Brent Spiner Joins Warehouse 13 For Recurring Role In Season 4

When it returns for its fourth season this summer, the Syfy series Warehouse 13 will once again feature a Star Trek luminary. This time Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner is coming on board for multiple episodes. More details and a first look below.


Brent Spiner joining Warehouse 13 for recurring role in S4

Season 4 of the Syfy series Warehouse 13 kicks off on July 23rd and on board will Brent Spiner. Accordingto TV Guide, the veteran Star Trek: TNG actor will be playing Brother Adrian, leader of a top-secret sect known as the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond. Spiner will appear in at least six episodes for the upcoming season.

"Artie Nielsen [Saul Rubinek] and the gang are on a mission to pull their lives back together and Brother Adrian is a major obstacle to that," says executive producer Jack Kenny. "The Brotherhood is descended from the Knights Templar and connected to the Vatican. It is charged with the protection of many powerful artifacts, one of which Artie desperately needs to make everything right again."

Spiner and Rubinek on Warehouse 13

Spiner joins a growing list of Star Trek stars who have had guest and recurring roles on Warehouse 13, including Kate Mulgrew, Rene Auberjonois, and Jeri Ryan.

Here is a preview (no Spiner) for Warehouse 13’s Season 4.

This will not be the first time that Rubinek and Spiner have faced off. Much of the TNG episode "The Most Toys" features the two actors in conflict after a collector (played by Rubinek) kidnaps Data (Spiner). It was actually Spiner who had suggested Rubinek for the part in a last-minute change after the original actor cast for the episode was not able to appear. "It’s been a blast watching these two great actors go at each other again," Kenny tells TV Guide. "Our fans are in for one wild ride!"

Spiner and Rubinek in scene from Star Trek: TNG’s "The Most Toys"


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Come on, I can’t possibly be first!

I guess I need to start watching this show again. It’s been awhile.


Saul Rubinek was great in “The Most Toys”. A complete pyschopath who very nearly drives Data–an emotionless android– to the edge.

“The Most Toys” was one of my favorite Data eppisodes.

This! So much of this!

I loved “The Most Toys”. The ending was perfect.



Did anyone happen to see Chris Pine in attendance of game 6? WOW! That was an instant classic

Thank god the poor guy has some work. Fresh Hell was getting kind of embarrassing.

Are we sure Brent isn’t playing an artifact??

This is a good show. Much better than Sanctuary. I used to watch W13, but I got lost with all the schedule changes. Might check it out again.

#8 wow that was so good i am happy for you i just feel that comment might be best for a sports site than a sci-fi site

good news with Brent i love warehouse 13 lets just hope Kate and Brent will be playing off each other at some point i know they tend to keep the cost down by having one of guest away somewhere

No kidding! Way to Go! Maybe they can be the first team in over a decde to repeat as champs! I didn’t know CP was at the game that is awesome.

I believe this post is completely relevant for this site. I beg to differ with anyone that thinks that it isn’t. There is direct evidence to prove that hockey is extremely relevent to Star Trek!

Oh, and Go Kings, you all rock!

Oh I cannot describe how awesome this will be! Looking forward to it!


Actually, this is the King’s first Stanley Cup championship.

Was Chris Pine there? I know William Shatner was at the game 7 in Vancouver to watch the Canucks-Bruins game a year ago.

“Voyager”‘s Tom Paris and Harry Kim liked to play hockey on the holodeck. There was an epsiode where both of them were dressed up in hockey gear.

Really enjoyed “The Most Toys.” I’ve heard some thought Saul Rubinek was miscast as the antagonist but I thought his demeanor was appropriately disarming. Hard to believe his impish delight could so easily turn pyschopathic.

But I was disappointed by the “cheat” ending. Did he or didn’t he? Seems like the producers took the safe route on what should have been a stunning character development. (I suppose that there was any question at all about Data’s actions was pretty bold in and of itself.)


I know what you mean. That was the only time that Data lied for no other reason than to cover for himself. Riker and Geordi both knew that the weapon had been discharged. The look they gave each other when Data lied right to them (rather transparently) said it all. I was sorry that this was never pursued further.

#15. Red Dead Ryan …

as far as I know CP was in Dallas, Monday 11th… promoting “PLU”… I don’t think he was in that game…

an article about it…


The Most Toys is easily in my top 10 TNG episodes.

I enjoy Warehouse 13 when they’re kinda silly. It’s just heard for me to swallow when the cast suddenly switches gears to deadly serious. It just doesn’t work for me. But I’ll watch it when it returns since there’s not much new sci-fi out there.


Yeah, thanks Dee! I didn’t think he was a hockey fan. #8 made the suggestion he was an L.A. on Monday.


How did you make the letters blue?

Considering that Saul literally ‘stepped into’ the role in “The Most Toys” when well known British actor and little person David Rappaport committed suicide a day into filming…. Saul did a marvelous job with Brent. Anyone knocking him for his portrayal of Kivas Fajo needs a serious TNG production history lesson.

Tried watching “Warehouse 13” early in it’s life but simply could NOT get into it. Ditto with “Sanctuary”, “Eureka” and a lot of other SyFy channel shows. Nothing personal, I suppose they’re just not my thing.

The only SyFy (back when it was more properly “SciFi”) did that really kept me glued was the “Battlestar Galactica” remake. That one was a TV science fiction game changer. Ruined my palette for more staid, conventional science fiction shows. Really blew the lid off of what TV space opera could be.

The 2000-2002 Dune miniseries’ were quite good, too.

That said, I still wish Brent Spiner luck. And I very much enjoy “Fresh Hell” too. Reminds me of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I like that brand of sardonic, awkward-till-it-hurts kind of humor.



I never heard that back story before. I understood that Saul Rubinek was a last minute replacement but didn’t realize the circumstances. What shock to the cast and crew. Must have been a challenge for everyone to carry on.

Saul Rubinek is an old friend of Brent’s that’s how he got the role in Most Toys.

Chris Pine likes to play and follow basketball and boxing. I don’t know if Chris plays tennis but he was there watching the Tennis Open… in September last year in New York with his father.

“Also present was Erin Jurow, daughter of the late Dallas-based film producer Martin Jurow (Terms of Endearment, Breakfast at Tiffany’s).
Pine’s grandmother was scream queen actress Anne Gwynne,
Erin Jurow’s maternal grandfather was Anne Gwynne’s brother, which makes the two L.A.-raised friends second cousins.”

Does anybody see anything odd about this family tree?

Anne Gwynne was born Marguerite Anne Grice. Anne Gwynne was a stage name and she had two children, Gregory and Gwynne Gilford to Max Gilford. Gwynne Gilford is Chris Pine’s mother.

For those who have not seen – this is Anne Gwynne. It’s not hard to see where some of my lovely *conifer* looks come from…:)

I meant “those lovely looks of my favourite *conifer*…:)