredibly deep and keep you coming back for more. I still play them all of the time, and my 3 year-old is now starting to get the hang of them…he particularly likes the TNG pin :) .

FYI, $10K is actually a bit high for one of these pins…I got mine about 5 years ago for about $2K. They have been going up in price recently, but you can still get a typical working one for around $4–$5K. There is one that a guy is trying to sell that is NIB (New in Box) for over $20K on eBay, but I don’t think it’ll for that much in the end….

TZ’s are actually going for more now…I’ve heard they can command $5-$7K now. I also got mine at about the same time for $2K.

Anyway, they are GREAT pins! Having it digitized is cool…still won’t be the same as the real thing, but still cool! At least you wouldn’t have to maintain them as much…they do break down from time to time, but I actually have fun fixing them, too. ;)


I think I can splurge $10 to get it!

You can download Visual Pinball and play this for free on your large screen PC right now. It’s been available online to play the full actual pinball game for about 10 years.

The VP version was fun…there was a couple of versions of the TNG table from what I remember. But do they still work? Last time I checked, my VP versions were expired and I couldn’t find a newer version that worked with Windows 7 or Vista.

Well, anyway, the PC versions are fun, but they can never quite replace the real thing, IMHO. :)

An arcade near my house has the Star Trek pinball machine. Definitely worth digitizing. Best one I’ve ever played. Might be a little baised, though. lol

Just spent an hour playing this table in Las Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Great game, and great place to check out if you’re ever in the area. Dozens of classic pinball machines fixed up and working perfectly.