Star Trek: The Next Generation PEZ Set Coming This Fall

A sweet item celebrating the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming your way. A limited edition Star Trek: TNG PEZ collector’s set has been revealed. It will be available this fall, and we have a first look and details. Check it out below


Star Trek: The PEZ Generation

When Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on September 28, 1987, it was a gamble: recreate, without using any original characters, the magic of the 1960s Star Trek. The gamble paid off and TNG was, and continues to be, an audience favorite helping to usher Star Trek into the mainstream even more. That presence continues in 2012 with several events and collectibles celebrating TNG’s 25th Anniversary. We have already seen reunion conventions, with more to come. There is the TNG movie theater event on July 23rd. And now we have another mainstream mashup with TNG meeting the venerable PEZ.

Ad promoting Star Trek The Next Generation Pez Set coming in September

A new TNG PEZ set is being promoted in the latest issue of Retail Confectioner magazine and was recently unveiled at a trade show. The new set includes all seven major characters and the U.S.S Enterprise 1701 D orbiting a planet. It is too bad there is no Wesley Crusher because it would have been fun to yell “Shut up, Wesley” with your Jean Luc Picard dispenser in one hand and your Wesley version in the other, all while enjoying the PEZ candies.

The TNG PEZ set is a limited edition collector’s item, with just 150,000 being made. The collector’s box will be available at retail stores this September and at websites like the PEZ Collectors Store (

Closer look at TNG PEZ set

Star Trek was first PEZified with an original series collection in 2008. In fact, it was one of the first Star Trek products reintroduced to retail stores as the excitement for JJ Abrams Star Trek began. Whether one was a PEZ collector or not, it was good to see Star Trek again in stores, from Walgreens to Walmart. Now, the TNG crew and ship are getting the same treatment. PEZ candies, which were first created in 1927 and whose name is short for the German word for peppermint, are world famous with dispenser collector conventions held annually.That TNG commands a product from such a famous company 25 years after its premiere is a symbol of the its enduring place in cultures around the world. Engage indeed!

2008 Star Trek Pez set


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Well if I collected Pez I’d get it.

Cool! The EnterPEZ!!

I like PEZ.

My kids got me the TOS Pez set. I think they’re all still around, in various corners of the house. Fun!

I don’t know if Data’s candy will taste too good, after they left his head sitting in a cave under Mark Twain’t hotel room for 500 years…

What? No Dr. Pulaski?

Maybe on the 26th anniversary of TNG.

What the Deuce?!

At that angle, the Enterprise D saucer section looks like Stewie’s head.

Those things are so hard to load!
But love PEZ anyway.

Forget Pulaski, TNG is nothing without Wesley!

Maybe CBS will shrink-wrap the Wesley dispenser with their limited edition Blu-Ray sampler: “TNG: Best of Wes.”

Maybe they should just bundle this with the Blu-Ray Season 1 set and price it at $200.

I’ll hold out for the DS9 set. lol

Here is the best PEZ dispenser.

Whatever you do, don’t put one of these PEZ dispensers on someone else’s lap. Especially during a recital or a concert. :-)

Looks nice. Glad they (apparently) had permission to use the TNG logo on this box — rather than the TOS logo that’s been on all products for quite some time.

It’ll look nice next to my TOS ones.

Sisko yes!

Make it no.

No Tasha Yar either. She should be in the set before Dr. Pulaski.

When is the DS9 set coming out??? No love for the niners.

Uggh… here comes the horrid cash-in garbage that plagues all forms for Nerddom. PEZ candy are disgusting, preparing most of us for the eventual retirement home routine of having flat shaped food stuffed down our throats. “yuck”!

The Enterprise D dispenser looks much better than the horrible TOS Enterprise.

My girlfriend got me the TOS Pez dispenser set a couple of years ago. Along with the “Trek” Barbie and Ken set. I made an off-handed comment that I regretted never buying them. The next thing you know, a box with both sets was delivered one day. Isn’t she great? By the way, none of them, the Pez dispensers (or Barbie and Ken) have ever been out of their packages. Too bad “Seinfeld” is long out of production. I’d love to see either the “TOS” or “TNG” sets in a follow-up to the episode “The Pez Dispenser.”

I still have the 2008 PEZ set sealed in the box…it was a Christmas present. Probably not worth the PEZ it’s wrapped in.

The DS9 set will be a first in Pez history. The Odo dispenser holds chewing gum.


I look forward to making the Jean-Luc one say,
“Dispense.” as I gently wave it in one hand.

i don’t even collect pez but now i have to

Star Trek Pez…Because what’s more fun than eating candy out of a Klingon’s tracheotomy?

Great. I can’t wait to eat Pez out of Beverly Crusher’s head.


i still have my set in box. can’t wait to buy this set! hope they continue with DS9, Voyager and maybe Enterprise