Brannon Braga To Write New Borg-centric Star Trek: TNG ‘Hive’ Comic Book Series

Star Trek’s most prolific screenwriter Brannon Braga is penning a Star Trek comic book. This afternoon IDW announced the upcoming series "Star Trek: The Next Generation – Hive," and as the name implies, it is all about the Borg. The series kicks off in September.  More information in the press release below.


Press release

Make it so with IDW and Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Celebrated writer Brannon Braga makes his triumphant return!

San Diego, CA (June 15, 2012) – There’s no easy way to say it… the Borg are back. The cubes, the Queen, Locutus, and their intractable stance on resistance have reared their ugly heads once again to jeopardize the fate of our Galaxy. With all evil, though, must come good, and who better to thwart the Borg’s steely agenda than Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise?

For the show’s twenty-fifth anniversary, Hugo Award-winner Brannon Braga, one of The Next Generation’s key writers, is joining forces with fellow Trek scribe Terry Matalas and artist Joe Corroney to bring Captain Picard and the Enterprise’s crew back for a dynamic new journey.

"It’s a thrill and privilege to be writing in the Star Trek universe again,” said Braga. “This graphic medium will provide the narrative ambition and visual scope this story deserves — the final chapter in The Borg saga!"

In a distant future, where the deadly Borg have assimilated the entire Galaxy, Picard, his crew, and some unexpected allies must prove once and for all that resistance is not futile! Packed with mind-bending twists, time-jumping action, and revered, genre-defining characters, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: HIVE promises to be a must-read event for fans of the TNG’s intrepid legacy.

This September, tell your local comic shop to make it so!

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: HIVE #1 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color), licensed by CBS Consumer Products, will be available in stores September 2012. Diamond order code: JUL12 0282.


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Oh yay, a comic that goes totally against the continuity of the Pocket-books story line (where the Borg are no more).


Firstly, this story sounds really good.

Time travel! Didn’t see that one coming. :)

Can we be done with the Borg already, please? Like the first comment says, they were done away with in the books, so no more!

Sounds good. Oh and #1 all printed material except the prequel comic to the 2009 movie is not cannon or officially part of the Trek universse. It would like to point out that a lot of the books go against stated cannon. For example my favorite Next Gen book is Dark Mirror and that blatantly goes against the cannon that the Mirror Empire is no more. This is why we need to treat individual books and series like there own unique microsm alternate universes. After all you never know when the next movie or show will do something contrary to what they say. I.E. Star Trek Enterprise a early kirk book lists the Enterprise as a constellation class. Good thing the books aren’t cannon so the cannonistas cant go crazy…
Also…….. I can see the Braga bashing coming already and I will just say that i feel he deserves a chance. He wrote some very quality Trek over the years and although he is sadled in the B&B duo I have always viewed him as the lesser of two evils.

Well Brannon Braga created more canon about the Borg than any other person, so I think he has a right to chose to ignore some books he probably hasn’t even heard of. That’s the deal with Star Trek, unlike with Star Wars, the expanded universe doesn’t always fit together (especially between books, comics and games).

The good news is that within the expanded universe for the new movie JJuniverse, Bad Robot/Kurtzman/Orci are keeping tabs on the comics and the game (and hopefully future books) to make sure that everything ties together.

Oh and speaking of not cannon… Didnt I read somewhere that Uhura went through several unofficial first names in several books before it settled down into Nyota… Which of course was finally made official in 2009. I still remember people in the theater clapping when it was finally said on screen.

I guess this comic doesn’t follow the Destiny trilogy books?

Also… maybe it does line up with the books and they have used a clever sci fi twist to re-introduce the Borg. Remember in science fiction nothing is ever dead for sure… Nothing can’t be creatively changed later.

Comic sounds awesome! Also this is for #1. All Trek mediums outside what is on screen and related towards the new JJ trek is non canon. That means books and comics are not canon in the original timeline. So says the late great Gene Roddenberry.

I think what Brannon is doong is a good thing. He did do most of the Borg Writting and therefore he should be able to Write a Comic Noval with Picard and the Borg. I only wish they would make a movie about it as well.

As for Cannon Book’s. I have read over 100 plus Trek Noval’s and I tell you there is a lot of Contradiction’s. Except for Trek 09 Comicks all Trek Book’s are on there own and NOT Cannon. Most are great read’s though and very Enjoyable. But not Cannon.

I definitely wouldnt mind reading this. It’ll give me a dip back into the prime universe while I’m still very much enjoying the JJverse. But I’ll be honest, I’ve had a little Borg fatigue. It’s like, they took the most theatening force in Trek history and systematically stripped them of being threatening so now I just dont get the same thrill from the Borg like I once did. If nothing else, treat them like the Reapers. If you go up against the Borg, civilization should barely ever have a chance of coming out on the other side. …but that’s just my 2 cents. What do I know

Haven’t they mined this species to death already? I’d rather see some Dominion one-shots. A lot more interesting villians. Voyager ruined the Borg for me.

Will Read Still mad at him for the Enterprise ending and the fact that we didn’t get a season 5!

Not having read Destiny books, I have no problem with this.

I’d equally have no objections to a Star Trek Enterprise comic doing a different take to Pocket Books. Should one ever happen. COME ON! It’s been 11 years since it launched. Surely the show should get at least one?

This image alone…
…from the upcoming Federation reference book, SPEAKS VOLUMES about the potential plot.

16. (continued) Another bit of ENT era artwork to be found in the book…

All screengrabbed from this video HERE:

@ post number 5:

That’s the definition of canon for traditional TREK, now with JJ & Co. in control they include the JJ TREK comics and video games at this point. I am sure once they start doing books they will be considered canon as well.

I wonder if in that comic Seven is a member of the Enteprise E crew and what rank and position she would hold? Maybe a Commander and a Science Officer?

Surprising really, nobody has ever come forward with that fifth TNG movie idea and done it as a comic book.

That “Justice League of Trek” idea in the back of somebody’s mind, had Nemesis not been the end of the Prime Universe films.

Yeah, I wonder how JJ’s career would be doing without Trek.

But then I think about Brannon’s.

: o

: ]

: )

Just kidding. You guys are great!

But, now I wonder what the Borg are up too.

Vidi; Veni.

By your own definition, this wouldn’t be considered canon either.

The pocket book story line (which also includes comics that are part of the New Frontier franchise penned by Peter David, published by Wildstorm Comics), is an amazing universe.

There’s no rhyme or reason why you would make something that flies in the face of what has taken years to build, which has its beginnings with Peter David’s Starfleet Academy young adult novels in ’93, and now includes the DS9 and Voyager relaunch, the SCE franchise, the New Frontier franchise, the continuing TNG franchise, the Titan franchise, and now continuing with the Typhon Pact series which is really getting amazing with the spectacular cliffhanger at the end of Plagues of Night.

All of these novels (well over a 100 novels, short stories and novellas), all have interwoven connecting story lines contributing to a greater universe.

As an Avid fan of the Star Wars novels (Timothy Zahn’s Hand of Thrawn series is by and far one of the best set of novels I’ve ever read), I was literally jumping out of my skin in nerdy excitement when the Pocket Books novels started a continuous story lines. Star Wars has enjoyed this for years (since anything published under star wars is considered Canon with a few exceptions from the early novels after the original EpIV came out, and the infamous Christmas special), which spans Movies, video games, comics, novels, TV shows, and more.

I would love for this comic series to be an illustrated version of the Borg Invasion of 2381 from the novels, which would be entirely possible since CBS owns the rights to both properties. I’d buy that, but not this Braga taint.

He had his shot at making Trek, and it road it right into the dirt, with him and Berman being the main reason that when ENT left the air in 2005, it marked the fist time in 18 years there hadn’t been a Trek on TV.

This man literally kills what ever show or project he has his hands on.

How’d JJ do with out Trek?

He’s produced, written or directed (sometimes all 3), many a blockbuster in his career, which includeds Armageddon, Super 8, Cloverfield, and MI:III & IV, as well as alot of great TV shows, like Lost, Alias, Fringe, and Alcatraz.

I’d say he’d do just fine to be honest.

Brannon writing a time travel Borg story set in the TNG universe? Why not? Enough time has passed that I’m ready for one of his wacky high concept Trek stories.

Will have to check it out at least.

So which story do fans accept for their personal canon? Destiny or this one? Throw more weight into Braga’s story because he was a writer on the show & wrote the majority of the Borg stories?

Prime Universe novels and comics are different from each other. Both are different from the Prime Universe movies and series. So, you have the Prime Universe tv and movies, which are canon. PU comics and books are different takes on the PU. Comics-verse, novels-verse, and screens-verse. Three sub-universes of the PU.

Not to be confused with the AU, in which comics, novels, and the movies will line up with each other as part of the same canon. The AU looks to be much simpler, and more like the Expanded Universe of “Star Wars”.

More Borg? Makes it seem like the intro of the Borg was TNG’s greatest contribution to the Trek universe. Say it ain’t so!

As much as some fans like me have issues with Brannon, im certainly welcome to his return. Its nice to have a old-timer come back and add/contribute to the stories that made this franchise.

I’m in. Welcome back to the fold, Mr. Braga.

A) Maybe he should read Mack’s books
B) “Time Jumping” – No really? Braga?
C) “Final Chapter in the Borg Saga” …Until I think of something else to ca$h in on and contradict myself

Again with the borg. Oh, joy.

Yeah, I’ll wait till the comics come out before I judge. It could suck, it could rock. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sounds great. Looks great. And Seven looks marvelous. Va-va-va-voom. Good luck Brannon.

Oh, anybody else notice on the cover they used First Contact Locutus as reference instead of Best of Both Worlds Locutus? Which one of those is canon?! I’d say the FC look was Locutus before he was fully Borged by the time the Enterprise ran into him again.

Cool, my man Braga has to eat! I’ll definitely check this comic out!


I preferred the FC look for Locutus. More detail. Plus it better depicted Picard’s transformation into the ugly cybernetic monster.


Exactly. None of it is canon. Star Wars includes the novels, but Trek never has. If it isn’t on screen, it isn’t official. And really, plenty of the Pocket Books novels contradict each other. What’s the BFD?

This may be worth a look, but frankly Brannon Braga is not enough to really make me excited about it. VGR was largely his baby, and IMO it was cookie-cutter Star Trek.

I read a recent Borg novel (“Resistance”) and it just felt like I was reading a generic TNG story with a few extra characters added in. The Borg remained as toothless a threat as the VGR series had rendered them.

I then remembered why I pretty much ‘gave up’ on TNG and VGR. Reset buttons, playing it safe with characters, lack of real conflict, etc. Boring hallmarks of a lot of 1990s Star Trek. DS9 and season 4 of ENT are pretty much the only post-TOS ST I can still sink my teeth into these days (I blame the bold remake of Battlestar Galactica for ruining my palette for the staid, safer ST stories of TNG and VGR).

Again, I might leaf through this new story (more for 1990s nostalgia than anything else) but my expectations are significantly lowered.

Oh. Joy. Brannon Braga writing about the Borg and Time Travel. Who didn’t see that coming…

Sad part is… I’ll still read it. I need help.

Remember in science fiction nothing is ever dead for sure… Nothing can’t be creatively changed later…. Except for Prime Kirk, nothing can ever be done to bring him back to life after having died underneath a rusty twisted broken bridge.
sorry ArronR couldnt resist

@40, keep reading the novels. Greater than the Sum was amazing, while Before Dishonor wasn’t Peter David’s best work, but the Destiny Trilogy is some of the best Trek novels written to date.


Here’s the ‘BFD’: You’re being taken advantage of, and here’s why.

Say someone who is a big fan of the novels (like myself), and has read them all, and loves the deep, rich universe that has been built. They see this comic and buy it. They read it and they find out that it has nothing to do with the Novel Universe at all.

They feel cheated, and that they’ve wasted their money.

The biggest problem I have with being a Trekkie is that Paramount, CBS, and people like Braga know that the fans of Star Trek are very passionate (putting that lightly btw) about it. But instead of respecting that passion, they exploit it almost every chance they get, either through the price of their DVDs, or producing crap like this comic that doesn’t respect the literature before it.

Its because of this I’ve never bought any of the series dvd’s because they’re insanely over priced.

Example: the TNG dvd complete series is $340. I can’t even wrap my head around that price. Its just NOT worth that much. Neither is the $155 TOS remaster blu-ray, or the $200 Enterprise Standard definition (although the series was filmed in HD) dvd box set, neither are the $340 Voyager and DS9 Box Sets.

For instance, the Complete series of Friends is 140 dollars that series was a hell of alot more expensive to produce.

Another example: The Compete West Wing box set is around 180-200 dollars. That series I can understand, Aaron Sorkin penned most of the series, and they had an A-list actor (Martin Sheen) cast as the lead role, and it had one hell of a production value.

This is exploitation of the fandom, and is disrespectful.

I also have way to much time on my hands. I mean I’m talking about something that doesn’t exist. It’s disrespectful that I don’t understand basic business practices.

I don’t understand that if we want more Star Trek Paramount has to make tons and tons of money off of it.

I don’t understand that while the Star Trek universe is not based on monetary gain…the real world is.

I don’t understand that when I purchase a licensed Star Trek collectible or dvd I’m helping to ensure that the franchise survives.

If they respected that passion and lowered their prices so they would not make as large of a profit we would have no more Trek.

I don’t understand a lot of things…

This is a great coup for IDW and I’m as excited for this as when they announced Bob Orci’s involvement in the Countdown series. I can understand concern from those that have investesed a lot of time into the novels and I hope they do find a way to respect continuity but if they don’t then I can live with this. However I think I’m clearly in the minority as I consider the Destiny trilogy to be vastly overrated. I found the plot to be predictable and Picard came across as an incompetent idiot whilst Dax was presented as some kind of super captain. I really wanted to like that series but it came across too much like fan fiction for my tastes.

I liked the borg…dont think they were overused…in vgr…it was great to see the queen again…felt the same at vegas with borg 4d haha–u cant worry bout stories conflucting since none are canon anyway…this comic looks great to me—psp owners u can dl most of the idw trek key too on the psp far i boughtk the movie adaptation issues, a gold key adv…etc..its great…

it sound very good just why brannon ?
i will give it a go as he did start off very good maybe the break away from trek has done him so good

I don’t follow the books, but I’m one of those people who loves the idea of moving forward.

I loved the Hidden Frontier fan series, but I also love a Spanish fan fiction series – and with some of the post-Nemesis games etc. STO there is no definite continuity. I guess thats ok as long a good story is told.

I like the characters moving forward, so it’ll be interesting to see who shows up. Riker on the Titan? Worf on ds9 or the Enterprise? I like the idea of Star Trek Universe, so hopefully Seven isn’t the only guest character. I love a good crossover. :)

Joe Corroney is a fantastic artist, and Braga wrote 8 & 9 so it should feel like a new TNG movie


Braga didnt write 9 Braga co-wrote Generations, and First Contact.

Honestly I think this sounds rather interesting and I have enjoyed quite a few of Braga’s episodes. Plus comics might be more suited to his style.

Braga and time travel :-) Has he ever written a non-time-travel story? :-D